‘Maestra’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Kim Pil Cheating On Seeum?


While most dramas on air right now are quite fun, Maestra: Strings of Truth is the only one that gives us a substantial story within its episodes. It really did not take much for the villain to become the anti-hero and for the suspected villain to become outright pathetic. The latter was predictable, but the former is giving us unwelcome mixed feelings. Also, we are not sure about the younger version of Jeongjae having dimples, which disappear with the older version of him. Nothing makes a villain or a hero more endearing than dimples. Like RM of BTS once wrote, ‘Are they dimples or are they a kiss left by an angel?’. We will stop being unserious now and go through the recap of Maestra Episode 2.

Spoiler Alert

What was Jeongjae and Seeum’s past?

Jeongjae met Seeum when he pulled her out of the water as she was about to drown. She was completely ungrateful, and he loved that. This was the start of their three-year relationship, which pretty much-defined something about their lives for each other. When Seeum was with Jeongjae, she told him that she hated music. This was perhaps after the incident with her mother. That is why Jeongjae took the liberty to tear up her application when she applied to be a conductor. Jeongjae wanted her to be with him forever and wasn’t ready to let her go, but that wasn’t the life that Seeum wanted. Therefore, she leaves him by declaring that she likes music more than him. However, knowing Jeongjae, he wouldn’t have just given up. He declared that Seeum was his and that level of toxicity didn’t stay inactive. Surely, he did something further to sabotage her dreams, because of which she is ignoring him in the present day. Seeum pretends to not know him at all, and that angers Jeongjae like nothing else. He even ends up sympathizing with his ex-wife and says that he understands why she simply shows up without a call or a text, because he answers neither.

Jeongjae buys the Hamphil Orchestra, as that is one way in which he can be close to Seeum and have some control over her, which is what he has always wanted. While Seeum treats him with due respect, she still refuses to acknowledge his presence or their past relationship. A relentless Jeongjae tells Seeum that he wants her to divorce her husband and come back to him. That is how crazy he is, and he clearly doesn’t care about what she wants. When did the ‘Kabir Singh’ school of thought travel to Korea? For those who don’t know, Kabir Singh is an Indian film that runs high on toxic masculinity and misogyny, and we felt that Jeongjae in Maestra: Strings of Truth acted in a similar way.

What is happening in the orchestra?

Seeum knows that Luna had intentionally left her door open while practicing so that Seeum could hear her play. Therefore, Seeum encourages Luna to maintain that ruthlessness and not become helpless with her ‘nice girl’ act. Seeum also arranges for Jaeman to come back to the orchestra. She pretends in front of his family that he left of his own accord, and then, when they are alone, she asks him to come back to guide Luna properly. Seeum has made her intentions clear and established that they are not driven by ego or disrespect, which is why Jaeman comes back as per her wishes. As for Luna, she decides not to hesitate anymore and stands up to the mean girls in the orchestra, telling them that she will work hard and to give her a chance since this is how things are.

Is Kim Pil Cheating On Seeum?

Kim Pil comes to know that the fire alarm was set off by Jeongjae in the room. Everyone in the orchestra is sure that Seeum is only pretending to not know Jeongjae, and Baha asks Kim Pil whether he knows who the man is. It is surprising how insecure Kim Pil becomes at that, and he asks Hyejeong about Jeongjae and learns about his history with Seeum. That leads to a lot of love bombing on Kim Pil’s part towards his wife, and it is all very icky to watch. Meanwhile, a spiteful Jeongjae cancels the orchestra’s concert because that is how he is going to blackmail Seeum to divorce her husband. Jeongjae never had any respect for Seeum’s dreams, and even now, he is not in love with her but is driven by an obsession. It is becoming more and more clear why Seeum won’t acknowledge him.

That day, Kim Pil suggested that he and Seeum should go back to the US, but Seeum was not ready to accept defeat so easily. Therefore, at the end of Maestra episode 2, she leads the orchestra to an open concert that she arranges herself. The orchestra needed a concert to survive. Even if Jeongjae covers the losses, it won’t elevate the status of the orchestra. Also, Seeum has a goal to reach. Within three months, she must increase the paid attendance of the orchestra to 95%. That won’t happen without a concert. If Jeongjae won’t let them do it the traditional way, then Seeum knows how to bend the rules.

Jeongjae admits defeat, though he promises Seeum that the game is far from over. He says something about a second round, and that means he has already made his moves. Just then, Seeum gets a message from Ajin, asking her to come near the stairs. When Seeum goes there, she finds Kim Pil and Ajin kissing. Jeongjae arrives there, and he makes Seeum face him. Did he know about this affair before, or did he find out along with Seeum? After all, there has to be a method to madness, so probably Jeongjae knew about the affair, which is why he so confidently asked Seeum to take a divorce. As for Kim Pil, he has put on an act in front of the whole world as a completely in love and devoted husband. Even Ajin has established herself as a naive person who is taken advantage of by others. If Seeum says anything, she might come across as the villain since nobody really likes her and is eager to see her as the bitter villain. This is just another way in which misogyny is always waiting to strike women in power.

Final Thoughts

It is no surprise that Seeum’s marriage is over. The audience had expected it long ago. But it also stands that Jeongjae is not an alternative. We will not change our opinion until we have seen lots of proof to the contrary. There isn’t much to say about anything else except that we look forward to seeing the development of this yandere-like personality of Jeongjae.

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