‘Maestra’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Had Poisoned Cha Seeum?


What has happened with K-dramas recently? Are they just relying on having too many subplots instead of properly developing characters or the main plot? Maybe it is just Maestra: Strings of Truth, but the narrative is getting rather tired at this point. Seeum is supposed to be a strong woman, but she comes across as a person who has lived her life in fear and has found protection in her workaholic ways. Basically, she is underwhelming. The following is a recap of ninth episode.

Spoiler Alert

Is Cha Seeum going to commit suicide?

Cha Seeum passed out on stage, not because of Remington’s but because of anemia. But Seeum’s fears have been mounting on top of each other. She has been tested for Remington’s, but in the meantime, she cannot remember what happened on the night of Bongju’s death, and her mother’s voice constantly rings in her head: Do ‘not let the monster catch her.’ Seeum seems to have gotten the test just as a formality. She is pretty sure that she has Remington’s and is acting accordingly.

Seeum turns in her resignation and disappears, sending people into a frenzy. The members of the orchestra are disappointed since Seeum was the one who brought them all back. Additionally, they had been gaining some recognition because of her, so her resignation now is a blow to them. They may have gossiped all along that she could have Remington’s, but right now, they are only concerned for her well-being. Even though Ajin insensitively says that Seeum could have resigned because of Remington, they all tell her to watch her words.

Meanwhile, Phil is called to the police station, and he tells the inspector that Seeum was drunk and not herself on the night of Bongju’s death. Phil knows that there is no hope of getting back together with Seeum, so he is doing his best to drag her down. But when he hears that Seeum has resigned, he rushes to the hotel to speak with her, because Phil will not leave a single stone unturned to prove that he is a loving and caring husband. But when he gets to the hotel, he is not allowed inside since that is against the hotel rules. But Jeongjae has no such problems, and he pulls in his influence to get into Seeum’s room, though she is not there.

Jeongjae finds out that she is at some hotel and rushes to look for her while Phil goes to his father-in-law’s house, where he is given an earful about not being a member of the family anymore. It is quite satisfying to see this happen to Phil, whose only weapon so far has been emotional manipulation. Therefore, losing the people by his side, one by one, is rather fun.

Jeongjae finds Seeum standing near a pool, and when he meets her, he asks her to not push him away this time. Seeum listens, and these two spend the next day or two together. They barely speak, and Jeongjae is just silently lending his presence to Seeum, but he is making it clear that he is still head over heels in love with her, the way he has always been. But a few notes in the dustbin bring his world crashing. Seeum has written notes to her father, saying that she is leaving for a long time. Jeongjae knows what that means, and he understands that this is why Seeum has been so complacent this whole time, as a final goodbye to him. According to Seeum, she doesn’t want to put her father through the same ordeal as he had to go through with her mother. Also, she wants to be in her senses for as long as she can, and if there is going to be a time when she will forget everything, she would prefer to die before that. Seeum’s decision seems final, and Jeongjae cannot do much to change that. When he drops her off at home, he offers to have her treated any way she wants. He also asks if she would consider being with him and traveling for the rest of the time they had left with each other. Seeum doesn’t give him an answer, so Jeongjae decides to wait until he hears more.

Who Poisoned Cha Seeum?

In the previous episode, we were told that there was the blood of a woman near Bongju. The inspector’s first thought was that it must be Seeum’s. However, it was found that it belonged to another woman. Meanwhile, Ajin is more on the edge as the days go by. Her belly is becoming visible, and the look of happy couples while shopping for baby clothes is making her very sad. She has always believed that Seeum was out to get her, and her indifference to her annoyed her more than a direct attack would have. On the other hand, Luna is behaving more and more like an obsessive lover towards Seeum. She is utterly heartbroken over Seeum leaving and drinks down her sorrows. This is how people behave after breakups. Next, she also sleeps with Taeho because she suspects him of being closely linked to Seeum’s life. She checks his phone and finds that Seeum has a second stalker, Jeongjae, and he keeps asking Taeho whether Seeum has had her meals or not.

Later that day, Luna goes to meet Seeum and promises to work harder. This is very similar to someone in a couple saying that they will try harder when the other person is trying to break up with them. Previously, Luna’s brother-in-law also looked at her with great discomfort. Something happened between them that scared him. Seeum’s father gets a call from the hospital that Seeum was poisoned before her performance, which is why she must have fainted. He rushes to meet her and tells her the same. That is when Luna shows the photographs of the messages between Taeho and Jeongjae, which makes the latter look guilty of the crime.

At the end of Maestra episode 9, Seeum goes to Jeongjae’s office to confront him. She thinks that Jeongjae poisoned her so that she would become weak and helpless and eventually get back together with him. I don’t believe that Jeongjae is at fault. But his continuing obsession with Seeum can lead one to believe this.

Final Thoughts

Maestra: Strings of Truth is another series that is falling short of what it should be. For once, can there be a subplot that is not affected by Remington’s disease? That disease defined Seeum’s life, and it is defining this series as well. At least Jeongjae should have done something truly crazy for this accusation against him to have some substance.

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