‘Longing For You’ Episodes 7 And 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Kidnaps Gi Yeong?


The writers of Longing for You seemed to have stopped caring about the show. Episodes 7 and 8 were just one long tease with things we had already guessed, and absolutely no payoff at the end of it. Yet, the most infuriating part is that the one bit that could have had some shock value is revealed in the precap for the next episode. It is really a terrible show, and we can just about guess that all the secrets are going to be dumped on us in one episode or that facts are going to be twisted to not make any sense. Additionally, what is it with the subtitles changing the spellings of the names of the characters in the new episodes? There is not a single good thing to be said about the show, and it has just been a long week at this point. Here is the recap of Longing for You episodes 7 and 8.

Spoiler Alert

How Is Park Gi Yeong Related To Bae Min Gyu?

Basically, there has been a general sentiment that Gi Yeong is absolutely jealous of Young Woon and would go to any extent to act out of that envy. His house is not only designed the exact same way as Young Woon’s, but he also has a bit of a murder museum stowed away in a corner, which alerts Jin Sang that Hee Joo is in danger. He warns her to get out of the car, but he is too late, and she ends up being kidnapped by Gi Yeong. However, as these two episodes unfold, the detectives speculate that an inferiority complex may not be the only reason for Gi Yeong’s actions. It just seems a little extra. Meanwhile, Gi Yeong remembers how he was taken in by Young Woon’s family. From his memories, we can see that he was always treated equally, getting the same gifts and being given the same education at all times. Yet, something happened that convinced Gi Yeong that none of it was altruistic, but there was a deeper purpose behind it, something to do with Young Woon. We are not given any idea as to what that could be, and Gi Young just drops these hints to Young Joo later on.

In the meantime, the investigators circle back to the serial killer case, and they find videos on Gi Yeong’s laptop that prove that Bae Min Gyu murdered his wife. But they still can’t make sense of the other murders, especially that of Oh Jin Woo. The theory is that Min Gyu may have orchestrated the serial killings to cover up his wife’s murder, but that sounds just as silly because why did he simply not orchestrate an accident in such a case? Till the very end, we have no clue as to what connects Bae Min Gyu and Gi Yeong, and the show should have given us this, if nothing else. Right now, Bae Min Gyu has been ordered to wear a wiretap at all times, as Gi Yeong may contact him at any moment.

Just as they expect, Gi Yeong meets him, and we cannot believe that we are watching a show where the police are so stupid. Not one of them has the intelligence to track a killer or detect his very obvious manipulation tactics. Gi Yeong gets to Min Gyu and demands a “gift,” which turns out to be a task. Min Gyu slips away from the police and kidnaps Young Joo, bringing her to Gi Yeong. There is a whole bit here about Jin Sang getting the chauffeur to confess to Min Gyu’s last known location by threatening him with fake whistleblowing charges. Even Young Joo manages to escape briefly before getting caught by Gi Yeong, and it is a whole mess that is neither exciting nor necessary.

In all of this, the most entertaining things are happening in Woojin with our polyamorous couple. Dr. Chu had been keeping an eye on Jin Woo, and that led the women to think that he may be gay. But the doctor assures them that he just thought of Jin Woo as his son, and the women accept that explanation. There are also some petty romantic squabbles, and full points go to the actors and their obvious improvisations for making them so fun. They were the highlights of the episodes. Back in Seoul, Young Joo is missing along with Hee Joo, who also happens to be the Chief Prosecutor’s daughter, making the situation all the more tenuous.

Who Kidnaps Gi Yeong? Who Is The Woman?

There is no doubt about the fact that Gi Yeong hates Young Woon. He may be right that he was used for some purpose by Young Woon’s family, but the inferiority complex has certainly played a part in his actions. Bae Min Gyu gets it right when he says that his showmanship is a screaming example of just how much he craves the validation and opinions of others. We are guessing that when he came to know the truth about the family’s generosity, that caused him to end up jaded, and he has since become this person. He drops hints here and there that the more Young Woon investigates the serial killings, the deeper trouble he will be in for himself. It corroborates the fact that the Chairman of Jinjin Medical Center has people deployed to look for Gi Yeong, and they must find him before Young Woon does.

Young Woon tells Bae Min Gyu that they should escape to Saudi Arabia and then live in Belarus for a few years to party to their hearts’ content. Bae Min Gyu is just unthinkingly crazy, and he seems to have been unable to gauge Gi Yeong’s true intentions so far. He is excited about the plan, but sadly, Gi Yeong ends up locking him in the same basement cell as Hee Joo. Next, he places a tied-up Young Joo in a swimming pool that is filling up with water. He talks at length about how he would be happy to hurt Young Woon by killing Young Joo, but at the end of the day, we don’t think he ever planned on carrying out the threat. He must have known that the police were coming to that hideout, and he escaped just in time, handing over a still-alive Young Joo, Hee Joo, and Bae Min Gyu to the police. Sadly, though, just as he is about to escape to another country in the guise of an Arab, some people manage to kidnap him in turn. These people are evidently from Jinjin Medical Center, and they are running an entire organization dedicated to whatever nefarious activities they are controlling.

At the end of episode 8 of Longing for You, we see that Gi Yeong would rather go to the police than go to Jinjin. A woman is looking at the building in Jinjin, preparing for its destruction. She is somehow connected to Jin Woo, and from the precap of Longing for You episode 9, we can guess that she is his biological mother. Gi Yeong had shown her the video of Jin Woo getting attacked, and he knew the entire story behind it. Maybe she was the backup plan in case anything happened to Gi Yeong.

Final Thoughts

As we said before, these are terrible episodes that add nothing to the story at all. However, Jin Sang’s character has toned down a bit, other than the yelling from the balconies. Why wasn’t he this well-behaved previously? We would have liked him more. Either way, we just wish that next week starts off being more entertaining and actually brings some value to the table before we completely give up on the story.

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