‘Looop Lapeta’ Ending, Explained: Is Savi Able To Help Satya?


“Looop Lapeta” is a Hindi adaptation of the experimental thriller film “Run Lola Run” or “Lola Runs”. Since ‘Run Lola Run’ was heavily driven by visual experimentation, in “Looop Lapeta” Yash Khanna as the cinematographer and Priyank Prem Kumar as the editor, along with director Aakash Bhatia, have been able to create certain unusual visual moments. The animation used to describe Savi’s history was well-executed. The script is what missed the mark. The story is complicated with unnecessary subplots. The film prioritized humor over thrills and somehow failed to create that edge-of-the-seat experience that “Run Lola Run” did.

‘Looop Lapeta’ Plot Summary

Looop Lapeta follows the plot of “Run Lola Run”. When the boyfriend loses money that he is supposed to deliver to a gangster, he asks for help from his lover, Savi, and she is trapped within a time loop where she gets three chances to save her boyfriend. Each reality is affected by time and chance. The film deals with the idea of how insignificant changes can affect the lives of those around us, as well as the power that love possesses. Unlike “Run Lola Run,” “Looop Lapeta” expands on the bystander stories. What was shown as pictures in the original, the Hindi adaptation builds on how Savi’s choices affect the bystanders’ lives. Julia and Jacob are shown to us, as well as the sons of a jewelry store owner who planned to rob their father’s store because they felt like they didn’t get enough attention from him.

The idea of a Hindi adaptation of “Run Lola Run” did sound dicey, and the film provides enough reason to create a strong opinion about it. The unnecessary backstory and details, with long dialogues given to characters who neither provide thrills nor humor, manage to take away the interest.

What Did Savi Do To Save Satya?

Satya informed Savi that he was in need of 50 lakh rupees, the money that he was supposed to deliver to his boss but left on the bus by mistake. Savi had only 50 minutes to save her boyfriend from being murdered by his boss. She rushed to her father for help, but he did not agree to pay the amount. Savi and her father had their differences. He was in a relationship with a man, and Savi could not accept his choice.

Savi used to be an athlete, but a knee injury jeopardized her career. She ran now to save Satya and, in the process, had an argument with a taxi driver, Jacob, and broke his rearview mirror. As she ran, she realized that she was being followed by a policeman for destroying personal property. She continued to run to save her boyfriend, while Satya tried to come up with his own plan. He had a gun and saw a jewelry store nearby. He decided to rob the store. The only problem was that the owner had a gun as well; as he tried to reach for his gun, Savi threw a brick from outside the store. Amidst the chaos, Satya took the money and ran with Savi.

As they were celebrating their success, the two sons of the jewelry store asked Satya to give them the money since they had also planned to rob their father. As the sons and Satya argued about the money, the jeweler shot Satya. Savi was reminded of their romantic past and how he had once narrated the story of Savitri to her. Savitri fooled Yamraj, and her wit led to a change in her husband’s fate.

Savi returned back to the washroom, which was the first scene of the film. She was startled by this repeat of events  and tried her best to save her lover for the second time from death. This time, she stole a gun from a cop and threatened her father with it. She soon realized that her father did not have the money she needed and left. In the meantime, Satya noticed the two brothers robbing the store. As Savi met Satya, the two planned to rob the brother, and they were successful in their attempt. But Satya was shot dead by Jacob. Jacob was the taxi driver who loved Julia. Savi had met Julia during her run and had advised against spending her life with Jacob because she felt her life with Jacob would be similar to her life with Satya, and that is far from comforting. Jacob had heard this conversation from the balcony and took the gun that Savi had thrown from the window. He used it to shoot Satya to make her realize the pain of losing love.

Thus began Savi’s final run to save Satya. This time, she knew her past mistakes and had the opportunity to make better choices.

Looop Lapeta Review 2022 Indian Film Taapsee Pannu
Credits: Netflix

Was Satya Murdered By The End Of The Film?

The third time, Savi was determined to not make any mistakes. She knew the reality, and this time she planned to navigate it correctly. From rebuilding her relationship with her father through a phone call, to helping Jacob run away with the love of his life, Savi helped others and, in the process, helped herself. As Jacob proposed to Julia and took her away from her wedding, Savi stole the gifted cash and ran away. She gambled with the stolen money and was able to win the money that her boyfriend needed.

Meanwhile, Satya was warned by Savi about the gun that the jeweler had. He then planned to rob the jeweler cleverly. However, it did not go according to his plan. The jeweler was able to recognize Satya as he had bought a ring from him. He planned an insurance scam with Satya instead. The plan was that he would pay Satya the money and would claim insurance for the robbery. He called the police for verification. His sons tried to reframe their plan. They knew their father would recognize their handwriting as well as their voice. Their only hope was kidnapping. They faked a kidnapping, and the younger son asked his father to pay the amount to release him from the kidnapper.

The father decided to take the money back from Satya and pointed his gun at him, but Satya had unloaded his bullets for safety. Satya ran away with the money and was greeted by policemen outside the store. He explained that he was a civilian and that the robbers had guns with them. He was excused by the police, and as he was walking away, the jeweler tried to shoot him from the inside of the store but missed the mark. Satya ran towards Savi, and they both escaped successfully.

Savi and Satya were finally able to live in a reality where they would both be alive. Savi’s love for Satya was the reason why she went through the loop over and over again, every time trying to keep him alive.

‘Looop Lapeta’ Ending Explained: Did Satya Return The Money To His Boss?

Satya and Savi, both managed to arrange for the cash. As Savi proposed to Satya in the middle of the road, a car stopped right in front of them. Satya’s boss was in the car, and Satya returned the money to him. He was impressed by Satya’s delivery and paid him extra for his good work. He even confirmed that he would employ Satya for more such deliveries, leaving both Satya and Savi shocked after all the hassle they had to get through in a single day. As they were walking, Satya spotted the homeless guy whom he had met on the bus and ran after him. The film ends within the running loop.

On the third chance, Savi lets the butterfly escape from the washroom, and it finally enters the car of Victor, Satya’s gangster boss. As Victor was distracted by the butterfly, he was about to meet an accident with Satya and Savi, but the butterfly escaped the window right in time and saved the trio from a massacre. It again implied how, in a split of a second, life can change completely. In the end, we also witnessed Jacob and Julia discover the money Savi left them after she won at gambling. In the casino scene, the filmmaker pays a direct homage to “Run Lola Run”. A Lola figure with the same clothes and red hair entered the casino when Savi was about to leave.

The disappointment lies in the time it takes the film to submerge us deep into the loop. Lola’s continuous run with barely any time to pause, created an adrenaline rush that “Looop Lapeta” fails to create. But what is worth appreciating is the set design and the bold lighting used, along with the execution of certain moments of chaos that were humorous.

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