Did Lisa Kill Her Husband, Jeff Trammell In ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2?


The main conflict that Mickey Haller faced since the moment he met Lisa Trammell in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 was whether she was who she was portraying herself to be or if she was hiding something behind that charming smile. Mickey had gone to her restaurant, and though it was never really clarified in the series, we do believe that meeting him was a preplanned move because Lisa knew that she would need the help of the lawyer in the future and that she should be on good terms with him. But alternatively, in season 3, maybe we will be shown that it was all a lucky coincidence. However, as of now, we refrain from believing it since Lisa had this mysterious aura, and we always felt that she was trying to deceive Mickey and conceal facts from him.

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Did Lisa Kill Jeff Trammell?

Lisa went behind Mickey’s back and made a deal with Henry Dahl, and Mickey had to literally make Henry sign a contract to stop them from ruining his case. Mickey knew that a documentary on Lisa’s life was the last thing he wanted because he was fully aware of what the prosecutor, Andrea Freeman, was capable of. Mickey always had this intuition that Lisa was up to something, but we believe that he would have ignored it if he hadn’t realized in the end that the man portraying Jeff was actually an ex-employee of Lisa’s. Mickey went to confront Lisa, as he understood that Lisa had killed her husband, probably years ago, and that is why whenever he asked her about Jeff, Lisa got agitated and behaved in a very unlikely manner and she always said that she didn’t know where he was or what he was up to. 

Mickey didn’t understand for the longest time in season 2, part 1, that if Jeff’s testimony could help Lisa’s cause, then why was she so hesitant to call him over? Lisa always said that things were a bit complicated between her and Jeff, which was still understandable, but not calling him when it was a matter of life and death was beyond comprehension. Mickey had figured out that Lisa had lied to him about everything pertaining to Jeff, and that’s when it struck him that maybe the man wasn’t alive. Mickey just couldn’t control himself and went to confront Lisa. Mickey got a gut feeling that Jeff’s dead body was underneath those cilantro plants that Lisa treasured so much. We believe that there could have been a dispute over the property, and Lisa felt that if Jeff took a divorce, she would be at a disadvantage and probably bear some monetary losses. Lisa may have thought that if somehow she convinced Jeff to take back his application for divorce and kill him in the meantime, then she could have a rightful claim over the property or whatever it was that she wanted, as on paper, they were still married. Whatever the truth is, we hope that it will come out in season 3, and we are very sure that the Lincoln Lawyer won’t let his emotions overpower his judgments this time and will let Lisa meet her fateful end.

Did Lisa Kill Mitchell Bondurant?

Once the veil of innocence was lifted and it was somewhat proven that Lisa was not as righteous and law-abiding as she pretended to be, the question that crossed everybody’s mind was, “What if she was also responsible for Mitchell Bondurant’s murder and Andrea Freeman was right all along”? As of now, we can say that Lisa Trammell is quite capable of killing anybody who comes in her way, assuming that she has indulged in a similar kind of activity before. The evidence could neither prove her innocence nor her guilt, because Mickey was quite good at what he did, and he made sure that he bent some rules, played some tricks, influenced the jury, and clouded their minds enough to make his client escape from the clutches of the law.

We would have been more assertive in our speculations if we had found out one strong motive on Lisa’s part that had the potential to fuel her actions. Mitchell did want to buy Lisa’s property, but that was not reason enough to kill him. We are very sure that there will be many other facts that have been hidden until now that will probably be revealed in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 and give us a clearer picture of what exactly happened on that fateful day when the business tycoon was killed in the parking lot. We know that a man named David Webber was the executive producer of Henry Dahl’s podcast, and he was the one who paid for Lisa’s bail. Webber was the one who also held an important position in one of Alex Grant’s shell companies, so could it be the case that all of them were together on it and killing Mitchell Bondurant was beneficial for everyone? Then again, Alex Grant and Walter Kim independently had strong motives to go against Mitchell, and it is possible that they acted together and decided that it would be in the best interests of everybody to kill the Bondurant.

We don’t think that the makers would leave this mystery unattended in season 3, and we would get to know who exactly entered that parking lot and struck Mitchell with a hammer. One theory could be that Alex and Walter figured out that it was pretty easy to frame someone who always had a grudge against the victim, and so they conspired to make it look like Lisa had murdered him. It is to be noted here that the authorities did find traces of blood on Walter Kim’s shoes, something that Andrea Freeman concealed from Mickey Haller throughout the trial. So, there can be myriad possibilities, and obviously, we cannot be sure about the guilt or innocence of anyone, but as of now, we are inclined to believe that on Lisa’s part and also in general, there are a lot of facts that haven’t surfaced, and probably in season 3, we will get to know more about them.

We believe that more than anybody else, Mickey Haller would want a closure of sorts and want to know the truth, though his assistant and confidant Lorna had already made up her mind, and she didn’t want to give Lisa any benefit of the doubt. Although we will most definitely see Lisa behind bars in Season 3 after the police find the dead body of Jeff, if her involvement in the Mitchell Bondurant case gets proven and comes to light, then it would greatly impact the term of her sentence. We do agree that to assume that Lisa had planned this on her own, without any sort of help, would be a little far-fetched, but with the help of a man like Alex Grant, it could very well be achieved.

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