‘Lupin’ Season 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Assane Diop Be Back For Season 3?


The second installment of “Gentleman Burglar,” aka “Arsene Lupin,” portrayed by Assane Diop (Omar Sy), continues the revenge from his father’s murderer, Hubert Pellegrini. The 5 episodes act as a closure for Diop’s hunt that began in his childhood but is now affecting his son’s life. This article will take a glimpse at Assane Diop and his influence, Arsene Lupin, who made him the most wanted criminal in France (in the series). His methods are pretty simple I.e steal from the rich and shower to the needy. However, the tale gets interesting when Diop’s personal conflict kicks in.

Who was Arsene Lupin?

Often referred to as Gentleman Burglar, Arsene Lupin was a fictional character created by French Novelist Maurice Leblanc. Lupin is often stated as the French Counterpart to Arthur Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. While Sherlock was a detective, Lupin was a thief, pioneered at escaping and disguise.

How did Assane become Lupin?

In his childhood, Assane was a fan of Lupin and dedicated his free time to read all the adventures of his hero. For a long time, the readings were meant for entertainment purposes. But 25 years ago, when Assane’s father, Babakar Diop, was falsely framed by his employer, Hubert Pellegrini, for stealing a diamond-studded necklace and later killed in prison, Assane swore to avenge his death. Season 1 began with Assane using Lupin’s method to steal the necklace and destroy Pellegrini in the best possible ways. The later season follows his journey to put an end to Pellegrini forever. That puts him behind bars for the harm he caused to the innocents in the country.

Why did Pellegrini frame Babakar?

The richest man in the country (in the series), Hubert Pellegrini, was on the verge of insolvency. He needed money and therefore hired Babakar as a butler in his house. He later falsely framed Babakar for stealing an insured necklace, which was never stolen. By the end, he had both the insurance money and the necklace to support his riches. In season 2, Pellegrini plotted a similar plan. He arranged a concert to raise money for the poor and underprivileged kids of France. But only 15 percent of the money was planned to go to the foundation. The rest would be directed to Pellegrini’s offshore account in the Caymans. Because the donation money is kept anonymous, it was easy to take a heavy chunk without anyone’s suspicion.

Season 2 Ending – The Final Robbery

Assane planted a companion burglar in Pellegrini’s wealth team. A guy named Philip Courbet approached Pellegrini, suggesting ways to expand his richness. Little did he know that he would never see that wealth again. On the day of the concert, with the help of Courbet, Assane infiltrated the highly secured premise. Under the knife, he recorded Pellegrini’s confession on an “apple watch” that proved his crime.

Pellegrini confessed to hiring hitman Leonard, who killed Fabienne Bériot (a journalist investigating Pellegrini in season 1). Pellegrini also confessed to framing Babakar and later ordered Leonard to kill him in prison. Later, Leonard was put to death by another hitman named Pascal Oblet to avoid any link, accusing Pellegrini of his crimes. Along with the confession, Assane also gave out a pen drive to detective Youssef that bridged the missing gaps. It leaked the confession of the commissioner of the Paris police department, Gabrial Dumont, and his connection with Pellegrini (for whom he worked). Both Dumont and Pellegrini were arrested by the end.

Benjamin revealed to Courbet in the end that the donation money was wired to the foundation account, and none of it went to Pellegrini. Thus, all his grand schemes of becoming richer went down the drain. Lupin sneaked away from the premise, disguised as a fireman. The police tried to catch him, but he is the protagonist.

Season 3 Expectations

Assane called his family to Raoul bridge for a farewell before leaving the city or going underground. In the final adieu, he assured his son that he would come back and watch over them from a distance. The promise is a suggestion that the adventures of Lupin will continue with the upcoming season. Maybe a new threat to his family or a new pursuit to his disposal. Well, Maurice Leblanc, the creator of the character, left us with 17 novels and 39 novellas featuring “Arsene Lupin.” And looking at the success of the series, I don’t think the creators will stop adopting anytime soon.

Lupin is a 2021 French mystery thriller series created by George Kay and François Uzan for Netflix.

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