‘Lulli’ Ending, Explained – A Portuguese Film About Love, Magic And Friendship


‘Lulli,’ directed by César Rodrigues, is a feel-good comedy film that revolves around a self-centered young doctor named Lulli and her life-altering experience. It’s a drama with some magic that traces her journey after she starts hearing people’s thoughts. At first uncomfortable and unbelieving, Lulli changes as a person the more she learns about the secrets of the people around her. Overall, it is a light-hearted film with an obvious happy ending and takes the simpler route with a touch of romance and a turning point for the character. 

Plot Summary

The film starts with Lulli introducing herself. She explains the importance of the day we are about to witness. The following day will be the day she will finally become a doctor, something she has aimed for since childhood. While Lulli is clearly ambitious, she does not care much about the people around her. Her boyfriend wants to discuss his anxiety as a medical student, but Lulli is lost in her own happy world. She surfs through the menu at the restaurant while her boyfriend talks about an excruciating pain he feels in his leg. When Diego is hospitalized for Lulli’s complete disregard for his allergies, the film explains the extent of Lulli’s narcissistic nature. Diego decides to part ways with her that night, knowing how she never pays attention to anything he says. 

Lulli finally gets to wear the white coat just like she had always dreamt of, but things don’t go as planned. The machine malfunctions while monitoring a patient’s MRI, forcing Lulli to enter the room. Diego follows her into the room, and they both are affected by a shock life spark that is ignited. Lulli finds herself at the hospital bed after that strange incident. Initially, she is in disbelief with all the thoughts she can hear, but with time, she realizes that what she hears is precisely the thoughts people have in their minds. While she is blessed with the power of hearing thoughts, Diego has completely forgotten about the day itself. Diego continues to consider Lulli as his girlfriend, and she plays along.

How Did Lulli’s Power Change Her Professionally?

Even though Lulli’s power confused her initially, she gradually started to use it beneficially, as was advised by her friend, Venessa. Lulli was of the impression that Paola and Diego were romantically interested in each other, but she was proved wrong. Through mind-reading, she learned how surgeon Paola was not interested in Diego. She instead considered him her son. Lulli learned a lot more about her patients through mind reading. Every lie and secret was revealed to her. She could easily solve cases and provide the proper medication to her patients. Her quick judgment was admired by Paola, who always advised her students to listen to their patients carefully. While her professional life was at its best, Venessa tried to use her capability for her personal benefit. She communicated with Lulli at times with her thoughts, and tried to learn about the availability of her classmate, Roberto, through her.

lulli and her best friend Venessa
Credits: Netflix

How Did The Powers Give Lulli A Second Chance In Love?

After Diego lost his memory specifically related to the day of the accident and the previous night, Lulli never spoke about it. They continued to be the lovers they used to be, and Lulli became a lot more sensitive. The thoughts of people made her aware of the consequences of her actions. It is this change in Lulli’s heart that helped in nurturing her relationship with Diego. Though Diego tried to remember his past memories at times, he could not regain them in their totality. 

The two formed a great team. When Oscar, a patient, was not taking his medication and needed surgery, the two decided to visit his son. As Diego grew up with an absent father, he could relate to Oscar’s son, who was neglected by his alcoholic father. Diego explained that even though his father was absent, it is vital to remember their little memories together. There must be no sense of regret for not helping his father when he needed his son the most. Oscar’s son agreed to the surgery and decided to visit his father. Things started to take a sad turn when Diego was about to kiss Lulli after their success in reuniting the father-son, as his memories of the past came back.

The Ending Explained – Will Diego And Lulli Reunite? 

Diego could recall the night he decided to end his relationship with Lulli. He questioned her for lying to him the entire time they were together after his accident. In that moment of anxiety, Diego collapsed on the hospital floor, and a nervous Lulli tried to remember all that Diego had said in the past. She recalled that Diego had previously talked about a pain in his leg and shortness of breath. Lulli concluded that he had a pulmonary embolism and advised Paola to perform the surgery with her expertise. Paola, after examining Diego, decided to operate on him, and it was while Diego was losing his heart rate that Paola performed an ER. The electricity shocked Lulli, who was holding on to Diego’s hand. After recovering herself, Lulli waited to learn about Diego’s condition.

Venessa comforted Lulli and asked her if she could still read minds. Lulli realized that she had lost her power after the shock. Paola informed her that Diego was doing well and was ready to meet visitors. Diego’s father, who neglected him for most of his life, came to visit his son. His father reassured him, saying he would always love him even after their endless fights and arguments. In times of crisis, we realize the importance of the person concerned in our lives. In this case, Diego’s father was struck with the realization of Diego’s importance in his life. As his father left the room, Diego asked Lulli how she helped in his surgery, as Paola had mentioned. Lulli replied that she finally listened, and the two rekindled their love with a kiss. 

The supernatural power that Lulli had received, in a way, taught her an important life lesson. Even if she achieves a level of perfection herself, it will all be futile if she does not consider the thoughts of the people around her. Life is a lot more than our selfish reasons and needs, something that Lulli learned the hard way. After reading the minds of her friends and family, she understood how she made everyone around her feel, making her a lot more conscious of herself. From the self-centered person that she was, Lulli gradually mastered the art of conversation. After two years, Diego, Lulli, and their friends graduate as surgeons. Lulli, as a professional, now continues to consider conversation as the best way to know her patients. 

The film is a heart-warming watch without much to think about. With a bit of a touch of mystery and magic, the world of Lulli is simple, and the solutions are handy.

Lulli is a 2021 Portuguese Romantic Drama film directed by César Rodrigues. It is streaming on Netflix.

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Srijoni Rudra
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