‘Love, Divided’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Valentina And David End Up Together?


Separated by a thin wall, Valentina and David started on the wrong foot, but gradually they developed a strange connection that they found hard to define. At a time when swiping profiles is common practice in the dating world, Netflix’s Love, Divided proposes a unique love story where the attraction is not based on appearance but on conversations. For three years, David had been developing a game. He was so keen on perfecting it that he had not left his apartment since the day he started working on it. The game had almost become an obsession of his, and even though his close friend Nachos encouraged him to leave, he preferred staying locked up at his apartment. David enjoyed working in silence, but because of the thin wall, he could pretty much hear everything from the adjacent apartment. He had devised machines that he used to drive his neighbors away, and the trick had always worked until Valentina came along.

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What led to Valentina and David’s friendship?

Valentina, a musician, had an audition lined up, and she was eager to be selected. She moved out of her mentor and lover, Oscar’s, posh apartment for the sake of her independence. She was grateful to the man for helping her recognize her talent, but lately, she realized that she had started to depend on him more than she should, and it was time that she found her own path. The minute David heard Valentina play the piano, he decided that it was time for her to leave. He pestered her with his noise-making machines, and it worked for a night. Petrified, Valentina went to Oscar’s apartment, but she had no intentions of staying there permanently. The next morning, she tried to be a little more courageous, and she realized that it was not a ghost making noises but a man. David had no choice but to introduce himself now that his neighbor had caught the act. He explained how the thin wall would make it impossible for them both to continue with their lives, and the only option they had was for one to leave. Since he had been living at his apartment before Valentina arrived, he decided she must be the one leaving. Strangely, even though they shared a wall, they were not next-door neighbors. The construction of the apartments was weird, to say the least, which explained the cheap rent, but Valentina refused to leave. The audition was just around the corner, and she did not have the time to look for another apartment.

David continued to make strange noises to irritate Valentina and mess up her sleep cycle. But Valentina did not give up; the clicking of the metronome was effective, and David ultimately gave up. Both parties arrived at the decision that Valentina would practice in the morning, and David would get the rest of the day to work on the game he was developing. Gradually, the two started interacting more, and they enjoyed getting to know one another. David loved Valentina’s singing voice, and while she was focusing on mastering the piano, David hoped that she would consider becoming a singer. They realized that they could discuss anything and everything with each other, and not being able to see one another made it easier for them to interact. David once proposed that they have dinner together, but Valentina suggested that they keep their friendship the way it was. Meeting someone always came with a certain pressure and expectation, and a wall helped keep all those thoughts away.

Why did Valentina and David consider giving up on their relationship?

Valentina and David were happy to be together without ever having to meet one another. They spent hours talking through the wall, and they also invited the most important people in their lives to introduce each other—through the wall, of course! Nacho, David’s friend and business partner, and Carmen, Valentina’s cousin, thought that the entire arrangement was too strange. While they were glad that David and Valentina had found love, they did not quite know what to make of their relationship. David and Valentina did not let their opinions affect their arrangement, but things started to change when jealousy cropped up.

Valentina was over Oscar, but she always considered his opinion when it came to music. He was a celebrated conductor, and she believed there could be no one better to guide her than him. Two days before the audition, she invited Oscar to her place so that he could assess her. David was not quite on board with the idea of her calling over her ex, but Valentina thought it was absolutely necessary. She played the piano for Oscar, and when he tried to get romantic with her, David started to make strange, loud noises to drive him away. Valentina hastily asked Oscar to leave, and she confronted David about his immature behavior. David was jealous, and he also thought Oscar was condescending. Valentina realized that if they could not trust each other completely, it would be impossible for them to continue with their relationship. Their first fight was quite intense, and it only got worse when Carmen brought her boyfriend over to Valentina’s apartment. David overheard their intimate moment, and he assumed that it was Valentina. When Valentina returned home, David refused to talk to her. She noticed Carmen’s scarf on the floor and realized that David had made the wrong assumption. However, it also became clear to her that David did not trust her. She was not ready to put up with David’s jealousy, and she decided it was time for them to call it quits.

Why was David hesitant about finding love?

During Love, Divided‘s ending, we find out the reason why David preferred staying all by himself in his apartment. David was engaged to marry Nacho’s sister, Maria. They had grown up together, and she was his biggest inspiration for developing the game. Her sudden demise left him completely devastated, and he never tried to find love after the incident. He lived with her memories and kept himself busy with his innovations. It was only after he met Nacho at their game store that he realized that their business had failed. Nacho chose not to discuss the situation with him because he knew how broken David already was. Nacho was happy for David when he realized that he had found love once again. When David discussed his relationship with him, he refused to allow David to sit back and let Valentina walk out of his life. Nacho encouraged David to get his life together and chase the woman he had fallen madly in love with. He helped David realize that love was not as easy to find, and now that he had it, he must not let it go. The conversation helped David understand that he had to stop punishing himself for something that was beyond his control. He finally decided to be there for Valentina and give love another chance.

Did Valentina and David end up together?

David made it to Valentina’s audition right on time. She was onstage playing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto 5, and David, from behind the wings, tried to enrage her to help her pour her feelings into the music. But the judges were not quite impressed with her performance. Valentina was not ready to let her chance go to waste, and she finally took into consideration what David had been suggesting for a long time. David encouraged her to compose her own songs, but Oscar had convinced Valentina that she needed to focus on only one thing—and she decided to become a pianist. During the audition, she performed the song she had composed. When she left the room, she was content with her performance. She believed she tried her best, and even if she was not selected, she would have no regrets. One of the judges walked up to her and handed her the contact details of a music composer who launched fresh talents. She complimented Valentina and encouraged her to pursue a career as a singer. Valentina found the courage to finally be honest with Oscar, and he was not quite happy with how things turned out.

In Love, Divided‘s ending, Valentina finally returned to her apartment, and David apologized to her. Valentina had forgiven him when she realized that he had gotten over his inhibitions and stepped out of his apartment just to support her. Valentina decided it was time that they broke the wall between them. As much as they appreciated the advantages that came with it, she wanted something real, and the wall was an obstruction. David broke the wall, and Love, Divided ends with the lovers finally seeing each other for the first time, and the moment could not have been any more perfect.

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Srijoni Rudra
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