‘Lost Bullet 2’ Ending, Explained: Does Lino Finally Avenge The Deaths Of Charas And Quentin?


“Lost Bullet 2: Back for More” is a direct sequel to the French action thriller film “Lost Bullet,” released back in 2020, and the second part is not much better than its predecessor. Continuing the story of master-mechanic Lino as he sets out to find the killers responsible for the deaths of his younger brother Quentin and his former police boss Charas, the film still relies majorly on the high-speed car chases for heavy lifting. While there is a heightened sense of relationships here, “Lost Bullet 2” is clearly not intended to be watched for drama, and it is only the action that somewhat counts.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Lost Bullet 2’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Immediately after the incidents of the first part, Lino wakes up in a hospital bed, following his crash through the windshield of Charas’ car. Julia, who seems to have taken over the role of Charas as the chief police officer, informs him about the fates of the two perpetrators. Areski, the main corrupt officer from the first part, who had killed chief Charas, has gone missing as he has left his wife and baby behind to flee the country. Areski’s partner in duty and in crime, Marco, had been left handcuffed at a barn by Lino after he had killed the mechanic’s beloved younger brother, Quentin. At present, Lino immediately asks Julia about Marco’s arrest, knowing that this man would be the only lead toward finding Areski. However, Julia replies that by the time she had reached the barn, Marco had gotten rid of the handcuffs somehow and had fled the scene. Six months pass and Lino recovers from all his injuries, but the man stays determined to find Marco and Areski. Almost obsessed with this very personal mission of his, he regularly stalks Areski’s wife, Stella, in the hopes that her estranged husband would contact her someday. Stella herself has given up hope of this, and she even knows about Lino’s actions and tells him to stop his obsession. The police force also tries to convince Lino to do the same, but the whole stalking pays off when three armed men break into Stella’s apartment one night. Lino, who was keeping an eye on things from nearby, intervenes to save the woman and her child, while the intruders are revealed to have been sent by Areski or the men he worked for. Almost as a reward for his actions, Julia takes Lino back into the police squad, and a year later, he is seen on the streets once again, driving a repaired and modified Renault 21, the same iconic car that once belonged to Charas.

All this while, though, Lino remains unaware of the fact that Julia and her boss, the police deputy Moss, had indeed arrested Marco from the barn that day. While they had decided to keep this a secret from the vengeful Lino, they were aware that Marco and Areski were not the only ones working with the criminals, and they now hoped to bring all the corrupt police officers down.

How Does Lino Fight Against All The Corrupt Forces Trying To Cover Up Charas’ Murder?

The main villain, this time, happens to be the corrupt head of the Narcotics Department of Police, Alexander Resz, although Resz himself never makes an appearance. Instead, it is always his trusted henchman Yuri who throws up all the problems in Lino’s way. As it turns out, Resz was the main coordinator, making Areski and Marco do whatever they did, and so he now wants Marco dead. However, since the man has been holed up by the police in a remote barn under witness protection, he and his men need to first look for him and confirm his location. Once they do so, one of them calls up Lino and tells him that his dying adopted mother wants to meet him and gives him the address of the barn. They know well that Lino would not be able to contain himself and would kill Marco, which would be extremely beneficial to them. Lino goes over to the place and finds Marco, but he does contain himself to find more answers about why his own police force had kept this a secret from him. As he rushes to the headquarters and questions Moss about the same, Yuri and his men arrive at the place and try to forcibly take Marco away since they work directly under the Narcotics Department. Despite wanting to do so, Moss cannot stop this from happening since the bureaucratic order does not allow her to question her superiors. However, Lino remains ready for such an occurrence, and he uses a flashbang grenade to create a distraction and take Marco away from the police station. After a long action scene, he finally drives away with his new hostage Marco stowed away at the back of his Renault 21.

In “Lost Bullet 2,” Lino makes quite a few new relationships and friends, the first of which is a new lover in the form of Stella. Since her husband had left her and her baby, and after Lino saves her from the intruders who were there to kill her, Stella and Lino grow close friends and then lovers. The man takes on the responsibility of the baby as well, and Stella now gives him her approval to do whatever important mission he has set out to do. The other new accomplice and character that this film introduces is a Spanish police officer named Alvaro, who used to be an acquaintance of Charas as well. Through their unlawful help in the go-fast (meth) trade, Areski and Marco had duped the Spanish officials as well since the drug was mostly passed on to Spain from France. For this reason, Alvaro is also in search of Marco, and Lino uses this to somehow get the man away from the French police who were trying to protect him. In this while, Julia calls up Lino and asks him to give Marco up too, saying that the French police were preparing a case against Resz, for which they needed Marco to lead to incriminating evidence. But Lino denies trusting the police anymore and intends to bring his brother’s killer to justice himself. He informs Alvaro that he has their target and then manages to hand him over to the Spanish police officials, who make their way past the French border. All this while, Lino is being chased by Julia and her men, and by the time she catches up to him, the trunk of his car is empty, and Marco is already being taken back to Spain. However, tight security at all the borders makes Alvaro and his men take a different route, and here they are intercepted by Resz’s men. They are chased by these corrupt policemen, and Lino gets a hint of this from before. He rushes to ensure Marco is kept safe and makes use of the iconic sharp extensions at the bumper of his car that featured in “Lost Bullet” as well. Only this time, the master mechanic has managed to pass electricity through these extensions, destroying every enemy car in mere minutes.

Ultimately, though, Alvaro’s van crashes, and Marco escapes to be swiftly taken into Julia’s car. Fearing that this meant Marco would be spared any punishment, Lino chases Julia and tries to break down her car as well, but the woman had also been an illegal car mechanic and racer before her time in the police, and she manages to destroy Lino’s car. The French police arrive and arrest Lino, even though Julia does not want them to do so, but they have been ordered directly by Moss. Julia calls up her boss and threatens to hand Marco over to the Spanish police if Lino is arrested, but she is also ultimately bound to her duties. Julia, too, is now angry that a deal of protection and forgiveness had been made with Macro if he helped the police. At the same time, though, Yuri pulls up to the place, and just as he is about to kill all three of them, an injured Alvaro runs in and shoots Yuri and his partner dead. Marco enters the police car in which Lino has been kept handcuffed, and he drives away to save himself. But Lino does manage to stop him, and they now seem to have crossed the Spanish border as Lino drags Marco into a local restaurant.

‘Lost Bullet 2’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Lino, Marco, And Julia At The End?

Inside the restaurant, Lino asks the server to inform the police, but Marco has one last trick up his sleeve. He suddenly stabs Lino twice with a knife. Although the injury is severe, Lino manages to stay alive, and Julia now reaches the scene with her shotgun armed and ready. But Marco has taken the server hostage by now, and he demands that Julia throw away her gun. As Lino also agrees, Julia has no option but to agree to the demand since they do not want to risk the life of an innocent bystander. However, she manages to distract Marco in the process, and a scuffle follows in which she accidentally shoots the man in the chest. As Julia sits in shock, thinking of what she has just done, having fatally shot the only witness their case had, Lino shoots Marco a second time, putting an end to the corrupt policeman. While Lino does so possibly to save Julia from any official blame, to make it look like he was the one who had killed the witness, Lino also, in a way, avenges the death of his brother by putting an end to his murderer. Back at the police headquarters, Julia tells Moss the truth about what had happened, but the deputy insists that the report that is to be filed needs to mention that it was Lino who had killed the witness and not the police chief herself. Julia, however, has had enough of lying for Moss, and she now finally walks away, quitting the police service.

While Lino remains arrested, a man walks into a car scrapyard and asks for a very specific item. A wrecked Renault 21, the same that once belonged to Charas and was then used by Lino, had been brought into the scrapyard and destroyed, while the items inside it had been carefully kept away. These items, including the lucky charm that Charas carried in his car, are now taken away by this man, who is revealed to be Areski. The corrupt police officer from the first film remains unseen throughout the second part, only to make a brief appearance at the end, suggesting that the “Lost Bullet” franchise is not over yet. With Julia, too, now out of the police force, she will probably join Lino to go against Areski and Resz in the next part. Or, if more twists are left on the cards, then Areski himself might repent his past crimes and join the two in a fight against Resz.

“Lost Bullet 2: Back for More” is a 2022 Drama Action film directed by Guillaume Pierret.

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