‘Major Grom Plague Doctor’ Ending & Post Credits Scene Explained


Artyom Gabrelyanov comic book character Major Grom gets another adaptation to screen. Major Grom Plague Doctor portrays a masked vigilante who compares his justice methods with Batman. While Batman never kills, Plague Doctor doesn’t hesitate to kill.

The film follows the combat between Grom and Plague Doctor, weaved in a mysterious investigative narrative. Directed by Oleg Trofim, the Russian movie does get muddled at certain intervals. Hence, let’s clear the water together.

Plot Summary

Major Grom, a flat-capped Russian Police officer, chases a bullet-proof truck rushing on the street of Saint Petersburg. Three robbers in hockey players’ uniforms (reference of Soviet pop-cartoon Puck! Puck!) try to evade Grom, but he is a man of absolute determination.

In his mind, Grom foresight the possible outcomes of the combat (like Doctor Strange in End Game). At last, he pursues the one that favors him. Grom successfully captures the robbers but damages the state property. Later, his senior, colonel General Fedor Prokopenko scolds him for his unconventional methods.

Though Grom arrests criminals with labor, people of influence get acquitted easily. The Russian judicial system is plagued to the core. People of power and the money-hoarder flaunt capitalistic supremacy in a communist nation.

Tech Giant Sergei Razumovsky, founder of Social Media app, Vmeste outrages when the court releases the rich boy Kirill Grechkin who rammed a girl with his sports car. The murdered girl grew up in Sergei’s orphanage, and thus, he has a social responsibility to fulfill. But Sergei is a nerd who can’t gather enough courage. However, his best friend, Oleg Volkov, who served in Syria, takes matters into his hands.

Later that night, Grom witnesses a masked vigilante armed with flame throwers burning rich boy Kirill Grechkin. His video gets viral on Vmeste, and citizens start idolizing “Plague Doctor.” The masked serial killer soon becomes a superstar, but is he really the hero that the world needs?

Who was the Plague Doctor?

The film bluffed the audience by showcasing Sergei’s best friend, Oleg Volkov, in the vigilante suit. But the real Plague Doctor was Sergei Razumovsky.

Journalist Yulia informed Grom about Sergei’s contract with HOLT international. HOLT is a global company that designs high-tech weaponry. Grom connected Plague Doctor’s advancement mechanics with HOLT that eventually led him to Sergei. Grom investigated the children’s home, where Sergei lived as an orphan. At the orphanage museum, Grom found Sergei’s sketchbook in a display filled with pterodactyl drawings. Plague Doctor sported a similar bird mask. Grom was too sure to be wrong.

Sergei had a conflicted childhood. He was brutally bullied. The opening sequence of the film depicted a similar notion. Sergei burnt those kids alive, which clearly underlined that he had a psychopathic personality. When he became friends with Oleg, much of the conflicts in Sergei’s life diluted, and thus, his violent personality took a back seat. As per the Film, Oleg died in the Syrian War. The tragedy inflicted a fatal blow to Sergei’s stability. His Dissociative identity disorder (DID) became more dominant. His darker side conquered his body and mind.

In the image of Oleg, Sergei created Plague Doctor. The masked vigilante declared War on the government, the corrupt system, and people of influence.

What did Plague Doctor want?

Plague Doctor wanted to cleanse the city and deliver a new Petersburg that would treat all its subjects equally, irrespective of their wealth or title.

Sergei was bullied all through his childhood. He had closely experienced the feeling of suppression. When he grew up, he realized that adults are bullies too. The rich and powerful aristocrats misused their influence. They robbed the commoners of their lawful rights and freedom. It was why Vmeste had an encryption policy that ensured freedom of expression. In all his endeavors, Sergei wanted to build a free state, liberated from the claws of the plagued judiciary and the state.

But it wasn’t Sergei who shared similar idealism. The country’s nationals felt the same, and thus, they supported Sergei’s efforts.

‘Major Grom: Plague Doctor’ Ending Explained

Grom ran away from the prison captivity and faced Plague Doctor alone. The hero overpowered the pious villain, but Sergei released a video that fueled riots in the city. Sergei’s supporters started mindless lynching on the streets, contradictory to all the philosophy. In the end, the masked vigilante showed his true colors.

Grom used his mind technique while fighting with the Plague Doctor. Grom perceived that the only possible way to defeat the villain was to sacrifice himself. But he forgot that he wasn’t fighting alone. Yulia and Dima saved Grom, and together, they seized the Plague Doctor.

Major Grom accepted that the judicial system is corrupt to the core. But killing people wasn’t the way out. He recalled Fyodor Dostoevsky and quoted, “You can’t kill people, even the worst of them, or else the world will go crazy.” In the end, The authorities announced large-scale judicial reforms to combat the issue.

Mid-Credits Scene

Sergei was admitted to a mental institution. His DID became an interesting research topic for the doctors. But, Sergei’s mental demon was still there, protecting his aura. It suggested that his comeback is inevitable.

Post Credits Scene

A post-credit sequence established Oleg Volkov in a middle eastern country, most probably Syria, where he was stationed. Oleg watched the news of Sergei’s arrest that furrows his brow. It could be hinted that Oleg would return to Russia to take revenge.

Oleg’s uniform implied that he has left the Russian Army and has turned into a militant. Hence, his measure of vengeance would be violent and extreme. In the sequel, Major Grom will face these two malicious adversaries to protect Great Russia.

Major Grom: Plague Doctor is a 2021 Adventure Action film directed by Oleg Trofim. It is based on the comic book series created by Artyom Gabrelyanov.

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