‘Maestra’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Seeum Have Remington’s?


Something about the pacing of Maestra: Strings of Truth doesn’t feel right. It started out with a very gripping and fast narrative, which has somewhat slowed down to show us the actions of Seeum as a stony-faced person who can’t think beyond her job. The way she is not allowed to be human in the writing feels wrong. Either way, the following is the recap of Maestra Episode 4.

Spoiler Alert

Do Ajin and Phil break up?

We really want to know how this man managed to pull in two women. There had to have been something more than the endless cheesy compliments that weren’t even that good to begin with. Regardless, when Ajin shows Seeum the pregnancy scan, the latter just congratulates her and gets back to work. As for Phil, he is still stuck. It is undeniable that his entire station in life is built upon his act of being an ideal and loving husband. Phil is also not strong enough to continue in his career without Seeum’s support, so we doubt that love has anything to do with why he is clinging so hard to her. Unfortunately for Ajin, Phil tells her that he wants time to think, and everyone knows what that means. But Ajin reaches her limit when she is admitted to the hospital, and Phil doesn’t care about her. He simply blames her for the accident and wants to call it quits on the relationship. But what Ajin is most hurt by is that Phil doesn’t even ask her whether the baby is alright. He tells her that he will pay child support if she decides to have the baby, but he neither wants to marry Ajin nor be a father figure for his child. That is when Ajin also agreed to let him go. We would like to ask once again: What is so great about this man that two women were willing to marry him and support him through thick and thin?

Does Luna know that Ajin is pregnant?

Luna is aware that the rumors of the affair between the professor and Ajin are true. On the night of the concert, she found them arguing, so she knew from that time. Seeum was right when she said that Luna was secretly a ruthless person. She doesn’t say anything because, just like Seeum, she is focused on the concert and wants it to go well. The reason we say this is not because she kept quiet about the affair, but because she went to visit Ajin at her house. The purpose of this visit seems to have been to make Ajin feel guilty so that she wouldn’t tamper with the concert using her emotions. This is what Luna can do in her capacity, but she finds that Ajin is throwing up because of something. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together. On the other hand, Bongju is taken home by his father on Jeonjae’s orders. He is definitely more powerful than Bongju’s father, and the man is locked up in his room to rid him of his addiction. It will be a while before we see him again. We were hoping that Bongju and Jeongjae would come together to work as a team, but perhaps Jeongjae loves Seeum a little too much to do this to her.

What happens after the accident?

Seeum is completely focused on the concert, but an accident with Ajin’s car lands her in the hospital. Ajin tries to clarify to Seeum that the accident wasn’t on purpose, but Seeum doesn’t care. She just wants the concert to go well, and that is where her entire energy is focused. Seeum tells Sangdo to bring back Oh Hyeonseok, the conductor, who had to leave when Seeum took over. Hyeonseok has already moved on and taken up the job as the professor, but when he hears that Seeum requested his presence and that he would get the chance to perform at some prestigious concerts, he agrees to come back. Seeum’s intention in bringing him back is based on his vast experience and the fact that, as an outsider who probably still has a grudge, he would be honest and helpful instead of just a replacement. Seeum is right.

Elsewhere, Ajin is told that the accident happened because the brakes of her car were tampered with. She is surprised, and when asked for any suspects, she takes Seeum’s name. The police come to know that the affair between Phil and Ajin was real, and it is not a good look for Seeum. But there is no evidence against her either, suggesting that she did something to Ajin’s car. Also, if things escalate, she can just show them the divorce papers she sent Phil, proving that she had no motive to try and harm Ajin when she was cutting her out of her life.

Does Seeum have Remington’s?

Let us start by addressing who could have tampered with Ajin’s breaks. Only two possibilities come to mind: Luna and Phil. Luna has been a bit of an enigma this whole time, and maybe there was more to her visit to Ajin than just checking out the possible obstacles. Maybe she wanted to remove the obstacles from her path to success, so she tried to kill Luna so that the concert would go smoothly. Phil is another suspect because Ajin’s death just makes his life easier. So, this could be his act of cowardice.

In the hospital, Jeongjae is informed by the doctors that Seeum has refused to have her blood taken for tests. This is odd, and it reminds him of when they were together, and she had acted in a similar manner, refusing to give her blood and asking for the reports to be destroyed when told that it was too late. Jeongjae understands that she is trying to hide something. Upon a little investigation, he finds that Seeum’s mother is in the hospital, and she has Remington’s disease, which has a high chance of being passed down to the next generation of the affected. This is what Seeum had been scared of the whole time.

When Seeum was talking to her father, he recommended that she get tested, and she refused, saying that she did not want to know. It is doubtful whether Seeum has the disease or not. She most likely doesn’t, but she also doesn’t want to find out at any cost. At the end of Maestra Episode 4, right before Seeum is about to go to the concert, Jeongjae tells her that he knows about the disease and her fear. This man either had the worst timing, or he was doing it deliberately to push her buttons.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to explain our feelings for the episodes of this week except that they were good, but we were expecting more. In some ways, tensions have been raised, but we feel like we know what will happen. Also, why is Jeongjae not more involved in what is going on? He was such an interesting character, but ever since his introduction, he has become a bystander. Regardless, this is just the start, so maybe things will change.

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