‘Lisa Frankenstein’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did The Creature And Lisa Fall In Love?


Zelda Williams’ debut horror comedy film Lisa Frankenstein is centered around a teenager, Lisa Swallows, and her fantastical relationship with a dead man. Lisa was socially awkward and struggled to fit in with her peers. She lived with her father, Dale, her stepmother, Janet, and her stepsister, Taffy. Her life took a tragic turn after her mother was murdered by an axe killer. Lisa was at home when the incident took place, and the haunting image left a lasting impact on her.

After her father moved in with Janet, Lisa had to change schools. Taffy tried to help her stepsister, but Lisa preferred spending time at the Bachelors Grove Cemetery. She believed no one deserved to be abandoned, even after their deaths, and she did her best to look after the deserted place. Lisa had a favorite tombstone, and it belonged to a young, unmarried man. She developed a strange connection with the stranger and had lengthy conversations with him. While Lisa did not mind being a quirky teenager, things were about to get wilder.

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What happened on the night of the storm?

Lisa attended a party with Taffy, and she had her eyes on the editor of the school lit magazine, Michael Trent. She could not stop blushing when Michael approached her, and when his friend offered her a spiked drink, she thought it would be cool to gulp it down. Lisa did not know that the drink was spiked, and she experienced a traumatizing hallucination episode soon after. Her lab partner, Doug, sexually assaulted her, but she managed to escape from him. Lisa ended up at the cemetery, and all she could think about was being with the dead young man in some other world. The storm that night had some magical power in it, and Lisa did not realize then that her wish would turn into reality.

Janet was disappointed in Lisa for the damage she caused to the bathroom mirror after getting intoxicated. Janet pretended to be a good mother to Lisa, but every comment she made was meant to hurt her. She had no choice but to accept Lisa after she fell for Dale, but she could never really love her like her own. One evening, when Lisa was alone at home, she heard strange noises outside. All of a sudden, she was chased by a strange creature around her house. Even though the neighbors saw all of it, they did not care. Lisa realized that the stinky, muddy mess of a creature was the same young man from the graveyard. The sudden disappearance of his body on the night of the storm made it to the local news, and Lisa joined the dots. She helped The Creature clean up, though the stink was hard to get rid of. The Creature missed an ear and an arm, and he hoped Lisa could help him. The situation was beyond strange for Lisa, and before it got even more complicated, she clarified that he had misunderstood the wish she had made on the night of the storm. She explained that all she wished for was to be dead like him that night, not in the romantic sense that he interpreted it to be. The Creature was visibly disappointed, but now that he had escaped, he had no choice but to hide at Lisa’s place.

Janet was furious when she returned home and found her favorite china broken into pieces. Lisa explained that there was a home invasion, and she managed to drive the burglar away. Janet was not satisfied with the explanation, and she assumed that Lisa intentionally broke the items to gain sympathy for those around her. She was convinced that Lisa had become desperate for attention and, therefore, needed residential treatment. Lisa was to be sent away from home, and all she could do was cry herself to sleep.

Why did The Creature murder Janet?

The Creature helped Lisa turn heads at school the next morning with the goth attire that he specially curated for her. While Lisa got her confidence back, The Creature dropped a worm in her mother’s food. Janet assumed it was Lisa who preplanned it, and she did not mince her words when Lisa returned home. Janet presented herself as a selfless nurse and mother, whereas in reality, she thought the worst of Lisa. She had made up her mind to send Lisa for residential treatment, but she did not know Lisa had a dead man waiting in her cupboard. The Creature was Team Lisa, and he decided it was best for the stepmother to die for Lisa to thrive. After hitting Janet with a blunt object, The Creature chopped off her ear and requested Lisa to stitch it on him. Lisa was not sad to see Janet die; she believed it was a necessary step for her to survive, and she happily helped The Creature get his new ear on.

How did the Creature transform?

In the course of Lisa Frankenstein, The Creature transforms into the man of her dreams, all thanks to the dysfunctional tanning machine. The electrocution strangely helped fix the ear to The Creature’s face permanently, and he could also hear using the chopped-off ear. The next mission was to fix the dead man’s hands, and Lisa knew just the right person for it. She wrote a letter to Doug, expressing her affection for him and asking him to meet her at the lake. As expected, he was more than willing to meet Lisa, and after they met, they walked to the Bachelors Grove Cemetery. Doug was hesitant to enter the cemetery, but Lisa seduced him. Just as he was about to touch Lisa again, The Creature grabbed hold of Doug. The dead man had an axe in his hand, and Lisa held Doug’s arm steady for him to chop it off. 

Lisa and The Creature had, unintentionally, become a criminal duo, and Lisa had no remorse about it. She believed Doug deserved to be punished as well. Lisa stitched the chopped arm to The Creature’s body and used the tanning machine to perfect it. The Creature turned into an attractive young man with every round of electrocution, and he hoped that someday Lisa would think romantically about him. Lisa enjoyed the dead man’s company, but she could not brush aside the fact that it was quite an impossible relationship. She believed it would only make sense for her to sleep with Michael Trent before she got caught for all her extreme choices.

Why did The Creature attack Michael and Taffy?

Lisa realized that she did not have much time in hand before being apprehended for the crimes she committed. The police were already searching for Janet and Doug, and it was only a matter of time before they realized what had gone down. Lisa decided to surprise Michael at his house and sleep with him because her only fear in life was to die a virgin. She did not know that she was about to get her heart broken. When Lisa entered Michael’s house, she discovered him and Taffy in an intimate position. She stormed into the room and expressed her disappointment in Taffy for sleeping with the only man she was attracted to. Taffy begged Lisa to believe that she never intended to hurt her. Michael expressed that he was not attracted to Lisa, but he had no idea that he would have to pay a heavy price for it. The Creature entered the room all of a sudden with an axe in his hand. He was not hesitant to chop off Michael’s genitals, leaving both Taffy and Lisa shocked. 

Taffy was traumatized, especially after she figured out that Lisa knew the stranger. Lisa dragged Taffy out of the house and into her car. Before leaving to meet The Creature, Lisa gifted Taffy the rosary her mother had left her. She could not thank Taffy enough for being a loving sister to her, and she wanted her to have the one thing she valued the most.

Did The Creature and Lisa fall in love?

Lisa had an axe in her hand, and she was ready to strike The Creature for turning her life upside down, but she could not make herself do it. She realized that she had fallen in love with him. He was the only one in her life who loved her for the way she was, and she started to value him now more than ever. She asked him to make love to her, and in the strangest possible way, Michael’s genitals came to use. After the final stitching and electrocution, The Creature turns into an attractive man, and Lisa’s wish of not dying a virgin is fulfilled.

During Lisa Frankenstein‘s ending, the police is finally able to track down Lisa and her accomplice. Lisa made up her mind to sacrifice her life to be united with The Creature forever. Lisa hopped in the tanning machine and was electrocuted to death. When Taffy and Dale went to the graveyard to pay their respects to Lisa and Janet, Taffy noticed that the words “beloved wife” were engraved on Lisa’s tombstone. The entire story might be a lot for Taffy to comprehend, but she probably got the gist of it. In her afterlife, Lisa could finally verbally communicate with The Creature. They were together, just as they had dreamed of it. The Creature, a passionate musician and a heartbroken lover, finally found his soulmate decades after his death. Lisa Frankenstein is an absurd love story rooted in humor where forever love comes at the cost of a few murders.

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