‘Lust Stories 2’ Story 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Vijay Kill Shanti (Tamannah)?


After watching the third part of Lust Stories 2, starring Tamannah Bhatia and Vijay Verma, we have a question and a conclusion. The first is, when did Vijay Verma step up his lewks game (it’s our fault if we were out of touch)? The second part is that this story failed its assignment. It wasn’t nearly as spooky, and it was less the revenge of the woman and more the final fantasy of the man. The construction of the entire story, with the characters’ dialogues and how they moved from there, had to have been the final male fantasy because this is not just how a woman takes revenge, but how a man would like her to take it, and that is the real disappointment of this story. In a way, it got one thing right: there was lust, and it was woven into a story, but neither was good.

We expected Vijay Verma and Tamannah Bhatia to have a lot more chemistry. They certainly do in their off-screen promotions and pictures, but it does not really translate to when they are playing their characters on screen. However, there is no doubt that Vijay Verma steals the show. He just brings an effortlessness to his roles that is hard to match for his co-stars, and we are not just talking about Lust Stories when we say this, but his other ventures as well. Effortlessness is our favorite quality in an actor, and we can forgive all of their bad choices if they just have this. So, let’s see in this recap how he makes the best of a bad story with his charm.

Spoilers Alert

What Are Shanti and Vijay’s Pasts?

We kind of like that Vijay Varma was allowed to keep his first name for the character, Vijay Chauhan. We like calling him Vijay. He is in his car, video-calling his girlfriend, while he gets an important business call. His senior has moved the board for a meeting, and he needs to be there ASAP. We think Vijay was going to meet his girlfriend, but he lies and says it was for a site visit. He even calls his wife, Anu, who is the daughter of the aforementioned senior and asks questions about her father’s intentions. But Anu doesn’t seem to care and seems to be done with him. It is possible that she discovered the affair, and her father is holding the meeting to place limitations on Vijay’s powers as CEO so that he doesn’t take advantage of his daughter, going forward. But everything said and done, there is no love between Anu and Vijay. Just as he is about to change course, his car crashes into a tree, and his journey is derailed.

As he finds a mechanic to repair his car, he goes looking for a coffee shop. Honestly, the place he is in is extremely eerie. There is a landline that hasn’t worked in ages, and his surroundings look strangely photoshopped. At a community center, he finds a group of people singing one of the old Bollywood classics, “Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye,” yet what catches his attention is the woman herself, Shanti. He follows her and tells her that they know each other. She denies ever knowing him, but when another man comes there, Inder, and asks her whether Vijay is annoying her, she defends him by saying that she knows him from before. Inder’s territorial behavior tells us that he and Shanti are in a relationship. But the way he doesn’t push the matter further when she tells him that she knows him makes us think that they are probably not married. Yet, Inder’s aggressiveness and the meek replies of Shanti hint that it might be an abusive relationship. When Shanti and Vijay go into the house, we realize that they were once a married couple until Shanti went missing a decade ago.

Why Did Vijay Kill Shanti?

It is a given that lust needed to be a part of this story, but it could have been better incorporated to look intense and confusing rather than funny. When Shanti finally comes out after freshening up, she tells Vijay that she doesn’t remember what happened to her. Ten years earlier, she was coming back from a nursing home when a man approached her with his pregnant wife, who was in a lot of pain. Shanti says that she doesn’t remember anything after that. All these years, she did not contact Vijay because she believed that someone had tried to kill her. As Shanti tells her tale, Vijay takes his chance with her, but she stops him. She asks him about his life, and he reveals that he is married to Anu and has two kids. Anu used to be best friends with the couple back in the day, and she also had a fiancé who was going to take over the business. Vijay says that he doesn’t know what became of the fiancé, but Anu took care of him after Shanti disappeared, and that is when they got married. Here, Shanti reveals that it must have been Anu who tried to have her killed. Shanti says that Anu always had her eye on Vijay, and she had seen her pregnancy test in the bathroom. That is why she tried to kill her. Vijay is shocked and wants to get back with Anu at any cost, and these two give in to the moment.

Vijay asks her to take a “Red-Blue” test to make sure that she doesn’t get pregnant again. Shanti is surprised at this, as “Red Blue” was the name of the brand of the pregnancy kit that she had used all those years ago. How could Vijay know about it unless he saw it himself, implying that he knew about her pregnancy? Knowing that his game is up, Vijay pushes a pillow into Shanti’s face and kills her. He previously tried to have her killed so that he could marry Anu, but his attempt had been unsuccessful. This means that he was already having an affair with Anu, or, contrary to what he told Shanti, he was the one who was clinging to her so that he could somehow coerce her into marriage and his own future. This turn of events might imply that Vijay had Anu’s fiancé killed the same way he killed Shanti. Once Vijay kills Shanti, he goes back to his car, but to his utter shock, he finds that his body is being taken out of the vehicle by some people. He had died when his car crashed, and everything that had happened to him so far was a lie.

At the end of this part of Lust Stories 2, starring Tamannah Bhatia and Vijay Verma, which we will call Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye, Shanti appears next to Vijay as her old self, and Vijay realizes that just like him, she had been dead all along. We won’t change our opinion that what had happened to him wasn’t revenge by any stretch of the imagination. How could Shanti getting herself killed again be revenge? But what is going to happen now will be it. The ghost town is either a creation of Shanti’s, or she is one of the many ghosts peacefully living there. We don’t doubt that Vijay will have to join them, and this will be his hell.

Final Thoughts

We feel that more than as a half-hour story as part of an anthology, this could be a great psychological thriller. The premise would remain the same, and Vijay would be investigating how his wife is still alive, while the audience would think that he was getting to the root of her disappearance, only for the great twist at the end. We want Vijay Verma to reprise his role, but this time with more intelligence in the script. This was an easy watch and good enough, but making a full-fledged movie out of it by taking it seriously would be amazing.

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