‘Longing For You’ Episodes 11 And 12 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Jinjin Proven Guilty?


Credit where credit is due, Longing for You episodes 11 and 12 were fun even though they were predictable. We remember saying previously that the show had some terrible investigators, but they proved us wrong in this episode. What was predictable for the audience was still good deduction and investigative work on part of the characters, which is the first sign of good writing that we have seen since the show started. Therefore, here is a recap of the two episodes.

Spoiler Alert

Ms. Hong and Dr. Choo

We just did not understand the space-filling quality of this polyamorous couple. Ms. Hong deduces that the police are keeping an eye on Dr. Choo and demands to know what is going on. We don’t understand this police officer who was so easily able to tell her everything rather than successfully evade the topic. When she meets Jin Sang, demanding to know what happened to Jin Woo, even he tells her the entire truth. Wasn’t it all supposed to be confidential?

Ms. Hong decides to break up with Dr. Choo and tells Jang Mi that she can be with him exclusively if she wishes. But Jang Mi wants her to forgive Dr. Choo and continue the relationship because he did not know what he was spying on Jin Woo for; therefore, he is not an evil person. We honestly did not understand their conversation here except for Jang Mi saying again and again that she cared just as much for Jin Woo since she was the one who brought him back when Ms. Hong had left him at the amusement park all those years ago. This remains a nonsensical conversation, but we are surprised that this show took the polyamorous nature of this couple seriously. We thought it was just a running joke for them, but even in that case, Jang Mi’s support of Dr. Choo is simply insensitive. It doesn’t matter that she derides him in private, but she shouldn’t have asked Ms. Hong to give the doctor a chance after what he did. On that note, at least Young Joo broke up with Young Woon. It was a difficult decision for her since she had evidently started thinking of him seriously, but seeing that his loyalties may not be as black and white as she would like, she decided to part ways.

Cha Young Woon

The thing with people who always have to maintain some kind of restraint is that when they do lose their temper, it is due to an unusually deep feeling of injustice done, and there is mostly no coming back from it. We see it with Young Woon when he confronts his unrepentant mother over what she had done to Jin Woo, and she says that she did what she had to do for her child and would repeat it a hundred times over. What’s worse is that Young Woon’s father tries to justify his wife’s actions by pointing out to his son just how much she had sacrificed for his sake. We know that Young Woon won’t just accept it all, but he is certainly pretending for now.

Since Team Leader Jeong is the one under suspicion, Young Woon suggests that they can claim innocence as long as they keep it hidden that they knew about Jin Woo being related to them. It is that piece of information that turns the whole thing from a happy coincidence to a premeditated murder. There is also the suggestion that Jeong changes some of his statements to accommodate the new irrefutable facts that the police have gotten hold of. The problem is that Jin Sang has more proof than he has let on. He might be rash and loud, but he has played his cards well. Jean-Claude Marie told Jin Sang about her meeting with Gi Yeong and that he was also the son of the Chairman.

While all this is very embarrassing for the Chairman, it just proves one of our previous speculations that Gi Yeong had been sponsored by the Cha family because he was another possible donor for Young Woon, and this was the cause of his anger towards them. He had been very sick as a child, and that is why he was declared unfit as a donor, but his life had still been destroyed as his mother was made a target by the family. When Jin Sang meets the mother of Lawyer Hong (Gi Yeong’s successor), she tells him what she knows about Gi Yeong and his mother. She was a model for the group but was fired when she got pregnant.

Much like with Jin Woo’s mother, there were rumors of her affair with the Chairman, which means that Gi Yeong may have been his. She had never denied them, so her friend was sure that it was the truth. She used to take care of Gi Yeong’s mom from time to time, so she knew that the Jinjin group kept sending her medicines, but she believed that they were for the purpose of turning her into an addict. The reason was so that she would be declared unfit to take care of Gi Yeong, and the family would be able to take him in for their own reasons.

Is Jinjin Proven Guilty?

The circumstantial evidence against Jinjin is very strong, but there are still some important links missing. The dominating doubt is regarding why Gi Yeong committed suicide when he had such a strong case against his enemies. That is when the team’s former traffic inspector theorizes that Gi Yeong is probably alive since the proof of his death was given by Jinjin. At that time, no one suspected Jinjin of anything, so their conclusion was accepted. But in light of the new facts and the group’s vested interests in the matter, that report has to be re-evaluated. Since Jinjin gave its analysis based on Gi Yeong’s dental records, they are what Jin Sang verifies. Jinjin had some very old records of Gi Yeong’s teeth, but it was Bae Min Gyu who had the newer records since he had become friends with him. We still hate their serial killer subplot, but maybe it will make more sense in the coming episodes of Longing for You.

When Jin Sang looks over the records from Min Gyu’s office, he finds reasonable proof that Gi Yeong must be alive. In fact, he even figures out where he must be hiding. When arresting Jeong, someone had brought fermented soup, which Jin Sang realized was Gi Yeong’s favorite dish. Therefore, he deduces where he must be hidden, and at the end of Longing for You episode 12, he finds him. In the police station, while Young Joo is interrogating Jeong and he denies knowing about Jin Woo’s connection to Young Woon, Young Joo turns the tables by showing him the video of him and Young Woon’s mother discussing this very thing. Jin Sang had gotten this video from Marie, who had gotten it from Gi Yeong, who had paid one of the house staff to record it for him. It’s all coming together beautifully, and Jinjin is finally in a corner.

Final Thoughts

We are wondering about Young Woon, who has come to know so much about his parents in such a short span of time. His father was a serial philanderer, and his mother was a cold-blooded murderer. Her actions have also not been limited to him since we saw in the precap that this might be a whole nexus that they are running. We hope he finds some peace in the finale.

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