‘Maestra’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Seeum Kill Bongju?


In so many ways, the story of Maestra: Strings of Truth so far can be summed up in one page. There is a lot of intensity to each episode, yet the story itself is rather sparse. But maybe that is how it was meant to be. With the series closer to its finale than to its premiere, the following is the summary of Episode 7.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Seeum want to hold the blind audition?

Seeum is nothing short of manic about the Hanphil orchestra. On the day she visited, her mother, Seeum pressed the emergency button, and her mother received help in time. The fact that she passed away had nothing to do with Seeum. Within days of her mother’s death, Seeum went back to the orchestra for work. After reviewing the tapes of their previous performances, Seeum decided to hold auditions for all of them once again. According to Seeum, though their previous performance was considered better than the others before them, Seeum thought it was their worst. She is not happy with the standard of their skills and wants to see who is not up to the task. Therefore, she holds a blind audition, and in the end, two people are fired. Oh Minjun and Jeong Suhyeon are declared to not be up to the task. Perhaps Seeum had doubts about them since she reviewed the tapes, and the purpose of a blind audition was to check whether she was right or not. Seeum found their breathing erratic, and that is usually the result of the consumption of drugs. Even now, Seeum doesn’t have proof of that, but she knows that their performance is not up to par, so it is enough for them to be fired.

As usual, before the auditions, Ajin thought that this was about her. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew is becoming aware of her erratic behavior, and Yoseop sees her taking pills. As for Phil, he is fired from the job he was about to join in a week, and he suspects that this is Jeongjae’s doing. Phil is also approached by Yura, who wants to proceed with the documentary, and she makes it clear that her purpose behind this venture is not art but something more personal. Phil is going to scramble to hold onto that and get back together with Seeum.

What is the case with the police?

Bongju escapes from home, and he wants to take revenge on Seeum before he leaves the country. He receives a message that Jeongjae was involved with Hanphil because of Seeum. This corroborates a conversation he had heard between Phil and his friend, asking him about Seeum. Therefore, his target is Seeum.

Since Minjun and Suhyeon have been fired, Bongju uses them for revenge. He plants drugs on them and makes them tell the police that they got them from Seeum, who is arrested immediately. The evidence against Seeum is weak and practically non-existent, but the police are adamant about questioning her because she keeps coming up in multiple cases. Jeongjae is trying his best to help Seeum, and Luna tells him about seeing Bongju leaving Seeum’s office. While Jeongjae is dealing with that lead, Seeum continues working on her orchestra at the station. She calls the police and asks them to check with Minjun and Suhyeon about when she gave them the drugs. The blood test should also determine the timeline of when the drugs were consumed. Additionally, there is no reason for Seeum to give them the drugs since that would only hamper their performance and go against everything that Seeum is working for. Basically, it is clear as day that Seeum has been set up. 

Did Seeum kill Bongju?

When Seeum was going to the US, her mother had not been diagnosed yet. Seeum heard the news after she went there, and that is when she tried to jump off the cliff because she thought she may have it because of the hereditary nature of the disease. That is also when she first met Jeongjae. In the present day, the members of the orchestra are discussing that Seeum’s mother was her daughter’s current age when the disease started manifesting itself.

Once Seeum is released from the police station, Jeongjae tells her about Bongju and how he must have been taking revenge on her in place of Jeongjae. When Seeum goes back home, Luna confirms that when she tells her about seeing Bongju walk out of her office. The next day, there is more trouble for Seeum because, despite the result of the investigation, the world has made up its opinion that Seeum is guilty, and there are banners outside proclaiming their disdain for her and the orchestra. Seeum is still stubborn, and she wants to continue the orchestra, but Sangdo puts his foot down and declares that she should take it easy this time.

Seeum is completely disheartened. She has been living for the orchestra and has put aside so many important moments of her life for its sake. She has stubbornly gotten over her husband’s affair, his mistress’ pregnancy, and even her lifelong fear of her mother’s secret getting out, all because she wanted the orchestra to continue as before. Seeum is clear that something as frivolous as this wouldn’t bring her down.

At the end of Maestra: Strings of Truth episode 7, Seeum is completely drunk in her house when she gets a call from Bongju, asking to meet. Seeum remembers taking that call and proceeding to leave the house, but she has no other memory of that night. The next day, the police tell her that Bongju is dead, and Seeum sees blood on her hands. Her first thought is obviously whether she had anything to do with his death, but the second, more startling thought is that Remington’s has started showing itself in her.

Final Thoughts

Will the next episode finally have Seeum turn to Jeongjae for help? We have been waiting to understand more about their relationship and to see exactly why Jeongjae is so obsessed with her and why she is so cold to him. This would clash with Yura and Phil’s plans for the documentary, which Seeum would agree to go ahead with in light of the recent controversies. These people’s lives are messy, but it is high time to know why.

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