‘Maestro In Blue’ Season 3 Expectations: Will Orestis And Klelia Be Together?


With the release of the second season of Netflix’s popular Greek drama series, Maestro in Blue, it seems very likely that a third season is also most definitely coming our way. Season 2 has only six episodes compared to the 9 of season 1, meaning that it is also possible that season 3 might actually be a continuation of season 2, which seems to be broken up into two parts. More importantly, the content and the plot in this year’s presentation are left incomplete, confirming that a few more episodes will surely follow, and if some reports are to be believed, then the season 3 release might draw a conclusion to the show altogether. With season 2 ending on a cliffhanger, let us look into the possible directions that Maestro in Blue season 3 might take whenever it arrives, later this year or in 2025.

Spoiler Alert

What will happen to Fanis’ family?

At the end of Maestro in Blue season 2, Fanis is shot dead by the mobsters under Giovanni’s order, and it is left unclear as to whether Sofia also faces the same fate. It is only Fanis’ body that is seen being thrown into the water, and even though Sofia was also held at gunpoint, she might be spared. The very murder of Fanis is actually left unexplained, and what will happen to his family members will depend a lot on why he was killed. To begin with, the man had been feeling suicidal for some time now, especially since he realized that there was no means of escape for him. Furthermore, he was also understanding how his presence and actions could potentially cause harm to so many individuals around him, including his children, and Fanis wanted to end it all. Although he had earlier doused his boat with gasoline and even got into it with the intention of driving it deep into the sea and putting it on fire as an attempt at suicide, he could not ultimately do it.

At the end of the series, Fanis knows all too well that the police detective Demosthenes will investigate the death of Charalambos until he reaches a satisfactory conclusion and might expose his crimes in the process. While his reputation as a politician and a businessman would be destroyed in such a case, his son Antonis would also be legally punished for having killed a man. Therefore, Fanis takes Sofia’s advice regarding going to his boss in the Italian mafia, Giovanni, for help, but the conversation that he has during the meeting is not seen. One possibility might be that Giovanni does not want to risk his business by letting Fanis be interrogated by the police any further, and so he gets the man killed. In that case, it is likely that Sofia would also be killed, and all ties between the mafia and the family would be severed.

However, it is also very possible that Giovanni does not actually betray the businessman but rather helps him get rid of a significant amount of trouble. The fact that we are kept away from the meeting between the two men probably hints at the fact that Fanis actually asked his boss to get him killed so that his family would be spared from the consequences of his actions. Furthermore, the manner in which Fanis thanks Sofia for attending the meeting with her also seems to have a sort of finality in it, meaning that he knew his life was coming to an end. If Fanis is removed from the picture, then the blame for killing Charalambos could be pinned on him since everyone would testify about how the two men had business ties. The Italian gang is also the perfect people to go to if one has to get themselves killed, and in all probability, Fanis makes this very demand. 

If this is what actually happened, then his family members will also probably be protected by the mafia, and Sofia might also be kept alive to handle the business in her husband’s absence. Losing Fanis and not replacing him with anyone would remove the mafia’s influence over the island of Paxos, which they would surely not want. Perhaps nobody would be a better candidate than Sofia since she already knows about the business, and the current situation can also be used to force her into accepting the job. But how this entire scenario will affect the children remains to be seen, especially as Antonis was even starting to look up to his father once again. As of now, it seems probable that this final sacrifice by Fanis would absolve him of all his previous mistakes and crimes, at least to some degree.

What will happen to Demosthenes’ investigation?

Maestro in Blue season 2 introduces the character of Demosthenes, the determined police detective, who is a mix of a serious investigator and a caricature-ish device to take the plot forward. In the end, he is seen visiting the island doctor, Michalis, and questioning him about Fanis’ business and his involvement in corruption. It must be said that the detective actually targets the best person to convince and bring to his side, and this is probably a sign of his excellent observation skills. After all, Michalis’ patience was running out with regards to Fanis, as he was simply shocked at how vile and insensitive the man was. Although Sofia started living with Michalis, much to the latter’s delight, he was also growing frustrated by the fact that Fanis still contacted her and even involved him in their discussions. 

Firstly, the doctor detested the fact that a man was alright with his wife being someone else and yet keeping up the pretensions of being a happy couple in front of the world. Unlike Fanis, who is a cunning and plotting politician, always thinking of ways to make his image and position better, Michalis is a straightforward person who always speaks his heart out. Thus, Fanis’ aloofness and yet his repeated intervention had been getting on his nerves, along with the growing sense of fear for himself. Michalis knew all about what had happened to Charalambos, and yet he had not told anything to the authorities about it, only for the sake of his lover, Sofia. However, he is also spooked by the possibility of him being punished for hiding the truth for this long, and so he consults his estranged sister, who is a lawyer, over this matter as well.

When season 3 of the series arrives, it seems very likely that Michalis will actually reveal the truth to Demosthenes, who wants to take down only Fanis. However, the fact that Fanis is already dead might make the detective investigate this situation further, which might also lead him to the Italian mafia. The only reason that Demosthenes is so determined to solve this case at this age, despite bowing down to corruption throughout his career, is that he is simply not afraid of anyone at present. Demosthenes knows that he has nothing to lose other than his own life, which is also not of much value to him anymore, and so the next season might have him chasing after the Italian mobsters and planning to bring them down. 

Will Orestis And Klelia Be Together?

No matter what happens in the rest of the subplots, Maestro in Blue will always put a special highlight on the relationship between Orestis and Klelia, the lovers who seem to be best suited for each other and yet who can possibly never be together. After all, their secret but passionate romance had been the main subject of the show’s first season initially, and it cannot be denied that Christopher Papakaliatis and Klelia Andriolatou, the actors playing Orestis and Klelia, respectively, have genuine on-screen chemistry. The two characters put in tremendous efforts to stay away from each other in both seasons and yet failed by the end, as they were drawn to each other by fate and an unexplainable bond. While season 1 had ended with heartbreak for them as they parted ways all of a sudden, season 2 ended on a positive note as the two characters broke free from all their self-imposed restrictions and spent a passionate night together at Paxis.

However, this does not ascertain that Orestis and Klelia will remain together as a couple, for there are still many obstacles in their path. Firstly, it is possible that this romantic experience will help Klelia finally get over her grief and discomfort, and she might not want to be with the maestro anymore. But if both of them do want to be with each other, then Orestis’ situation with his ex-wife, Alexandra, will not be easy at all. Alexandra has to go through the pains of giving birth to a child, the dark effects of postpartum depression, and then the crushing realization that men suddenly see her as professionally incompetent after she becomes a mother. As a result, she seems to cut off her ties with her father, who also does not give his daughter any agency, and instead sides with Orestis, probably for the first time in her life.

Therefore, it would be absolutely horrific for Orestis to leave Alexandra in such a situation and instead focus on his own love life. However, on the other hand, there is actually a way for him to legally leave Alexandra without any hassle whatsoever since the woman had a legal contract prepared that stated that he would have to stay away from the woman and their child if Orestis got involved in the police case at Paxos. In the end, the choice will once again come down to Orestis, with his eternal love Klelia on the one side and Alexandra and their baby on the other. While Maestro in Blue season 3 might have the two individuals pairing up as a couple finally, their relationship seems to be more like the sad tales that have all the romance but yet remain unfulfilled. 

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