‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap and Ending- Why Is Da-hyun Scared Of Her Recurring Dream?


In the previous episode of “Link: Eat Love Kill,” Gye Hoon, Won Tak, and Jin Geung got into a fight over who murdered Gye Young. Jin Geung provoked both Gye Hoon and Won Tak over their sensitive spots, and he promised to do so until they begged him to tell them the truth. Jin Geung holds secrets that no one knows.

Why Did Gye-hoon Really Return To Jihwa-dong?

Jin Geung has told Won Tak that his father is not the murderer and also tells Gye Hoon that he knows who took his sister. He tries to guilt-trip him, saying that he should not have ignored his injured sister when she was being dragged away. He says that he knows who took his sister but refuses to tell him until he gets on his knees and asks him. Before going, Jin Geung whispers something into Da Hyun’s ear, which makes her confused.

Since she met Jin Geung again, Da Hyun has been having the same nightmares again that she used to have during childhood. She sees herself walking toward a red gate through a dark alley. However, there is a slight change in her dream compared to before. She would be alone, but now she can see a boy with her, and it makes her wonder if that boy is Jin Geun. He has been giving many hints to Da Hyun about where they met in the past, and recently, he reminded her that she also knows what happened to Gye Young.

Gye Hoon has also been disturbed since he met with Jin Geun and, hence, called the police to get the address of Han Eui Chan, Gye Young’s piano teacher. He had told Gye Hoon that on the day she disappeared, he was supposed to take her but hadn’t mentioned where. Gye Hoon asks him again, and this time he tells him the truth. Eui Chan was supposed to take Gye Hoon home because she had hurt her leg, but he couldn’t and left her on the road alone, after which she disappeared.

Gye Hoon gets sick and takes a day off from work. Eun Jung returns from her break on the same day and takes Da Hyun out on a date. The police have reopened her sister’s case because they have received a complaint from another woman about Jin Geun. Eun Jung knew it would be Da Hyun. So she came to thank her and took her shopping. She sees her younger sister in Da Hyun and promises to protect her.

Da Hyun visits Gye Hoon after coming back from shopping to check up on him. He is not sick anymore, but he is emotionally drained. He finally opens up to Da Hyun and lets out what has been bothering him. Gye Hoon’s father left home in search of Gye Young and never came back. He met Gye Hoon only once or twice, and he hasn’t seen him since. To make his mother feel better, Gye Hoon took her responsibility at a young age and devoted himself to work.

Gye Hoon believed that his father must have passed away, but he received a call from a police officer who found his father’s identity card in Jihwa-dong. With no expectations, he has come to check if he is really alive or not.

Da Hyun leaves the restaurant to give Gye Hoon some space, but as soon as she steps out, she gets a strange feeling and feels like crying. Gye Hoon is crying inside, and this time, Da Hyun can feel his emotions. Gye Hoon is thankful to Da Hyun for always being there for him, but pities himself because he is scared to fall in love. However, when Da Hyun enters the restaurant again, he doesn’t hold back his feelings and kisses her.

Are Da-hyun And Gye-hoon Dating or Not?

Da Hyun has become more energetic and joyful after Gye Hoon kissed her last night, and she didn’t have a nightmare. She tells her grandmother that she is going to decode her dream because she cannot stay in fear for the rest of her life. Her grandmother doesn’t look pleased with her decision but stays quiet. Da Hyun has marked the map of Jihwa-dong and has started walking through every alley to find the red door in her dreams.

Da Hyun is excited to meet Gye Hoon and hence dresses up prettily, but gets a dull response from him. She gets mad at him, thinking that he doesn’t want to go ahead with a relationship. Gye Hoon has to make himself clear that he only acted that way to not make it awkward in front of their friends in the restaurant. Da Hyun’s mother and grandmother have noticed her growing closeness with Gye Hoon, and it is worrying for them. They don’t want her to get close to him but refuse to tell her the reason.

Jin Geun has not shown up for many days, and his last contact was with Gye Hoon. He tries to call him, but a police officer picks up the call. The phone was dumped in an alley after deleting everything from it. Gye Hoon finds it suspicious because the last time he talked with him, Jin Geun was with a person who asked Gye Hoon about his father, meaning he knows everything well.

Despite their problems, Da Hyun and Gye Hoon find time for some romance while working. Their friends just keep on watching them before Eun Jung asks them if they are seeing each other. Both Gye Hoon and Da Hyun give opposite answers, and again, when she asks if they are dating officially, they give contradictory answers. They have to come clean now and admit that they are indeed dating, but Da Hyun’s mother should not find out.

‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 10: Ending

Won Tak has been avoiding Gye Hoon, and hence, he goes straight to the police station to talk with him. Gye Hoon knows Won Tak’s real identity, but he doesn’t want other officers to know about it, and he finally agrees to meet him. Gye Hoon arranges their meeting along with a senior police officer. He tells Won Tak that there was no proof against Eui Chan, and an eyewitness had seen him leaving Gye Young alone on the street. However, there are still two reasons why he couldn’t prove his innocence.

Eui Chan had thrown away the bloodied clothes and refused to confirm his alibi. Eui Chan had started working at a Karaoke Bar when his piano classes didn’t make him enough money, and he was ashamed of it. The blood on his clothes was from fighting with a customer. Though he was released, one of the police officers had spread rumors that Eui Chan had discarded all the evidence and was still a murderer. Won Tak spent his life thinking that his father was a murderer, but it was just a rumor that ruined their lives.

Gye Hoon convinces Won Tak to apologize to his father rather than lashing out at the police officer. While they are busy talking, Jin Geung comes back and finds Da Hyun alone in the library. He threatens to kill her if she thinks about Gye Hoon again and also reminds her why she can’t be with him. He asks her about the red gate, which confirms her doubt that the boy in her dream is Jin Geung. What is hidden behind the red gate, and what do Jin Geun and Da Hyun have to do with it? Let’s find out more in the next week episodes of “Link: Eat Love Kill.”

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