‘Maestra’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Seeum’s Mother Dead?


The sixth episode of Maestra: Strings of Truth took a much-needed turn in the storyline. So far, the narrative has been about Cha Seeum’s fear of Remington’s disease, and it needed to be addressed in a conclusive way before it got boring and excessive. That is what the episode does, which we will see in the recap.

Spoiler Alert

Who reveals that Seeum’s mother has Remington’s?

When Phil brings Bae Junghwa to the orchestra, the old woman is unable to cope with her surroundings and has to be rushed to the hospital. Seeum goes with her, and once everything is settled, she reaches some conclusions about her next steps. Jeongjae asks her how he should deal with Phil, but Seeum tells him that she will take care of the matter in her own way. That night, Phil comes to Seeum’s room, and he is more confident than ever. In fact, he is not even pretending to love and care about Seeum. He says that when people start questioning about Bae Junghwa, he will give them the answers if Seeum decides to break up with him.

Phil had come to know a year before that Seeum’s mother was sick with Remington’s. This happened when Seeum’s father took him to the hospital. When Phil learned about this, he did not talk to Seeum but stored away the information, probably to use as a bargaining chip whenever he needed it. If he cared more about his relationship, he would have asked Seeum long ago why she did not feel comfortable talking about it with him. Secondly, Phil openly admits that he doesn’t want to break up with Seeum because of the material benefits of being her husband. He never cared about the relationship. For him, it was just a means to an end, which was his own personal growth and success.

The next day, Seeum is particularly strict with the orchestra members, even though they ask for leniency, considering they are operating with new instruments. Seeum is not wrong that the audience wouldn’t care about these details, but it just shows her state of mind. She is preparing herself to live up to the standards she has set for herself. That night, Seeum tells her father that she wants a divorce from Phil. So far, Seeum has pretended that everything is normal, but she is slowly removing all the things that Phil is using to hold power over her. Seeum tells her father everything, and he understands why she is doing that.

On the other hand, Seeum also has some details to take care of. She replaces Luna’s broken violin with her own, the one her father had made for her. This solves a problem for Luna, who could not afford to buy a new violin, and the one she was renting out was not up to the standards of the orchestra. Elsewhere, Jeongjae covers up all the losses of the orchestra, including getting them new instruments, since their insurance did not cover that. This was going a step too far, but Jeongjae openly admits that he is prone to obsessive extremes.

Is Seeum’s Mother Dead?

An article is released online that says that Bae Junghwa has Remington’s. This article also contains details about its possibility of being passed on to the next generation and the way it can inhibit one’s career. Seeum is unbothered by the article, and she even addresses the journalists, telling them that this could happen to anyone and that she will step down herself if she starts showing the symptoms. Seeum effectively dismantled her fear at its root, and now Phil has nothing to blackmail her with. She gave the orders for the publication of the article because she was tired of the power it gave other people over her. Seeum still doesn’t get tested for Remington’s, but she isn’t as scared of it anymore.

Seeum remembers how her mother apologized to her after she tried to strangle her. Even Seeum had forgiven her for it long ago, and she had asked her mother to give her the fountain pen as a keepsake when she went to study abroad. Basically, Seeum carried the trauma of that incident, but she had long forgiven her mother and did not hold her responsible for that.

Seeum goes to see her mother at the hospital, where she apologizes for not coming sooner. Contrary to what the audience was thinking, Seeum wasn’t avoiding her mother because of the strangling incident, but because she was scared to confront her own possible future. Seeing her mother made Seeum think about how this could be her in a few years if she indeed had Remington’s. But now that the world knows about this secret, Seeum isn’t as scared anymore, and she is able to meet her mother.

The doctor had said about Remington’s that it could lead to great levels of frustration in the patients, since the flip side of the disease was that it gave people highly acute senses, which is what made them artists to begin with. To have all of that taken away at once was extremely difficult to cope with.

At the end of Maestra: Strings of Truth episode 6, Bae Junghwa is having a seizure of sorts. She calls her disease a monster, and she cautions Seeum to escape it at any cost. As Seeum is about to press the emergency button to call for help, Junghwa forbids her from doing it. She says that she wants to die, and we believe that Seeum understands why her mother is saying that. She doesn’t press the emergency button, but we don’t believe that she leaves her mother dead. Maybe Seeum saw that her mother was alright, and she left, but Junghwa fell sick sometime later, and that is when she passed away. Perhaps Seeum knew about this when she was at her concert, and this will be confirmed in the next episode.

Final Thoughts

The preview indicates that Seeum is being investigated for something else now. Could it be her mother’s death, or did the escaped Bongju do something? On the other hand, why is Jeongjae not being utilized more? His act of being the silent support does not suit the things he was shown as capable of doing. We want to see him create a ruckus more than anything.

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