‘Maestra: Strings of Truth’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is Kim Phil’s Plan?


Not that Maestra: Strings of Truth isn’t interesting, but where is it actually going with the story? Is it about the woman’s (Cha Seeum) personal relationships, is it about her fear of her medical future, or is it simply about her dedication to her job? We don’t like the answer that it is a mix of all, for the simple reason that the story is not giving us enough about Cha Seeum and Jeongjae. The stakes of what is going on are embedded in their past and some hidden details, in the absence of which it is hard to care that much about their lives. On the other hand, we are also getting tired of seeing Cha Seeum’s stony-faced expression. It is not a shade to the actor, but the writer is not allowing the audience to understand why she is that way, and because of that, we are unable to understand exactly what is going on in her mind. Before anybody says anything, fear and betrayal are not strong enough answers, and we will explain that in the recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

What is Jeongjae doing?

The man has understood that Seeum will not get herself tested for confirmation of Remington’s disease. According to Seeum, since the disease leads to eventual memory loss, there is no point in finding out the truth since it will be forgotten anyway. That is not a good enough reason, and both of them know it, though Jeongjae decides to leave it alone. Seeum threatens the doctor that she should sharpen the security breach or she will be suing the hospital. As for Jeongjae, he does his best to help Seeum through this difficult time. Earlier, he said that he wanted her to quit her marriage for his sake. But now, as he forces her to have breakfast with him and gives her a lift to the orchestra, he is not flirting with her. Jeongjae is deliberately annoying her in an attempt to keep her distracted from the anxiety-inducing problems. Perhaps Seeum understands that, and that is why she is not protesting too much and is even allowing herself a smile once in a while.

What are Ajin and Yura up to?

Ajin is interested in Kim Phil, and Yura is still not over her ex-husband, who is Jeongjae. Unfortunately, both of these men are obsessed with Seeum, so naturally, the women are out for her blood. We are not going to elaborate on the sexist politics of that. Phil comes to know that Ajin’s car was tampered with, and he feels guilty for accusing her previously. Though he apologizes to her, he is still not ready to get back together. Phil also denies Ajin’s accusations against Seeum, saying that she must have been the one to cause the accident.

The next day, Ajin comes back to the orchestra and, once again, tries to gloat in front of Seeum. She says that she will be giving birth to the child and continuing with her work in the orchestra. According to Ajin, this would put Seeum in a difficult position since the world would know that she lied about the affair. But Seeum never cared, and she simply points out that the truth would harm Ajn way more than her. Meanwhile, Yura decides to make a documentary on the orchestra, with Seeum and Phil at the center of it. Seeum refuses, but Phil is excited. He sees this as a chance to convince Seeum to cancel the divorce. As for Yura, she tells Jeongjae that Seeum has agreed to the documentary and he should give up on pursuing her since she seems serious about her marriage.

What is Kim Phil’s plan?

The problem with Kim Phil is that he is a coward. He did not have the courage to measure up to Seeum, but he also couldn’t let go of her because of the security her position in society gave him. He tries to use Seeum’s father to convince her to do the documentary, and when that fails, he tells her that unless she cancels the divorce, he will reveal the truth about her Remington’s disease, which would spell the end of her career. Phil really underestimated Seeum. She wanted a clean break, but he took that to mean that she still loved him and would not harm him. Phil’s blackmail removes any shred of respect Seeum may have had for him, and she asks Jeongjae to release the proof of his affair. The photographs go to Phil’s boss, who fires him. Seeum calls Phil and tells him to leave her alone; otherwise, the photos will be sent to a news channel, and he will never be able to recover from that.

As for Jeongjae, he has started considering whether his attention is harmful to Seeum. Initially, Kim Taeho pointed out that this closeness might paint Seeum in a bad light. Later, Yura pointed out that if Jeongjae kept getting close to Seeum, she would look like she was cheating on her husband. Jeongjae understands now that Seeum never wanted to do the documentary, so technically, she wouldn’t be wrong to be with him. However, he also realizes the complications of the situation. In the meantime, his priority is her well-being, which is threatened by her fears of Remington’s disease.

At the end of Maestra: Strings of Truth episode 5, when Seeum is conducting a piece, some water drops fall on her because of the sprays in the wall. But for a second, Seeum fears that the first signs of Remington’s, which are hallucinations, are making themselves known. Seeum is scared and unable to move for a second, but she quickly gathers herself. However, when she goes out, she finds that Phil has not given up, and he brings Seeum’s mother to the orchestra. Phil may disguise it as a friendly visit, but once people know what Seeum’s mother is suffering from, it wouldn’t take a lot to connect the dots and realize that Seeum may also have the disease.

Final Thoughts

We don’t understand Seeum’s fear. Her mother started losing her mind when her disease started showing up, so she tried to kill Seeum. Seeum did not want to have kids because she did not want to pass on the disease. But it is surprising how she has let fear rule her life. According to Seeum, her hope that she doesn’t have the disease is what motivates her to work. That makes us question whether her love for music is not toxic. The coming episodes will tell us more.

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