‘Maestra’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Seeum Faint During The Performance?


The eight episode of Maestra: Strings of Truth shows us that there is something more to Seeum’s obsession with the orchestra. No trouble is too great that it will come in her way, even if they are her own crimes. The following is the summary of Episode 8.

Spoiler Alert 

How does Seeum reassemble the orchestra?

When Seeum wakes up in the morning, she doesn’t remember a thing about what happened the previous night. She tries to move on with her day and attends Bongju’s funeral, where Luna spots that Seeum is not doing so well. She takes her home and puts her to bed, checking her temperature. Later, Luna is asleep, and Seeum goes to the doctor to discuss her symptoms. The doctor assures Seeum that the symptoms of Remington don’t appear overnight, and Seeum’s memory loss could have been the result of the excessive drinking. This time, Seeum decides to get her blood tested. She is tired of the uncertainty surrounding her disease and doesn’t want to be so scared anymore. However, the results will arrive only after a month.

Once Seeum goes home, Luna is still waiting for her, and she is rather worried. Luna has a sort of obsessive love for Seeum. She cut her call when Jeongjae tried to contact Seeum, and she has been hanging around the house, close to tears, because Seeum has been missing for a while. Luna says that it is because it was Seeum’s music that helped her get past her tough times, and she is going to keep working to get the rest of the members to join the orchestra. But Seeum insists on doing that herself.

Meanwhile, the police are not being allowed to conduct an autopsy on Bongju’s body. His father is adamant that his son was not a drug user, despite there being evidence to the contrary. Even Inspector Dongsik is getting tired of the way the case is looking. He once again suspects Seeum because Bongju was killed hours after Seeum was released from jail, and that is a suspicious look. They don’t have anything to connect Bongju to Seeum at the moment, but a test reveals that the knife found near Bongju’s body has some blood on it, which belongs to a woman with the blood type B+. What are the odds that it turns out to be Seeum’s blood?

Back to the orchestra, Seeum starts meeting the members to convince them to get back to Hanphil. She agrees to take a pay cut in favor of granting the rest of the members a pay raise. Some of the members she meets are more hostile, while others are agreeable to coming back. Eventually, Seeum gets her orchestra back to the way it was before. But it is not enough to sell the tickets. That is why Seeum decides to go ahead with the documentary that she initially rejected. Seeum’s idea is that instead of a documentary on her marriage with Phil, the subject matter would be Hanphil, which would be presented with Phil as the interviewer. To generate interest in the documentary, days before its release, Seeum announced her divorce. That would bring people to the orchestra and benefit the documentary because everyone would be hungry to feed off the scandal of the couple who worked together for the orchestra.

Why does Seeum faint during the performance?

Seeum makes it clear that she doesn’t want anyone to know about her plans, including Jeongjae and Phil. but she can’t keep the news of the documentary itself under wraps. When Jeongjae hears about it, he can’t help asking Seeum what she is doing and why she is going so far for the orchestra. That is when she tells him that this will likely be her last performance. Seeum must have told him more, but that is not revealed to the audience. Regardless, the mystery of Seeum has been solved for Jeongjae, and it is not Remington’s.

It is business as usual the next day, and the first thing that Yura does is stomp into Jeongjae’s office and demand to know why he is obsessed with Seeum. It turns out that Jeongjae and Yura did not get married for love. Was it some sort of business transaction? Regardless, Jeongjae tells Yura that he doesn’t want to hear anything against Seeum. Elsewhere, Phil has decided that it will be fun to get involved in this new project. As he goes about the interviews, it is very clear in the questions that Phil is asking Seeum that he is reminding her of her statement to step down from the podium if the signs of Remington’s show themselves. After all the interviews are done, Phil is a little suspicious of Luna since she made some comments about him that hinted that she knew something.

On the day of the performance, the turnout was quite low. Seeum is gearing up for her act when Phil comes to meet her. He knows that she doesn’t remember anything from that night, and it is because he met her with the signed divorce papers. When Phil saw her that day, she clearly did not remember their new relationship, and before he could get her to her apartment, she had left. Also, Phil had decided not to contest the divorce since it wouldn’t be in his favor. If Seeum had remembered this, she wouldn’t have opted for the documentary. Phil taunts Seeum that the signs of Remington’s must be showing themselves since such a memory loss couldn’t be because of just alcohol. Therefore, it was time for Seeum to step down from the stage, as she had said that she would do.

At the end of Maestra episode 8, Seeum gets on stage, but she is more scared than ever of the disease. As she is conducting the performance, she hallucinates that Bongju and her mother are there in the hall. There is still time to get conclusive results on her disease, but for now, the fear takes over, and she faints.

Final Thoughts

There have been too many not-knowing things when it comes to this drama. But the greater sin is how Jeongjae has been wasted in the story. His obsessive love and crooked sensibilities were supposed to influence the story. Instead, he has just been relegated to the background. How is Phil more interesting than Jeongjae? It might be too late to change that.

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