‘Longing For You’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is The Evidence Against Jin Woo?


Episode 2 of Longing For You has been fine, but we have stronger opinions about Oh Jin Sang’s volume in the drama. He needs to dial it down a notch and how was this allowed to go online? We enjoyed the investigation of Oh Jin Woo but his brother and possible sister-in-law were rather annoying and unprofessional. We are just not able to excuse the way sentimentality took over them, yet we are here, heartbroken because a possible psychopath and serial killer (Bae Min Gyu) in the drama has dimples. To feel better about ourselves, we looked up Jung Sang Hoon, the actor who plays Bae Min Gyu, and we found him rather nice and grounded. Therefore, we are able to shift our focus back to Longing For You episode 2, and this is the recap of it.

Spoilers Alert

The Case Against Oh Jin Woo

Before narrowing in on Oh Jin Woo, the detectives once again investigate Bae Min Gyu, who seems to be tied to all the murders in some way or another. Oh Jin Sang is brought on board to the Seoul station due to his familiarity with the town of Woojin. While he is useful and competent, he has a tendency to act out that is way too annoying. Who thought it was quirky to be unnecessarily rude to your seniors?

Once Oh Jin Sang joins the Seoul station, he goes to meet Bae Min Gyu, and it is really creepy that he is a dentist. Min Gyu is a suspect in Hae Ju’s case because he has a house a few hours away from that town, and his car was photographed in the vicinity. When Jin Sang confronts him about it all, he points out his girlfriend (not Eun Byul) and says that he was with her. The woman seconds his statement until Jin Sang reveals that the man is also seeing Eun Byul.

The angry girlfriend breaks up with Min Gyu and tells Jin Sang that he wasn’t with her. This means that Jin Sang arrests him and brings him to the station, where he once again continues to be rude to Young Won. It takes a special talent for us to like the serial killer more than the cop, who is supposed to be the good guy. Either way, Min Gyu remembers in the nick of time that he was on a show during the time of the murder, and it was being live-streamed. This is a foolproof alibi, though the detectives still have doubts about it. However, it feels odd that Min Gyu did not remember this until the last minute. It is pretty hard to forget being on a show for over two hours when it only happened recently. He was either misleading the police on purpose or setting them up for something.

In the meantime, suspicion lands on Jin Woo because he was the last person Hae Ju called right before dying. When the inspector goes to his restaurant, he finds the very sashimi knife that is suspected of being the murder weapon. This is along with the fact that Jin Woo had also been at the cafe on the night of the second murder and in the gallery around the time of the first case. When he is brought in for questioning, Jin Sang just about loses his mind and accuses Young Won of using power and money to pin the blame on an innocent person so that he could free Bae Min Gyu, who was the son of an assemblyman. For a second, we can still understand the attitude of Jin Sang, but it is Young Joo who has really annoyed and disappointed us. Her competence with cases is clearly obstructed by her biases. Young Won has not just plucked Jin Woo out of nowhere. He has a solid set of facts to support his case, and it is his job, along with that of Young Joo and Jin Sang, to investigate the leads thoroughly. Their personal beliefs aside, they had no right to shade Young Won the way they did.

We also find that there is something wrong with Young Won’s health. We knew from Longing For You Episode 1 that he had a problem with his heart, but it seems to go far deeper than that. He has a watch on his hand that alerts the hospital every time his heart rate increases. It looks like there is a very sophisticated system in place for his treatment, and it may be there for something more than healing purposes. Then there is the relationship between Jin Sang and Young Joo. She clearly says that they are dating, but Jin Sang seems to be a lot more casual about it, as he considers her out of his league. If it is any consolation, they are both equally incompetent. Either way, Jin Woo has caught on to the fact that Young Won might like Young Joo.

What Is The Evidence Against Jin Woo?

Jin Woo is more cooperative than his brother, and he tells Young Won that he bought the knife from someone off the internet who went by the name “Lemontree.”. He had been at the cafe to meet him, and he had also gone to the gallery after being informed by him. Jin Woo’s internet chat history checks out, but he still doesn’t have a good enough alibi for the night of Hae Ju’s murder until his mother comes through for him. He had played cards with his mother and her boyfriend, and though he had stepped out for a while to see Hae Ju, he hadn’t been able to meet her. He had to rush back to cook, and since the boyfriend is not a family member of the suspect, his testimony carries some weight. But the one thing that allows Jin Woo to be released from custody is some proof regarding the knife, which has been the most incriminating evidence against him so far.

It turns out that the knife was different from what the murder weapon was supposed to be because Jin Woo had a certain way of sharpening it that didn’t align with the way the cuts on the victims had been formed. Having no other choice, Young Won lets Jin Woo go, though he still doesn’t consider him cleared of all suspicion. Sadly though, at the end of Longing For You episode 2, evidence against angel Jin Woo comes out when his phone data is recovered, and it is found that he used to take photographs of women’s ankles. The murderer was speculated to have a foot fetish, and Jin Woo’s timing of having erased the photographs and also burned the ones he had printed out seems very fishy.

Final Thoughts

Right now, we are more interested in finding out about Cha Young Won’s condition. It won’t be a surprise if it turns out that this is somehow connected to the murders that are happening or if he or his mother is the murderer. It’s a wild tangent to go on, but this drama is giving us that vibe.

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