‘Locke & Key’ Season 2: Ending Explained – What Is Going To Happen In Season 3?


What started as an adventure soon turned into a quest to save the world. In “Locke & Key Season 1,” the Locke kids found a black door inside a cave that opened to another dimension. The demonic spirits that came out of the portal wanted to consume the human world. Thus, the Locke family built a “black door” and locked the doorway with a magical Omega Key to save the world from annihilation.

From generation to generation, the successors of the Locke Family found the magical keys inside their ancestral Keyhouse. The keys made from whispering iron called out to their worthy bearers. However, protected by a magic spell, they forgot about the keys when they turned 18. In the 21st century, after Rendell Locke’s tragic death, his family, wife Nina and three children Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode, shifted to the key house from Seattle. The little one, Bode, was tricked by a demonic spirit hiding in the skin of Rendell’s old pal, Lucas “Dodge” Caravaggio.

In their final battle to protect Omega Key and stop Dodge from opening the portal, the Locke children fought valiantly against evil. They captured Dodge and threw him out of the portal. However, the pivoting end revealed it wasn’t Dodge but their own ally, Ellie, who was transformed into Dodge by Demonic Dodge. Let’s find out what happened next.

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‘Locke & Key’ Season 2: Plot Summary

According to Lucas/Dodge, the Identity Key couldn’t be used to turn into a real person. But it could only be used to create a brand new identity. And thus, Lucas/Dodge/Demon shape-shifted into Gabe, who didn’t exist in the real world.

Gabe wanted to bring an army of demons into the human world. He was a demon with a God complex who wanted to consume the real world and re-create it in his own demonic image. But to build a demon army, Gabe needed the Omega Key to open the portal. However, a demon couldn’t take the keys from Locke, and after the big revelations, no Locke would have given away the Omega Key. Hence, Gabe deduced a plan to forge his own magical keys from the Whispering Irons.

Gabe and Eden Hawkins (possessed by a demon spirit in Season 1) searched the cave and found pieces of whispering iron inside it. However, even after extensive labor, Gabe couldn’t forge the key. Thus, it brought him back to point zero, to the Keyhouse.

Season 2 brought new problems for the Locke family as they tried to build their new lives around the magical keys. Kinsey often used the keys to deal with her teenage issues. She was dating Gabe but missed her director-cum-lover, Scot Cavendish. When Scot informed Kinsey that he was leaving for a unique filmmaking program in Britain, Kinsey felt lonely. She missed Scot but couldn’t express her feelings in plain and simple words because she was dating Gabe.

Tyler, who was dating his classmate, Jackie Veda, found out that Jackie’s memory of the keys was slowly fading away. It was because Jackie was soon going to be 18, and according to the spell, adults can’t remember the magic. Tyler and Kinsey recalled that Ellie and her group had found a way to remember the magic. But with Ellie missing, the only living member of the group was Erin Voss, who was admitted to a psychiatric facility. Kinsey decided to use the Head Key on Erin to find out about the Memory Key, which could help them remember the magic even after they turned 18.

And amid all the quests and missions, Nina found a new love in her life. A new professor, Josh Bennett, arrived in town to teach at Matheson High School. Conveniently, Josh was obsessed with the history of Key House as his great ancestor, Captain Frederick Gideon, wrote about a magical doorway hidden inside Matheson Cave in his journal.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Who Discovered The Demonic Portal?

The Locke family played an essential role in the American Revolution. In 1775, Peter Locke worked as a Black Smith for the American Revolutionaries. He lived in the key house with his young son, Benjamin, daughter Miranda, and wife.

On an unfortunate night, Captain Frederick Gideon and his men, loyal to the British Crown, raided the Keyhouse and accused Peter of manufacturing colonial weapons for the revolutionaries. Frederick tried to burn Peter’s wife and daughter alive, but suddenly, Captain Crais and his band of revolutionaries opened fire on the redcoats.

Peter tried to stab Frederick Gideon, but the powerful redcoat murdered Peter and escaped to a nearby sea cave with his minutemen. Inside the cave, Frederick discovered the magical portal that was a doorway to another dimension. However, before Frederick could understand the magic, Captain Crais attacked the redcoats. Benjamin saw men getting possessed by demonic spirits coming out from the portal. The men decided to keep it a secret and arrested the living redcoat, Frederick Gideon. Before Frederick was hanged to death, he was imprisoned inside the Wellhouse, where he wrote his journal, requesting his successors find the portal and bring the staggering power of the other realm to the flawed human world.

Who Forged The First Magical Key, The Omega Key?

Benjamin witnessed the death and destruction caused by the demonic spirits. Hence, he decided to contain it. Inside the cave, Benjamin found chunks of whispering iron that came out of the portals in the form of bullets. As Benjamin picked it up, it started whispering to him. In a scene, Duncan Locke explained that making a magical key was a conversation between the whispering iron and the key maker. In simple words, the whispering iron chooses its key-maker.

Benjamin brought the whispering iron to his father’s workshop and tried to forge a key. However, he failed. His sister, Miranda, informed him that in rituals of alchemy, the spell-caster needs to make a sacrifice to bind him to the magic source. Hence, Benjamin poured drops of his own blood that forever connected the Locke lineage to the magical keys. In the end, he forged the Omega Key and a door to lock the portal. However, he found a few other chunks of whispering iron at the site and curiously brought it back to forge more magical keys. It was the beginning of all the conflict that would act as a boon and a curse for the generations to come.

the first Magical Key, the Omega Key

Why Did Gabe Fail To Forge A Magical Key? What Did Gabe Want?

Duncan told Tyler that the whispering iron chose its keysmith. It was the reason why Rendell Locke failed to forge the Memory Key. Similarly, the whispering irons never spoke to Gabe, yet he tried to forge them twice and failed. Through Kinsey, Gabe found out that only Duncan Locke was able to successfully forge a key. Hence, Gabe decided to abduct Duncan to forge a key that would turn humans into demons.

With the help of his newly forged Key, Gabe turned humans into demons and built a demonic army to consume the human world. Gabe had feelings for Kinsey and thus requested her to convert into a demon willingly. He even turned Tyler’s girlfriend, Jackie Veda, into a demon to compel Kinsey to make a quick decision.

Devastated by the tragedy, Tyler decided to forge the Alpha Key to remove the demon soul from a possessed human’s body. Tyler found a piece of whispering iron hidden inside a fishing lure attached to Rendell’s favourite baseball cap. Fortunately, the whispering iron spoke to Tyler, and he successfully forged the Alpha key with the help of Duncan.

To use his key, Tyler approached Jackie in the woods and used the Alpha key on her. But unfortunately, the key turned the demon spirit back to whispering iron. Stuck inside its host body, the metal piece choked Jackie to death. Thus, Tyler did create a weapon against the demonic army, but it didn’t help bring back the possessed human beings.

Did Gabe’s Demon Die In The End?

Chamberlin Locke predicted the great battle between his successors and the demonic Gabe. Thus, he helped Kinsey find the Angel Key and its harness with the help of Sam Lesser’s ghost spirit (that parted away from his body in Season 1). The Angel Key gave Kinsey angel-like wings, and with their magical weapons, the Locke children braced up for an ultimate showdown.

Gabe, the demon

Kinsey approached Gabe, who had built his stronghold at Jackie’s cliffside house. While Kinsey created a diversion for Duncan, Tyler and Scot infiltrated the locker room to steal Gabe’s demonic key. But as Gabe’s demons found out about Locke’s cunning plan, they attacked them. In the final fight, Duncan realized that he could control the demons even without the key because his blood was tied to the key’s magic. It helped them to turn the demons against their master, Gabe. At the end of the battle, Tyler stabbed Gabe with an Alpha key that killed the demon possessing Lucas’ echo.

‘Locke & Key’ Season 2: Ending Explained

The Locke family finally ended Gabe’s wrath. However, another demon-possessed Eden Hawkins was still out there somewhere. In Dodge’s body, Ellie opened the portal from the other side and returned to the human world. She went to the Keyhouse, and the Locke children gave her the identity key to transform into her real self. Finally, after a very long time, Ellie travelled to Nebraska to meet her son, Rufus.

After the tragic death of Jackie, Tyler decided to head out of town for a while. Before moving out, he deleted the video he made with Jackie to remember the magical keys. Tyler didn’t want to remember the magical keys or the magic of the key house and wanted to live an ordinary life. Hence, he handed over his keys to Kinsey and Bode and informed them about his decision to not use the Memory Key. Probably, after his 18th birthday, Tyler would forget about the incident that happened with Jackie. About how he accidentally killed her by forging the Alpha Key. In all his efforts, Tyler wanted to forget the good and the worst parts of magic. He left the key house in Gracie, a GTO car gifted to him by Duncan for his birthday.

After Tyler left, Kinsey finally faced her fear of parting away from loved ones. She organized a farewell for Scott, who was going for his filmmaking program in England.

Bode decided to use the Head Key to help her grieving mother, Nina, revisit her memories with Rendall. The pursuit was the beginning of everything. In Season 1, Dodge tricked Bode to help her by informing Bode about a key that would help his family meet their late father again. Since then, Bode has wanted to fulfill this desire for his mother.

With the help of Head Key, Bode and Nina visited the space inside her head. Nina picked up the memory with Rendall when she informed him that she was pregnant with Bode. It was one of the best memories of her life, and revisiting it again was worth it. At the end, when Nina came out of her head, she pleaded with Bode that she didn’t want to forget the magic. Moved by his mother’s emotion, Bode used the Memory key on Nina, which would help her remember the magic of the keys.

Maybe Bode lost a partner in crime as Tyler moved out and decided not to use the memory key. But with Nina on his side, new adventures would eventually be more fun for the little magician.

What To Expect In ‘Locke & Key’ Season 3?

From the beginning, Eden Hawkins, possessed by a demon, was quite intrigued by the tales of Captain Frederick Gideon, the man who found the magical portal. After Gabe’s demise, Eden broke into his room and stole the two keys in his possessions, the Echo Key and the Anywhere Key.

At the end of “Locke & Key Season 2,” Eden sneaked into the wellhouse and summoned the echo of Frederick Gideon. Like Gabe, Eden, too, wanted to open the portal with the help of Gideon, to raise her own demonic army to rule the human world. However, she was unaware that Gideon was already possessed by a demon spirit. In his treacherous act, Gideon took the Anywhere Key from Eden and threw her into the well.

In the upcoming Season 3 of “Locke & Key,” the demonic Gideon will act as the antagonist. He would attack the Locke children to get the keys out of their possession to open the demonic portal. The same story, but with a different villain this time. Let’s see what adventures lay ahead.

Captain Frederick Gideon

“Locke & Key” is a Supernatural Drama Thriller series created by Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averill, and Aron Eli Coleite. Season 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix.

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