‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Ending, Explained- Did Gye-hoon Find His Long Lost Family?


So far in “Link: Eat Love Kill,” Noh Da Hyun remembers her tragic childhood incident and her connection with Eun Gye Young. Gye Hoon regrets his decision to come back to Jihwa-dong as he found out more about how his sister faced death and, in many ways, it could have been possible to save her. It involved many Jihwa-dong residents, along with Da Hyun’s mother. Da Hyun also felt guilty for leaving Gye Young alone and suggested that Gye Hoon and she break up.

Can Da Hyun Save Herself From Young Hoon?

Gye Hoon is heartbroken after finding out how his sister begged for her life in her final moments but didn’t receive any help. Da Hyun feels a strange feeling which is the same feeling she felt when she saw Gye Hoon crying or getting into trouble. She calls and meets Gye Hoon, and that’s when Gye Hoon agrees to Da Hyun’s suggestion of ending their relationship. He has packed up his things and closed down his restaurant. Da Hyun barely sees him now, but ever since she realizes that Gye Hoon can really feel her emotions, she tries to stay happy because she doesn’t want Gye Hoon to be sad because of her.

Officer Min Jo has been persuading her boss to discard Han Se Jin’s resignation letter. She doesn’t know exactly what happened in the past, but her boss was wrong by accusing Se Jin’s father again. She has to convince Se Jin to come back now and teach him that he should learn to back off when necessary. If he wants to catch the real culprit, he needs to come back to the office and perform his duty. Se Jin requests his boss to reject his resignation and join him back at work. He starts working on the case immediately, but his boss is worried because he has not been able to contact Jung Ho for two days. However, he still offers help to Se Jin and Min Jo. They are trying to find out whom Jin Geung met before he disappeared, and their boss remembers seeing him with Young Hoon.

Da Hyun still misses Gye Hoon and hence goes to an arcade and plays games alone. She also eats udon and soju at a shack alone. These are the things that Gye Hoon wanted to experience with her, but she has to experience them by herself now. Cho Young Hoon stops at the shack to deliver the fish and offers Da Hyun a ride back home. She had been suspicious of him and denied his offer. She remembers him from the childhood incident but pretends to not know anything, but Young Hoon catches a clue and starts following her. She tries calling the police, but her mom calls her and disrupts her flow. Da Hyun starts running and drops her phone. Gye Hoon gets a scary feeling and can not ignore Da Hyun anymore.

Gye Hoon tries to find Da Hyun in her library and at nearby places, but she is nowhere to be found. He reaches the shack where she ate, and the owner tells him that she went to the redevelopment area. Gye Hoon calls Se Jin as soon as he finds Da Hyun’s mobile phone in an alley. Da Hyun has taken shelter in a small store, but Young Hoon catches the owner calling the police and eventually finds Da Hyun. When he is about to stab Da Hyun, Gye Hoon grabs him from behind and beats him. Da Hyun has been severely hurt, and Young Hoon tries to kill both of them, but Se Jin arrives on time and arrests him.

Da Hyun is being taken to the hospital, but she insists on talking to Gye Hoon. She has to tell him something important that she has remembered. Gye Young had taken a promise from Da Hyun that if Gye Young was not able to reach his brother and Da Hyun managed to escape, she would deliver him a message. Da Hyun has to keep her promise and deliver the message after eighteen years. Gye Young wanted to tell Gye Hoon that it was not his fault that she got lost, so he should stop crying and promise to never cry again.

Where is Gye Young?

Gye Hoon finally finds out the truth behind his sister’s disappearance. He beats his sister’s murderer and lets out all of the frustration that he held in for years. He visits Da Hyun’s mother in the hospital and leaves only after seeing Da Hyun coming out of the operation room. He is vulnerable and visits his mother. He remembers the message that Gye Young had sent for him, to not cry. He had been regretting the moment he left his sister alone, but catching the culprit comforted him in a way he didn’t expect. However, he didn’t go back to Jihwa-dong for a month.

Da Hyun has been healing from her injuries and has started to live a normal life. She misses Gye Hoon every day and hasn’t seen him since the day of the accident. The link that connected them has been broken, and they cannot feel each other’s emotions anymore. However, on a rainy day, Gye Hoon comes back to Jihwa-dong and finds Da Hyun on her way back from the library. He tells her that he wants to date her, but she asks him to win her over. A kiss from him works for her, and they start dating again. Gye Hoon starts preparing for the opening of his restaurant again, and everything has gone back to normal.

Jung Ho’s has barely made it out alive thanks to his boss but he still hasn’t given up on finding Gye Young. He visits Young Hoon at the prison every day, hoping that one day he will speak up. Jung Ho manages to annoy Young Hoon and tires him out. Young Hoon doesn’t confess to his crime directly but tells Jung Ho that he really misses the place where they used to play as kids and tells him to not visit him ever again. Jung Ho understands the meaning behind his words and gets permission to dig out the entire land to find the remains of Gye Young. He informs Gye Hoon, and he also joins to find his sister’s remains.

‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Ending Explained

Jung Ho finds the remains of Gye Young’s sister, but there are the remains of another person, who turns out to be Gye Hoon’s father. Gye Hoon and his mother hold a funeral for them and finally get closure for their long-suffering. His mom admits to him that she had not been acting sanely but would start counseling and medicine and get better for him. Gye Hoon’s restaurant has been doing well, and Da Hyun works as a manager now. Han Se Jin reconciles with his father and also with Min Jo. They also have a small family of their own now. The Jihwa-dong neighborhood is back at peace since the mystery killer was caught after 18 years.

“Link: Eat Love Kill” ended on a happy note, with everyone finding their much deserved happiness. The connection between Da Hyun and Gye Hoon was formed because of Gye Young, who desperately wanted to send the message to her brother through Da Hyun. After Da Hyun delivered it to Gye Hoon successfully, the link was cut off. Though the series managed to keep the suspense until the end, the story fell apart during the climax. Some of the decisions made by the characters and the way Gye Hoon finds Da Hyun’s location just by feeling her emotions are unconvincing. However, with an equal dash of romance, mystery, fantasy, and drama, this series is suitable for a binge-watch.

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