‘Longing for You’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Jin Woo The Transplant Donor?


Longing for You has not left us with a great impression of it so far. Concerning Episodes 9 and 10, they were not so exciting because all this was what the audience had already guessed way back. If only this investigation had happened in place of the tiresome and unnecessary episodes 7 and 8, there may have still been a spark. Even the investigation was a case of dominoes unraveling one after the other. We are not disappointed with the episodes this week, but they are surely a little too late for us to be sufficiently intrigued. We don’t think there is anything left in the series that could surprise us, and that is not a good thing, considering that it still has four episodes to go. Until then, here is a recap of Longing for You episodes 9 and 10.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens To Bae Min Gyu And Gi Yeong?

When Gi Yeong was kidnapped in Longing for You episode 8, he knew that it was the end for him. As he expected, the police found his charred body at a spot, and the signs showed that he had committed suicide. While they cannot conclude otherwise, nobody believes that Gi Yeong would do such a thing, especially after taking everyone on such a wild goose chase. But Young Woon receives a video from Gi Yeong, probably recorded before his death, in which he says goodbye to him and says that he is going somewhere.

If we assume that Gi Yeong did not commit suicide, then that goodbye would probably mean that he was just leaving Korea, as he planned to. But in this morbid context, it has taken on a different meaning. To add fuel to these speculations, Gi Yeong has also left behind a successor. He was a young and healthy man, so for him to have appointed an heir makes it seem that he knew that his death was just around the horizon, which is what he had told the man as well. However, during this investigation, the police were also surprised to find that Gi Yeong’s mother was a model. The profession is a bit surprising, and while they can’t do much for now, they know that it couldn’t have been a suicide, especially due to him being a witness in Jin Woo’s murder.

As for Bae Mi Gyu, he claims that Gi Yeong manipulated him for his own sick, murderous tendencies. But that doesn’t hold at all since the police have the video of Bae Min Gyu killing his wife. However, they can’t prove that he committed the other murders since there is no recording of them. Min Gyu makes a compelling argument here when he says that Gi Yeong could have recorded them as well, but he didn’t because it never happened. The conclusion, though a little shaky, is that Min Gyu is charged with murder and sexual harassment, and Gi Yeong is tentatively thought to be the serial killer. The police department succeeds in putting away at least one criminal, and the coming investigation will reveal the truth about the rest.

What is the truth about Oh Jin Woo?

As we said, the truth starts revealing itself through a domino effect. Jin Sang’s mother, Ms. Hong, always celebrated Jin Woo’s birthday with Jin Sang because she had lied that they were both born on the same day. Now that Jin Woo has passed away, she wants to celebrate his birthday, and she is joined by her polyamorous partners for it. Unlucky for her, Jin Sang and Young Joo show up at the same time, and when Jin Sang guesses that this is a celebration for Jin Woo, the truth starts spilling out. Ms Hong admits that Jin Woo was adopted. When she was pregnant with Jin Sang, she met a poor student, Mo Ri, who was working part-time jobs to pay off her debts. They had formed a friendship, and a few months later, when Ms. Hong moved to Woojin, Mo Ri followed her with her child, looking for a job. She stayed with them for a while, but soon enough, it got too much for her.

Ms. Hong thought that she had committed suicide, leaving behind Jin Woo, so she stepped up and adopted him. While filing the papers, she did not know his birthday, so she wrote it the same as Jin Sang’s. She found out much later when she saw it marked on the calendar, but there was nothing to be done then. A few years passed, and Mo Ri returned to meet Jin Woo, asking him to come with her. That is when Jin Woo came to know the truth about himself, but he insisted on staying in Woojin with Jin Sang and Ms. Hong. Mo Ri, who had started going by Jean-Claude Marie, respected that, though they seemed to have kept in touch.

Jin Sang finds another connection to Jin Woo’s past when he realizes that Dr. Choo has been spying on Jin Woo, and when confronted about it, the doctor reveals that it was on the instruction of Team Leader Jeong of Jinjin Medical Center. Surprised by this emerging connection, Jin Sang wonders about his interest in his brother. Back in Seoul, he takes the help of his ex-supervisor from the traffic department to gather more information about Jeong, which takes him to an online streamer who used to know the team leader. He reveals that Jeong’s English name is Andrew. That reminds Jin Sang of a name he saw on the list of people who had bought the cufflinks that he had found at the scene of Jin Woo’s accident. When he cross-checks the information, he finds it to be true, and he now knows that Jinjin must have had a direct hand in Jin Woo’s fate.

Was Jin Woo The Transplant Donor For Young Woon?

The “why” of it all becomes clear to Jin Snag when he finds the link between Marie and Cha Young Woon. He takes Hee Joo’s help in tracking down the artist, and she is the one who points out that the statue in the picture is also there in Young Woon’s house. That makes Jin Sang realize that Chairman Cha might be the biological father of Jin Woo. Young Joo also tells Jin Sang about Young Woon’s heart transplant, and the police officer’s intuition kicks in as he starts connecting the dots together. Even the timelines make sense, as the day Jin Woo was declared brain dead was very close to the time Young Woon had announced his departure for the States. His year abroad had been his recovery period, and in light of everything being connected to Jinjin, the motive behind Jin Woo’s attack is becoming clear.

When Jin Sang goes to meet Marie, he finds Jeong coming out of the place next to it. That alerts him to the possibility that he may have already said or done something to hinder his investigation. Regardless, Jin Sang meets Marie and is disappointed to find that she denies knowing anything about Jin Woo and doesn’t even admit to knowing anyone named Mo Ri. Knowing that he cannot get anything out of her, Jin Sang prepares to leave, but Mo Ri gives him a hint that Jin Woo is lucky to have a good older brother. Someone may think that she is talking about Jin Sang, but that statement leads him to Young Woon, and he tells him everything he has learned about the case so far.

Young Woon is shocked, and the first thing he does is ask his father about Mo Ri, who admits to his affair with her and that she had told him about her pregnancy. However, he doesn’t reveal anything anymore and just says that things were handled. At the end of Longing for You episode 10, Young Woon and Jin Sang both follow the paper trail of the former’s heart transplant and find that there is no proper record of Jin Woo. This once again hints at Jinjin’s interference, solidifying the theory of the motive behind Jin Woo’s murder.

Final Thoughts

We are going to see the next four episodes dedicated to the pursuit of justice and the gathering of evidence. But one final element that we believe will be thrown into the mix is that Gi Yeong may also be one of Chairman Cha’s illegitimate children. That would explain Gi Yeong’s interest in tracking down Jin Woo’s mother and his hostility towards the Cha family. Probably, Gi Yeong was taken in to see if he would be compatible with Young Woon’s heart, and when that turned out to be a dud, the Cha family turned towards Jin Woo. This would explain why Gi Yeong kept saying that there was “no free meal.” Longing for You really can’t surprise us, so let’s see what happens next.

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