‘Longing For You’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does Jin Sang Find In Ki Young’s House?


What on earth was this episode of Longing For You? Its narrative is all over the place, and it has taken such a sharp turn from the plot that we wonder whether the writers know what they are doing or if they are simply playing a game of dice with the script. Its viewership seems to be increasing at the same time that the quality of the script is going down. Frankly, the sum total of this episode is that one man has an obsession with another. It really took the writers an hour to say this? Let’s move to Longing For You Episode 6 recap now, because why spend more than the necessary time on this?

Spoiler Alert

Is Ki Young Helping Bae Min Gyu?

It looks like Jin Sang had no grand plan when he beat up Min Gyu, and he was just acting impulsively, as always. However, he was not entirely stupid, and he managed to get the bottle of wine with Min Gyu’s fingerprints on it to unlock Min Gyu’s phone that he cleverly stole from him. We want to know which universe this police department is set in because they manufacture a 3-D finger from the prints to unlock the phone. We would imagine that procedures and steps like these would take days in the real world, but neither Longing For You is concerned with reality nor with entertainment. Anyway, the phone is unlocked, and the prosecutors find that someone texted Min Gyu about the arrest warrant against him.

Other than indicating a leak within the team, it also answers how and why the warrant against him was rejected. They have a lot to investigate, but right now, the question is about the repercussions that Jin Sang would have to pay for his reckless behavior. Since Young Woon and Young Joo are leading the team, they are called in to present their options. Young Woon is suspended and ordered to either stop the investigation or have his members expelled from the force. To protect Jin Sang and the others, Young Woon agrees to disband, but in his mind, this is just temporary submissiveness until they can come up with another plan.

In the room, everyone is disappointed with the developments, and they suspect that Hee Joo may have had something to do with them. As suspected, she was the one to speak with Ki Young, whom they think must have leaked the news of the warrant. Jin Sang is furious with the reporter, but he says something that makes his hair stand on end. He asks him to consider why his brother was murdered, to begin with, and inspect the circumstances of his death a little more. Hee Joo had said something similar when she brought to everyone’s attention that all of the serial killer victims had previously been treated at Jinjin Medical Center for some reason or another. Nobody believes that Hee Joo came up with this observation on her own, but she is right when she says that they are focusing too much on the culprit and not at all on the victim, which is causing them to miss out on important clues like this.

On a lighter note, Dr. Chu in Woojin wants to leave the town, but both of his girlfriends have decided to stop “troubling” him for attention and divide it equally throughout the week. We just want to know who came up with this polyamorous storyline. Concerning Seoul, Young Woon is making his feelings clearer to Young Joo, and she only needs to take him seriously once for their relationship to progress. As for Jin Sang, while he behaves with Young Joo like an annoying sibling, he also gets jealous of the attention Young Woon gives her. In the meantime, he hates his new job as a traffic policeman, which is his punishment for acting out with Bae Min Gyu. But Jin Sang keeps finding ways to bypass his new duties in favor of the investigation of the case.

The team had unofficially assembled at Young Woon’s house, where they had deduced that Ki Young was connected to the case in more than a professional capacity. He was deliberately thwarting the police’s investigation of Min Gyu, and his attacks on Young Woon were becoming more apparent. Young Woon reveals that Ki Young had been abused and abandoned when his family took him in and sponsored his education. Therefore, he owes a lot to Young Woon’s mother, but Ki Young must have paid the price for him to reject thinking of them as family. Right now, the team needs to investigate Ki Young’s connection to Min Gyu.

What Does Jin Sang Find In Ki Young’s House?

One of the officers in Woojin presents Jin Sang with a very important clue that firmly proves that they are not wrong in suspecting Ki Young. On the day of Jin Woo’s death, a blogger came to the town, and he accidentally captured a picture of Ki Young in the background. This means that he had been present there, likely at the time of Jin Woo’s death. This also leads to Jin Sang and Young Joo’s suspicion getting stronger that Ki Young might be the witness who recorded and sent the video of Jin Woo. If they were to accept that Min Gyu had indeed been abroad when Jin Woo was murdered, it means that Ki Young might know who the real killer is.

When they go to Ki Young’s building, they find that nobody ever visits him. This feels odd since Ki Young comes across as sufficiently sociable, so nobody having ever seen his house, feels a little out of place. Suspecting that he may have some evidence concealed there, Jin Sang and Detective Yook hatch a plan to search his house. They ask for Hee Joo’s help in keeping Ki Young engaged as much as possible, and she agrees since she is still feeling guilty for her part in the fallout of the investigation. While she is doing her part of the job, Jin Sang’s senior in the traffic department agrees to help them. He was previously a legendary homicide detective, before the soul-sucking job of managing traffic has killed any and all zeal in him. But there is a spark of it once again when he has to actively distract the security guard while Mr. Yook breaks open Ki Young’s door lock.

At the end of episode 6 of Longing For You, Jin Sang and Detective Yook are finally able to enter his house. Unknown to them, Ki Young knows that they are there, and he is keeping an eye on them through the hidden cameras. However, despite knowing this, he plays along with Hee Joo to stay out of his place. Back there, Jin Sang gets the shock of his life when he sees that Ki Young’s house is arranged exactly the same way as Young Woon’s.

Final Thoughts

This has just been a very terrible episode, and the dialogues and investigation have been subpar. We are actually surprised at this because the story so far has been decent, and this sudden dip in quality feels rather off, just like the indulgent plot of Ki Young’s obsession. Let’s hope this was a one-off thing, and we will see a better story next week.

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