‘Loki’ Trailer Breakdown – The God Of Mischief Is Back


The Marvel Cinematic Universe with its ever-growing popularity and fanbase has become a place of religious significance with the nerds all around the globe. Every film or TV series by MCU has been great with its characterization and continuity details and phase 5 will propel the MCU into the stratosphere of success. One such delightful treat is a TV Mini-Series, filmed around The Infamous God of Mischief – Loki (as seen in the Marvel’s Loki trailer). Martin Scorsese might not considered it “cinema”, but people all around the globe vouch for the cinematic brilliance of Marvel and the deep storylines with its amazing casting creates characters that are larger than life.

The life of Loki will have a detailed plotline explaining his timeline with precision and accuracy. Marvel’s Loki trailer had several nuances that you might have missed so let’s try to see what we actually see in the trailer. I have watched the trailer a zillion times and have spiralled down the sea of information to provide a solid analysis.

Without further ado, let’s begin Loki Trailer Breakdown!

  1. Loki’s Escape:- The trailer gives us a glimpse into where the story might begin. The trailer begins with Loki escaping in the Avengers Endgame and falling into a desert-like place, the chains holding him were broken which were present when he escaped. Loki then in the trailer uses Bifrost to travel and if you slow down the trailer you can see the pattern appearing, which indicates it’s the eye of Heimdall.
  1. Mobius revelation about Time:- Mobius who is played by Owen Wilson is seen telling Loki that time passes differently there. Loki is surprised about hearing about time working differently which is odd as Loki has already been in Sakar in Thor: Ragnarok where time worked differently allowing the Collector to age slowly. We also see Loki in a collar which is similar to the powers nullifying device we see in the Deadpool 2.
  1. Lady Loki:- We see a shrouded person using a lantern to burn the ground and we can see from the on-set images of Sofia playing lady Loki!
  1. Loki’s sceptre:- We see Loki at the Avengers tower where his reflection has a sceptre in his hand with the mind stone in it. 
  1. Kang the Conqueror:- Kang the Conqueror’s lines were evident in the trail of Loki we see in the trailer. This foreshadows the inevitable arrival of Kang in the MCU.
  1. Mobius shows Loki’s future:- The events in the trailer show Loki making a pose which he makes in Ragnarok. Ragnarok is 5 years away and Mobius is aware of what Loki’s future would have been if he didn’t escape from his original timeline.
  1. Mephisto:- The frame where we see Mobius taking something from a child and this might be an indication that it’s the place where people worship the devil implying the universe of Mephisto who might be in WandaVision.
  1. Loki standing amidst destroyed New York:- The broken Avengers tower shows that Loki successfully completed his annexation of the place.
  1. Loki is D.B Cooper:- The infamous plane hijacking by an unknown person is the mysterious D.B Cooper tale where a person by the name of D.B Cooper boarded a plane and after hijacking and having his demands met he jumped of the plane and disappeared. He hasn’t been found and few bills were found in the Columbia river and while going into the Bifrost we see a few bills falling. Exciting and interesting take on the life of Loki.

Loki (TV Mini-Series) will answer various questions and will provide a better understanding of the infamous anti-hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here we end the Loki Trailer Breakdown. If you think we missed an important detail. Do let us in the comments below. Check the Loki Trailer here.

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Shreshtha Shukla
Shreshtha Shukla
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