‘Lupin’ Part 4 Theories: Will Pellegrini Take Revenge On Assane Diop?


In the first three parts of Lupin, Assane Diop witnessed everything, but he was still not done, even if he entertained that thought for a moment or so. From fame to obscurity, from happiness to gut-wrenching grief, from friendships to betrayal, that man had seen it all, but at the end of Lupin Part 3, we realized that there were a lot of people who held a grudge against him, and they were not going to let him go off so easily. Assane had the perfect plan, and by getting leverage over Thiery Floron, the interior minister, he thought that he had tipped the scales in his favor. But it wasn’t so, and the arrival of an old foe changed the dynamics altogether.

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Men like Pellegrini do not vanish into oblivion, as even at their rock bottom, they have such a hold over the system that a commoner can only imagine having. Pellegrini might have been put behind bars, but he still had people out there who were loyal to him and were ready to do anything at his one signal. That look on Assane’s face when he realized that he was in the cell adjacent to his enemy’s said it all. As of now, there hasn’t been official confirmation of Lupin Part 4, but given the kind of cliffhanger we were left on, we believe that Netflix would have to come up with another Part and give a closure to the characters. So, let’s ascertain in which direction the lives of the various characters could lead them and what kind of obstacle Assane Diop would have to face next.

Will Claire And Assane Come Back Together?

Claire, in Lupin Part 3, had done her own investigations and found out that Assane was still alive. Assane and Claire might not have been together for the longest time, but they were still the best of friends, and they cared for each other more than anybody else. Claire knew that no matter what problems they might be having in their relationship, Assane would always have her back. Assane, too, disguised himself as the basketball coach only because he wanted to stay around his family. He still loved Claire, which was pretty evident from the way he looked at her. Claire, too, was attracted to Alex, not knowing she was just falling for Assane all over again. We will, in all probability, see Assane Diop escape the prison in Lupin Part 4, and Claire will have to make a decision about what they should do about their relationship. Claire knew what kind of man Assane Diop was, and no matter how much she tried to make him understand, she couldn’t change his DNA. When Assane did something, it had repercussions on the family too. So, if Claire wants a hassle-free life and her love for Assane does not overpower her rational side, then she would choose to live separately, but again, sagaciousness and love often do not go hand in hand.

Will Raoul Follow In His Father’s Footsteps?

Raoul was also an Arsene Lupin fan, and Assane and he shared the same enthusiasm. Raoul, despite seeing his father in the coffin, was just not ready to believe that he had died. He did his own research, and though he wasn’t able to find any potential leads, the thought that he could be wrong and that his father was not faking his death did not cross his mind even once. We won’t be surprised if Raoul follows the path of his father in the future or maybe joins the team and helps him in his missions. Raoul had the power to see through things, just like his father, and his know-how about the world created by Maurice Leblanc gave him an edge over others. Though Claire would never want her son to commit burglaries and undertake such dangerous missions, we believe that there is a high probability that he might end up carrying on the legacy of Arsene Lupin, helping the downtrodden, fighting for justice, and balancing the scales of society.

What Will Happen To Assane?

We do not believe that Assane surrendered himself to Youssef with the intention of staying in prison for the entire duration of his sentence. Assane was the kind of man who was always a step ahead of others, and he would have surely planned something already about which we would come to know in Lupin Part 4 (if there is one). Assane had already made sure that the interior minister, Thierry Floron, was indebted to him, and when the time comes, we might see him getting in touch with the minister and making his demands. But as a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be an easy task for anybody, no matter how influential they were, to take Assane out of prison. Assane had been on the most wanted list for the longest time, and if the people got to know that he had once again escaped, then not only would the government have to face a lot of criticism, they would have to bear the consequences of the increasing popularity of the man. Even if the plan with the minister does not work, we believe Assane would have multiple tricks up his sleeves, and we would definitely see him getting out of prison in Lupin Part 4.

What Does Pellegrini’s Letter Suggest?

Assane was actually feeling like he had won the battle, as everything up until the moment he went to prison had gone according to his plan. He had Lupin novels to read, his family was safe, and he even had the Black Pearl with him. Assane had just stepped inside his cell when a guard came and gave him a letter, which was sent to him by the prisoner staying in the adjacent cell. Call it coincidence or fate, because it was Hubert Pellegrini who was Assane’s neighbor in the prison. In the letter, there was a picture of a young Assane holding a copy of Maurice Leblanc’s The Revenge of the Countess of Cagliostro

Assane understood which lines Hubert was referring to, and it made him realize that probably there was somebody in his close-knit circle who was betraying him. At the end of Lupin Part 3, as Assane goes through those lines, we see montages of his mother, Benjamin, and Juliette coming one after the other, their voices merging with his. It could be possible that Benjamin or Juliette were plotting against Assane, though it’s still hard to understand why his mother would have a vendetta against him of all people. Benjamin had to go to prison because of Assane, and it could be possible that a root of discontentment was born due to that. It could also be possible that, all this while, Benjamin would have just pretended to be his best friend so that he could win his trust. As far as Juliette is concerned, she could have felt betrayed by the way Assane used her to get to Pellegrini. Assane never really had an intention of being with her, and he had told Benjamin that because Hubert had gotten to his family, he would do the same to get back to him. Whatever it might be, one thing is for sure: Assane was in danger, and this twist was not something that he would have expected or foreseen. In Lupin Part 4, we would get to know exactly what Hubert Pellegrini had in mind and if he was able to take revenge on Assane Diop.

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