‘Love & Death’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Candy Montgomery Kill Betty Gore?


In the previous episode of “Love & Death,” we saw that Candy Montgomery had confessed to Betty that she had an affair with her husband, Allan Gore. Candy had told her that it had happened a long time ago, and in the present, they were not seeing each other. Obviously, Betty didn’t take it very well, and she just walked into the room, asking Candy to stay where she was. Betty came out of the room with an ax in her hand, and a horrified Candy didn’t know what to do.

In “Love & Death” Episode 4, we saw that Betty got a hold of her emotions and kept the ax aside. She asked Candy to never come back to her house again and told her to keep Alisa with her only for the day. It was a very tense situation, and it felt like, though Betty was trying to be normal, she could explode any moment. Betty was anyway dealing with her own issues, and at times she found herself overthinking and getting too anxious about her relationship with Allan. Betty didn’t like it whenever Allan used to travel for work, and she was already on the edge when she realized that he was having an affair with the person she trusted with her life. Betty and Candy might not have been the best of friends, but they had mutual respect, trust, and admiration for each other. Betty had noticed that there was something intimate about the body language of Allan and Candy when they were talking to each other, and since then, she has had an intuition that something was going on between them. She had no physical evidence up until then, and had Candy denied the allegations, she would never have been able to prove that what she was saying was right. But the unexpected manner in which the question was thrown at Candy caught her off guard, and she just couldn’t lie to Betty.

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Why Did Candy Kill Betty?

After bringing an ax out, Betty calmed herself down, and she gave Candy whatever she needed for Alisa. Candy should have seized the opportunity and got out of Betty’s house, but she chose to apologize to her and tell her that whatever she had done was a big mistake. Candy made eye contact with Betty, and it felt like it triggered Betty, and she changed her mind once again and decided to kill Candy. Betty attacked Candy with the ax and kept repeating that she wouldn’t let her take her husband. Candy managed to take hold of the ax, and she killed Betty in self-defense (though her claims were challenged in court in real life). Though we use the word self-defense here (because the court called it that in real life), the thing that astonishes us is why Candy had to hit Betty 41 times. Also, Candy hid the fact that she had murdered Betty from the authorities because somewhere, she knew the ramifications of what she had done. Maybe she herself didn’t think at first that she could plead self-defense, and that’s why she was not telling the authorities the truth.

Candy came out of the house, shivering and feeling petrified at what had happened. Even in that state of mind, Candy knew that she had to show up at the church and pretend like nothing had happened. Even the greatest actors wouldn’t have been able to keep themselves calm in that situation. Though Candy, in “Love & Death” Episode 4, tried her best to act normal, nervousness and tension could be seen on her face. The other woman at the church did feel like something was wrong with the way she was behaving, but nobody had reason to suspect that she killed Betty.

How Did Allan Come To Know About The Incident?

Candy took the kids back to her home, and she made a call to her husband to let him know that Alisa would be going to the movies with them. Even Pat felt that something was wrong with Candy, but he didn’t ask her anything and gave her the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile, Allan was trying to contact Betty, but nobody was picking up the phone, which made him a little bit worried. Since he hadn’t heard from his wife the entire day, he decided to call his neighbor, Richard, and ask him to check on his wife. Allan was told that there was nobody in the house, and he presumed that Betty might have gone out somewhere. As time passed, Allan became more restless, and that’s when he gave a call to Candy. Candy lied to him, saying that she had met Betty earlier that day, and at that time, she seemed to be fine. Allan called Richard once again and asked him to check the garage and see if his cars were still there. The garage was open, and the cars were still there, which made Allan realize that something bad had happened. The neighbors came together, as by then, Allan had called multiple people, and they all went inside the house to find Betty lying dead in a pool of her blood. Allan was told that Betty had been shot, and he conveyed the same to Candy, who was just sitting tight in her home, holding her breath, and waiting for the drama to unfold.

Did Candy Speak The Truth During The Investigation? 

The police arrived at the scene, and they figured out by looking at the body that Betty hadn’t been shot but hit multiple times with an ax. They believed that it was the work of some madman who was probably still on the loose. The forensics team figured out that the crime was not premeditated and that the accused had acted in the heat of the moment and slaughtered the victim. They had found footprints in the room where Betty was murdered, and by looking at them, they came to know that the crime was not committed by a man as the size of the footprints was quite small. This came as a shocking revelation to the Sheriff and his deputies because they had assumed that only a man could have killed someone with such barbarity as a lot of physical force was needed to slaughter a person like that.

Allan informed Candy that he had told the police that she was probably the last person to see Betty alive, and Candy knew that the police would interrogate her sooner or later. Candy was ready with her speech, and she had practiced it multiple times as she didn’t want the officers to get suspicious. Her questioning session went well, and she was able to make the Sheriff and his team believe that she had nothing to do with the murder. The police came back to Allan and asked him if he remembered any more details that could help them find the killer. He told the police about the affair that Betty had back in the day but hid the fact that he, too, had an extramarital affair with Candy.

Towards the end of “Love & Death” Episode 4, something happened to Allan, and he felt guilty for lying to the police officers. He felt as if he was impeding the investigation by hiding facts from them, and maybe there would have been some moral conflicts brewing inside him, because of which he decided to tell the truth. Allan called Chief Abbott in the middle of the night and told him that he had an affair with Candy Montgomery. Chief Abbott looked like an experienced campaigner, and it wouldn’t be so hard for him to connect the dots from hereon. In the upcoming episodes, we will see how the Sheriff and his team find incriminating evidence against Candy and if they were able to make her confess to her crimes.

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