‘Longing For You’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is In The Video Jin Sang Gets?


Don’t blame us for saying this, but episode 4 of Longing For You was rather boring. It was rife with needless fillers, and in a narrative of sixty minutes, only one thing of significance happened. It is still too early to say whether this is a good series or not, since it is strictly average so far, but we have decided to keep our patience for two more upcoming episodes, and then we will announce our verdict.

Spoilers Alert

What Happens To Oh Jin Woo?

It was odd that the man who killed Oh Jin Woo did not stop to make sure that the job was done. Oh Jin Woo is taken to the hospital, and all hell breaks loose in Jin Sang and Young Joo’s lives. Young Joo asks Young Woon’s mother for a favor: to transfer Jin Woo to their hospital so that he may receive better care for his condition. She agrees, with some persuasion from her son, but we know something is fishy right away when no one suspects any foul play. Jin Sang is investigating whether what happened to Jin Woo was indeed an accident, but since it was a rainy day, there are no tracks left behind, and the killer has certainly taken care of the CCTV.

Yet the killer had his arm over Jin Woo’s neck, trying to strangle him. We are not doctors or forensic experts, but did that really not leave a trace? Young Woon’s mother, Yoo Jung Seok, has always been hand in hand with the chief prosecutor, and it certainly had more to do with something than just keeping up friendly relations. Cha Young Woon is being sent to the US to take some advanced training, even though he never applied for the program.

While Ms. Jung Sek denies having anything to do with this, we know that a favor was called and is being executed under the guise of rewarding Young Woon for his success in the serial killer case. We saw in the previous episode of Longing For You that a lackey of Jung Seok had set out to go “fishing” while it was raining heavily. What is to say that his fishing was not investigated by the police department on purpose, as yet another favor to Jung Seok? Young Woon doesn’t want to go to the US yet, but his mother insists that he does. This is also a chance for him to get his surgery, since he needs to do it before the year is up. Too many coincidences are working in his favor, and we are getting very suspicious.

As Jin Woo continues to struggle for his life, he is shifted to a special ward, and his family is not allowed to see him. Jin Sang is furious at this, though everyone tells him that this must be for the safety of the patient. However, when Jin Sang finally receives news that his brother is brain dead, he has another tough choice to make: whether to wait for his brother to pass away, as most brain-dead patients do in two weeks, or to donate his organs, as Jin Woo had signed up for.

Seven years ago, Jin Woo made the choice to be an organ donor when he saw the news of a boy who had done a similar thing and ended up saving many people’s lives. His mother, Hong Young Hee, had received a kidney transplant years ago, so he knew the virtue of taking such a step. Now that he was brain dead, it was an ideal time to take his organs before he passed away and they became unusable.

Jin Sang decides to go ahead with what Jin Woo wanted, and he consents to his organs being donated. Absolutely everyone is devastated by this turn of events. Jin Sang may have stood up for his brother, but he took him for granted in some measure, as did his mother, who always favored Jin Sang more and neglected her younger son quite often. She desperately prays for Jin Woo to come back, but nothing can be done anymore.

What Is In The Video Jin Sang Gets?

One year after the passing of Jin Woo, Jin Sang has immersed himself in work, and he has gained a reputation for being reckless. It has also been a while since he went back home, and he is not ready to let go of his brother. In Woojin, Young Hee prepares a memorial service for the first time since it is usually Jin Woo who used to do it for his dad, so his mother is not used to it. It really looks like Jin Woo has been taken for granted by his entire family. When Jin Sang comes to visit, his mother wonders what to do with Jin Woo’s clothes, and Jin Sang asks her to keep them till they are ready to give them away. While leaving, Jin Sang gave some money to his mother, and we did not understand why it was a matter of such shock or surprise for them. Maybe Jin Sang had been distant and neglected these duties of his, since he wasn’t used to being the responsible one anyway. Or it could be that it was his way of conveying to his mother that he forgave her for always placing Jin Woo second.

Back in Seoul, Young Woon is back from the US, and we are sure that he is alright now since he started drinking. He is confident about asking out Young Joo and is very cordial with Ki Young. This has planted doubt in our minds. What if the purpose of killing Jin Woo was to kill Young Woon? Perhaps Jin Woo’s being barely alive was not an accident or a mistake but something deliberate so that his organs could be donated? What if Jin Woo’s heart is now beating in Young Woon’s chest? None of it was probably connected to the serial killer, but perhaps Jin Woo needed to die so that Young Woon could live, and this was the masterplan of Yoo Jung Seok. It is all pure speculation so far, something that has come from the randomness of the events in the episodes so far. But at the end of episode 4 of Longing For You, Jin Sang receives a video of the night of Jin Woo’s death. The contents of the videos are not shown, but whatever they are, they leave Jin Sang wide-eyed with shock.

Final Thoughts

We are rather convinced that our speculation is 100 percent correct, and in that case, the element of surprise was rather predictable. The moral quandary of the upcoming love triangle is going to be insane because Young Joo doesn’t like Jin Sang because she thinks of him as a sibling, and as for Young Woon, her inferiority complex kicks in with him. In addition to that, he has Jin Woo’s heart, whom Young Joo would have dated had he been older than her. Is that why this series is titled Longing For You? If only the actors had romantic chemistry.

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