‘Maldivas’ Ending, Explained: Was Patricia Alive? Did Liz Reunite With Her Mother?


“Maldivas” is a Brazilian series about a mysterious death that occurs at a condo community that goes by the same name. The series is all about luxury, parties, fancy cocktails, messy relationships, and, of course, a crime is at the center of it all. We are introduced to the famous women of Maldivas—Kat, Milene, Rayssa, and Patricia. While the women pretend to have an almost perfect lifestyle, their realities are far from it. Every one of them is hiding a secret from each other, and as their lives get more complicated over time, Patricia mysteriously dies as a result of a fire in her condo. After losing Patricia, a young woman named Liz becomes a part of their group. Even though she mentions that her purpose for staying in Rio de Janeiro was to find her wedding dress, it is not the entire truth. “Maldivas” is all glitz and glam with a story that gets complicated with every turn of events. In an attempt to deal with multiple storylines, it fails to hold the attention of the audience. It is one of those series that had too much going on and ultimately came to a hasty end.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Maldivas’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

The story is narrated by Veronica, who does not relate to the elite women of the posh condo community. Milene announced herself as the manager of “Maldivas” and introduced the idea of Elite Corp to protect the community. Patricia spoke against it and proposed to contest for the position of manager. She was elected, and Veronica supported her decision and announced herself as deputy manager. This sudden turn of events was shocking for Milene, who had been the manager for years, and the position was of primary importance in her life. Milene was married to a plastic surgeon, Victor Hugo. During their initial romance period, Milene was his muse, and he tried to mold her the way he desired. But after perfecting her and reaching his goal, he started to grow distant from her. As a result of her loveless marriage, she started to spend all her time perfecting the role of the manager of the condominium. Even though she lost her position, she had to pay the money as a result of a two-year contract she signed with the Elite Corp team. Finding no other way to get the money, she sneakily went inside the manager’s room and wrote herself a check. Not only was Milene involved in stealing money from the community’s bank account, but she was also responsible for maxing out all her husband’s credit cards. She kept the letters from the banks hidden from her husband, and the letters kept on piling up.

Kat was married with two children, and she boasted about her life as a stay-at-home mother. She prioritized engaging with her children as they grew up, but her life was nothing short of a mess. She was in love with her husband when the two married. They decided that Kat would take care of the house while her husband, Gustavo, would bring food to the table. That arrangement did work for a few years before Gustavo was arrested for corruption, and they lost everything. Gustavo was now on house arrest, and Kat struggled to keep her family together. On top of that, Patricia knocked on her door and asked the couple why she was receiving letters from a bank stating that she had opened an account there. She threatened to go to the IRA and figure out what they were trying to do with her name and documents. Kat and Gustavo had opened a bank account using Patricia’s documents to keep their money aside. They were scared that Patricia would hamper their plan.

Rayssa and her husband, Caua, used to be popular singers and now planned to start a business. While their relationship was considered perfect by their audience, there were secrets that they wanted to keep hidden. Rayssa was having an affair with Victor Hugo, and Patricia stumbled upon the two making out inside the spa. She was shocked to find the two together in a compromising position. She confronted Rayssa, asking her to think about her career and friendship. The next day, Rayssa received intimate pictures of Victor Hugo and her. Someone was trying to blackmail them, though the couple could not understand the motive behind it. Rayssa and Caua were in an open marriage, where the two dated other people, but they wanted their arrangement to stay away from the public eye, which was gradually getting difficult for them.

The three women were last seen outside Patricia’s room before the CCTV cameras stopped working. The next thing that everyone knew was that her apartment had caught fire. Naturally, the police doubted the three women, but their DNA was not found at the crime scene. As everyone at Maldivas mourned Patricia’s death over cocktails, her daughter, Liz, entered the condo community in search of finding the truth about her mother’s demise.

Was Patricia Murdered? How Was Veronica Involved In It?

The case was studied by Detective Denilson, who struggled to figure out what had happened that night. What was all the more surprising was the new footprint that appeared in the pictures recently taken. He had noticed that Liz wore the exact boots that the person who had entered the crime scene seemed to have had. They called Liz to the station and tried to figure out what she was doing there, though she barely gave away any truth. She did not agree to a DNA test and left the room, though she did leave behind her fingernails by mistake. Denilson gave her fingernail to the forensic team to determine if it matched the DNA sample retrieved from the room.

Liz had been separated from her mother since childhood. She grew up with her grandmother, but she always hoped to be reunited with her mother. Now that she was about to get married, she decided to travel to Rio de Janeiro to meet her mother, whom she had recently spotted on social media. Her mother was a fugitive and now lived under the name of Patricia Duque. Liz struggled to remember the crime her mother committed, nonetheless she wanted to meet her. Upon reaching Maldivas, she found out that her mother had passed away. She figured that it was no accident that her mother was murdered, and she conducted her investigation to understand the reason behind it. Though gradually, with time, she started to lose track of the story, and she thought that it was all a futile quest. She was about to leave the city when the police caught hold of her. They knew that she was the daughter of Patricia, but they wanted to know what she was doing in the apartment. After she explained herself, she got word from the police that her mother was not murdered; she was alive. The woman who was murdered was not Patricia, but Veronica had confirmed to the police that it was indeed Patricia. They doubted Veronica’s involvement in the case.

Veronica struggled after taking on the role of the manager of Maldivas, and Milene tried to keep it that way. She hid the condominium’s checkbook from Veronica, who later found that Milene stole money from the community. The two agreed to keep their secrets hidden after Milene found out that Veronica was selling drugs in the community. Veronica handed over the managerial position to Milene and stepped down from the position. Veronica wanted to study Russian literature, but she was stuck in the posh condo community after her mother committed suicide in her apartment. She was not there for her mother at that time and now stays at her apartment. Veronica and Patricia were great friends, and she helped out her friend when she was in dire need of it.

‘Maldivas’ Ending Explained: Was Liz Reunited With Her Mother? What Had Happened When Liz Was A Child?

Patricia’s mother-in-law could not forgive Patricia after she murdered her son. She was after her life and took charge of taking care of Liz. She kept Liz away from her mother’s shadow and was shocked to learn that Liz was trying to look for her mother. She had sent Liz’s fiancé, Miguel, to handle the situation and murder Patricia if he had the chance to. Miguel was convinced that Liz’s mother had to be killed for her better future. He went to Maldivas to get closer to the investigation and act upon it when required.

Meanwhile, Liz made a breakthrough in the case. She found out that a bullet was fired that night and found the bullet in the mattress. After studying the bullet, it was determined that it was fired from the same gun that Patricia had used to kill her husband. The police were in search of Patricia now more than ever since she had two homicide charges against her. They figured that the only way to reach Patricia was through Veronica, since the woman was hiding the truth from them. As the police approached the condominium, Veronica hid Patricia in her car and attempted to escape. They were soon caught by the Elite Corp, who were now in charge of the security of the place. Even though Patricia was held captive, she managed to trigger a fire and attempted to escape. But the chief of the security team held her at gunpoint. Detective Denilson managed to convince the chief to hand over Patricia. However, the detective and Patricia were soon confronted by her mother-in-law, Joana, who had a gun in her hand. She was the one who planned it all, and she threatened to kill Patricia. Liz tried to convince her grandmother to let go of her mother, but when she did not agree, Liz shot her grandmother. Patricia/Leia planned to run away again, and even though Liz wanted to go along, she did not think her daughter should live the life of a fugitive. Detective Denilson saw Patricia escape, but he did not stop her. In the final episode, we get to know that it was Joana who had to send her assistant to assassinate Patricia. Patricia struggled to save her life when the assistant tried to choke her, and at that moment, Veronica entered the apartment and hit the woman on her head with the rule book of the condominium.

Veronica was now under house arrest due to her involvement in the case. Liz did not receive any punishment, and she continues to live a lavish life with the other women of Maldivas. But by the end of the series, Liz remembered what had happened the night her father died. She remembered that it was she who had shot her father, and her mother took the blame to protect her daughter. It can be assumed that her father was an abusive man, and Liz, in a moment of rage, murdered her father at a young age.

Meanwhile, Rayssa and Caua decide to get a divorce since their arrangement is not working. Rayssa was pregnant by the end of “Maldivas,” and she planned to keep the baby, so she refused to have a drink. We also get to know that it was Caua’s boyfriend who took the pictures and blackmailed them to accept the truth. Then, Kat withdrew all the money that they had kept in Patricia’s account and invested it in Rayssa’s spa business. She had become so good at money laundering that Gustavo’s friends wanted her to do the same for them, and she received a cut for it. Victor Hugo, after being rejected by Rayssa, tried to work on his marriage with Milene, who had been in a physical relationship with the security chief. Even though life was far from perfect for everyone, they managed to laugh over a round of drinks even in the end.

“Maldivas” is a 2022 Drama Thriller series created by Natalia Klein.

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