‘Love At First Kiss’ Ending, Explained: Who Did Javier Choose To Be With? Lucia Or Ariana?


Alauda Ruiz de Azúa’s “Love at first kiss” explores the idea of what happens when someone can see the future of their relationship during the first kiss. What might seem to be a blessing is nothing short of a curse for Javier. During his teenage years, when Javier kissed a girl for the first time, he saw the future of their relationship. His vision showed him that she would fall in love with someone else, and it would break his heart, but he did not trust what he saw. He went ahead and eventually realized that what he had seen while kissing her was exactly how reality was panning out to be. He later started using his special capability to end things before they got worse, but of course, his partners were unaware of his talent. Women accused him of being heartless, and over the years, Javier had lost all hope of finding his one true love.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Love At First Kiss’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Javier owned a small publishing house that was failing miserably in terms of business. He was quite snobbish when it came to books, and he was not ready to publish the work of any author he did not personally approve of. Both his professional and personal lives seemed quite bleak. All his life, he had managed to stay away from heartbreaks and even life-threatening events because of his special talent, but that, in a way, turned him into a boring person who failed to find anything exciting in his life. One night, he went on a double date with his friend Roberto, his girlfriend Lucia, and her friend Esther. Lucia never really liked Javier, but his commitment phobia made him the perfect person to hook up with after a breakup. She wanted to help Esther get over her past relationship, so she planned the double date. After dinner, Roberto left, but Lucia, Javier, and Esther decided to hit a nightclub. A drunk Esther asked Javier and Lucia to kiss, and they did so on the spur of the moment. Javier realized that Lucia was his true love when he kissed her. According to his vision, they would be madly in love with each other, and they would eventually start a family together. While Lucia did not know about the future, she, too, felt the spark when she kissed Javier. Even though there was a connection, it seemed all too wrong because of Javier’s friendship with Roberto.

The next morning, Lucia met Javier at his publishing house to discuss with him what had happened the night before. Lucia wanted to remain friends, and Javier agreed with her proposal. She even convinced him to sign a popular writer, Santiago Donate. While their introduction to Donate went smoothly, Donate refused to work with him, knowing how poorly the publishing house was doing. Nonetheless, the entire experience brought Javier and Lucia closer. Javier struggled to understand how he must proceed, knowing that Lucia was the person he would eventually end up in life with. In the meantime, a bartender strikes up a conversation with him. Ariana was an eccentric character, and her purple hair complemented her personality. She was not just a bartender but also a performance artist, and Javier was simply blown away by her energy. She decided to make crepes for him and took him to her ex-boyfriend’s house to bring back her crepe maker. Even though Javier did not have crepes that night, he had extreme fun, the kind of adrenaline rush that he had never felt before.

Why Did Javier Decide To Give Up On Lucia?

Javier tried to convince Roberto to break up with Lucia. But instead of leaving Lucia, Roberto decided to propose to her. He wanted to make a grand gesture and express his love for her, something that he had lately failed to do. Lucia rejected his proposal, breaking Roberto completely. After kissing Javier, Lucia started to question her relationship with Roberto. There was a distance between them, and she barely enjoyed being with him anymore. While Javier was sad to see his friend devastated, he had always known that this was meant to be. Initially, they did not consider giving their situation a serious thought, but soon Javier and Lucia became almost inseparable, and every moment that Javier had seen while kissing Lucia for the first time was eventually coming true.

Javier met Ariana again one afternoon. She was staying at her friend’s place while he was away mountain climbing. She had traveled all across the globe, and she was saving money to settle down in Australia. Javier was always fascinated by her travel stories. She was someone who never thought twice before making a decision. She was surprised by how certain Javier was about his relationship with Lucia. She simply could not believe that a person could ever be so certain in love. Javier felt compelled to share the truth with her. He confessed that he is always able to predict the future of the relationship in the first kiss. She asked him to kiss her and tell her what he saw. Strangely enough, when Javier kissed her, he entered a place where time stood still. He could not see the future and stayed in the present. This had occurred for the first time in Javier’s life, and he did not know what to make of it. He concluded that maybe it was because he had found his one true love that he could not see the future with anyone else. After he returned home, he saw Roberto waiting for him. He struggled to get over the breakup, and all he wanted was a friend to comfort him. But unfortunately, he noticed Javier’s screensaver just as he was about to leave. It was a picture of Javier and Lucia together. Roberto left without a word, and Javier followed him to explain himself. Roberto made it clear that he could no longer be friends with the man who stole his love from him. And he was confident that Javier would fail to keep Lucia happy.

Javier and Lucia were quite happy in the initial days of their relationship, but over time, Javier got too comfortable with the idea that they would always be together, no matter what. He started to put less effort into the relationship, making Lucia wonder if they had lost the spark. Every surprise that she planned was something that Javier had already seen in his vision. Even though he acted surprised, Lucia knew that it was just not right. When Javier disclosed that he already knew how their vacation was going to be, she decided that she had had enough. Lucia asked Esther to accompany her on the trip. While Lucia was gone, Javier went to watch Ariana’s performance. After her act, Javier felt drawn to her and proceeded to kiss her. But Ariana was not ready for it. She knew that Javier had a girlfriend, and she was not comfortable with the mixed signals she was getting from him.

While he had a clear vision with Lucia, with Ariana, nothing was certain, and he felt good about it. He knew he had to make things right, and he decided to do so by mending his relationship with Roberto. Roberto now traveled the world; he had closed down his practice and had now become a benchmark for international cooperation. Javier apologized for the past, and even though he had reasons to be upset, Roberto was, in a way, thankful to Javier for pushing him off his limits and making him experience life outside of his comfort zone. When Lucia returned, she discussed with Javier how, initially, she made every decision thinking about what Javier had told her about the trip before she left. But gradually, she realized that she was missing out on all the fun by focusing on Javier’s prediction. So, the next half of the trip was spent without caring about his prediction, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She believed Javier, too, must let go of himself and make mistakes and memories. Javier realized that Lucia was not happy with him; she was making the same compromise that she once made with Roberto.

The next evening, Lucia and Javier were supposed to meet with Roberto, but Javier decided to cancel at the last minute. He wanted Lucia and Roberto to sort out their differences. Roberto was a changed man; he was the kind of person Lucia wanted in her life. By stepping back, Javier gave the old lovers a chance to reunite.

‘Love At First Kiss’ Ending Explained: Why Did Ariana Choose To Stay Back?

After staying in a relationship with the person he thought was his one true love, Javier realized that life was a lot more than finding love. Even though their relationship was supposed to be textbook perfect, it was far from the kind of relationship that they both were looking for. Javier decided to stop focusing on finding love and instead focused on all the things that he could do to bring happiness into other people’s lives. He left a ticket to Australia for Ariana, knowing how desperately she wanted to go there. He learned to read and appreciate the works of his colleagues and actively participated in conversations with them. He realized that, though everyone seemed to have it all figured out, in reality, nobody had any clue about what they were doing in life. He had lied over the years about the condition of his publishing house, but now he was not ashamed to share the truth with his audience. He was proud of the progress that Sonsoles Duran made in her new book, and he was glad to have been there with her on her journey. Sonsoles had started her career with a bestseller, but it went downhill from then on. It was Ariana who made her realize that she needed to communicate her reality with the audience instead of pretending to be someone she was not. That piece of advice helped Sonsoles structure her new book, and Javier was proud of publishing it.

The book was a success, and Javier threw a party to celebrate it. We learn that Roberto and Lucia are back together, and they continue to share a good relationship with Javier. Sonsoles gave him a surprise by inviting Ariana to the success party. Javier did not expect to meet Ariana there; according to her plan, she was supposed to be in Australia. When she had the ticket in hand, she realized that she did not really want to go there and start her life over again. So, she chose to sell the ticket and use the money to start her own podcast. Javier hoped to catch up with Ariana again, but she was unsure about it. She knew she liked him, but it was all too overwhelming for her. Ariana left the party, and Javier followed her. He confessed to Ariana that he was ready to follow her wherever she was planning to go. The doubts that Ariana had about Javier faded after he agreed to be a part of her life, no matter where it led.

“Love at first kiss” is about Javier learning to let go of himself completely. All his life, he had focused on finding his one true love, but in the process, he forgot to experience the joy of falling in love. Dating Ariana was nothing short of blindly jumping off a cliff. He did not know what he had in store, but he was ready to deal with the uncertainty. Ariana helped Javier focus on the present, something he had to learn after years of worrying about the future.

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