‘Longing For You’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: Is There Any Proof Against Jinjin Medical?


Longing for You can be a case study on how not to write something. This show has taken itself very seriously, and as a result, we have so many things happening that just don’t make sense anymore. The list of “whys” is endless, and at this point, we have given up. Longing for You Episode 13, which is the second-last episode of the show, is just one long interrogation that reveals nothing new. It does not even deal with the challenge of making people confess through some clever trick. In fact, it is just one of the episodes of this series that is composed of scene fillers. Let us just go through the recap of this episode.

Spoiler Alert

How Did Park Gi Yeong Find The Truth About Jinjin?

Since we are at the end of a poorly written show, we feel like we are past the stage where we have to wait and see how a character turns out. This means that our opinions about them are pretty much unshakeable at this point. When the show started, we believed that Cha Young Woon was pretty boring, but we did not say it. However, now, when he asks Gi Yeong why he did not tell him about his mother’s schemes while he himself is helping his mother find a way to escape this, we sigh in exasperation at how confused this character is. Then, he also had the audacity to remind Gi Yeong of when they were children, and Young Woon had been carried by him on his back when he started feeling faint. Young Woon says that Gi Yeong’s strength and sweat saved him that day, so his half-brother will always have a special place in his heart. Why is Young Woon bothering with this unless he is secretly working to bring down Jinjin, as we think we saw? But all this aside, the point is that Gi Yeong has a lot of resentment in him.

He first came to know that something was wrong with his mother when his mom’s friend told him about the medicines from Jinjin. Gi Yeong then investigated with his mother’s doctor to find that she had indeed died of an overdose. But despite all this, it had been a matter of chance how he found out about Jinjin’s intentions behind this. He had accidentally chanced upon Yoo Jeong Sook’s open laptop and seen everything, including information about Jin Woo, that had taken him to Woojin, where he had slyly gotten a hair off Jin Woo and run the DNA test, only to have his suspicions confirmed. We can admit that it makes sense so far, but what he said next is just plain stupidity. The reason Gi Yeong organized those serial murders and then framed Jin Woo for them was so that he would be out of reach of Jinjin.

The serial killer had been based on Jin Woo, with the knives and the fixation on the ankles. Therefore, Jin Woo’s suspicion was planned from the beginning. Jin Sang is furious since Gi Yeong murdered three innocent people for this haywire plan. We are simply appalled at the stupidity. Why not just tell Jin Woo and Jin Sang everything from the beginning and make sure that they get away from it all? What was the need for any of this? When Jin Woo was arrested, Lee Sung Yong was framed as the killer by Jinjin to get Jin Woo out of jail so that their plan for the transplant could resume. It is a whole lot of nonsense, and we simply cannot get behind it. When Jinjin orchestrated Gi Yeong’s fake suicide, he was told to stay as Jeong Woo No’s neighbor until they decided what to do next. Basically, Woo No did not have the heart to kill him, even though that is what he had been ordered to do by Yoo Jeong Sook.

Is There Any Proof Against Jinjin Medical?

When Episode 13 started, we believed that we finally knew why this series had been named Longing for You. It was the password to the drive that had all the files and recordings that the police needed. However, the characters translated ‘longing’ to ‘waiting’, so it did take on a different meaning. Anyway, there is way too much evidence against Jinjin and its director for now. Other than the recordings of her talking with Woo No about Jin Woo and Gi Yeong, there are also test results that establish the compatibility between Jin Woo, Gi Yeong, and Young Woon. Yoo Jeong Sook stays silent throughout it all, denying any knowledge of the happenings.

Meanwhile, Woo No keeps taking the blame wherever he can. While this can be seen as guilt working its way through, something tells us that it could also be an act of protection. After all, is Woo No ready to risk it all just because his life was saved once by Jinjin? Is there any other reason why Jeong Sook is doing everything other than saving the life of her son? Or is the drama just so badly written? Either way, the prosecutors are forced to let Jeong Sook go when they get the orders, but they have something else to work with. The flash drive has revealed that Jinjin’s funder needs a transplant, and he has employed the organization to do that for him. Getting to the root of this may help the prosecutors in some way or another. They may find more evidence against Jeong Sook or at least, incapacitate her power in some way. Meanwhile, Jeong Sook’s husband has told her that he hates her for hiding the fact that Jin Woo was his son. The chairman had been a part of this whole plan, but the truth about his children was unknown to him. This is making us wonder why the police are not asking him any questions. They are not even thinking about him.

During Longing for You Episode 13’s ending, the officers catch hold of another lead. They know that Jinjin is closely tied with Bae Min Gyu’s father, Bae Tae Ok, and since he is the Minister of Health and Welfare, he must be helping them in their illegal activities by granting special favors in exchange for money. They set out to investigate these doubts, and their first targets were Lee Sang Min, who supposedly received the transplant, and the next was the Director of Kisoo, who changed the order of the lists of donors and transplant receivers, along with raising the ranking of Jinjin. While these two prove to be tough cookies, Bae Tae Ok himself is very easy. They simply lie to him and say that the others have confessed, and if he cooperates, they will be able to help his son. What Bae Tae Ok says next is all recorded by the officers, and it will be the evidence used against him and Jinjin in the final episode of Longing for You.

Final Thoughts

We are going to assume that, like most Korean dramas, this entire conflict will be resolved in the first 20–30 minutes of the final episode, with the rest of the time showing us how the characters move on. Our only wish is that Young Woon gets a decent farewell instead of just being shown as someone so pathetic. His character deserves that much, at the very least.

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