‘Manjummel Boys’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Is Subhash Dead Or Alive?


Directed by Chidambaram, Manjummel Boys is based on a true story where a bunch of friends went to the Guna caves in Kodaikanal, and one of them fell into a deep vertical cave. The film takes a lot of creative liberties when it comes to the portrayal of the true incident, but you have to give it to them that they do keep you on the edge of your seats. So, let’s find out what happened at the Guna caves and if the boys were able to rescue their friend.

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What happened in the Guna caves? 

Kuttna, Siju, Anil, Prasad, and others decided that, just like their rival club, they would even want to go on a trip together. They started making plans, and as usual, the first place that popped into their minds was Goa. But Goa was quite far from Manjummel, and moreover, they didn’t have the budget to go there. That’s when they came to the decision that they would go to Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. At the very last moment, Subhash told everybody that he was not going to come with the group. He made some excuses, but probably the main issue was that he didn’t have money, and he knew that even if he asked, his mother wouldn’t give him anything. Kuttan and others somewhere read between the lines, and moreover, they also had space empty in the vehicle. So they went to convince Subhash to come with them, and he finally gave in. It was a fun-filled trip, and the Manjummel Boys had a lot of fun together. They were about to leave Kodaikanal when they learned that there was something called the Guna Caves, which was also a very popular tourist attraction. They went there and saw that no tourists were allowed to go to the real caves.

But boys being boys, they had to go there and break the rules because otherwise they wouldn’t get the adrenaline rush. So they crossed the warning signs and went inside the beautiful caves. It was serene, and they felt they didn’t do the right thing by coming there until something really devastating happened. Subhash fell into a deep hole in the ground, as he couldn’t see it because it was covered with leaves. The boys shouted his name, but no voice could be heard from the other end. The boys started panicking, and they didn’t know what to do. A stone fell inside that hole, and that’s when they got to know that it was not a shallow hole but a really deep one. In reality, it was called the Devil’s Kitchen because there were many myths attached to the cave systems. It was said that the cave had some evil dwelling deep inside it, because of which several people over the years had lost their lives there. But it was not so, as people either came there to take their lives or fell inside, just like Subhash had. Anyway, the boys didn’t care about anything, and they were adamant about not leaving until and unless they found their friend.

Why didn’t the police want to save Subhash? 

Firstly, the Manjummel Boys went outside to ask for help, and as soon as the guides present there got to know where Subhash had fallen, they blatantly said not to keep any hope as he was not going to come back. A tea stall vendor named Arumugham decided to come down and help the boys. He told them to immediately go and inform the police about it, as only they had the resources to carry out a rescue mission. The police, as usual, didn’t take any interest at first, as they said that nobody had come out of that cave alive. They instead blamed the boys for drinking and partying in a prohibited area, and one of the inspectors told his officers to file an FIR on them. But the media got a whiff of the incident, and that’s why the police department was forced to take some action. A police officer was seen with the boys, and he was least interested in carrying out his duties as he had already presumed the worst. Once the police officer reached the scene, he asked the boys to go back to their town, as there was no point in waiting there. But at that moment in Manjummel Boys, Arumugham supported the grieving friends, and he told the police officers that they at least needed to try once. That’s when the rescue squad was called, but the biggest problem that arose was that nobody wanted to go down the cave to find Subhash. 

Did Subhash come out alive from the Guna caves? 

There was pin-drop silence when the question of who was going to go inside the cave popped up, and it felt like the mission would be abandoned because of that. But the bonds of friendship were not so weak, and Kuttan decided that he would go down and find his friend. Kuttan had promised Subhash’s mother that he should take care of her boy, and he felt that it was his responsibility to defy the odds and bring back his friend. The cave was really deep, and it sent shivers down Kuttan’s spine as the possibility of finding Subhash was getting bleaker as he kept going down. It is one of those cliche sayings, but I believe that it is actually true that fortune favors the brave.

In Manjummel Boys‘ ending, Kuttan found Subhash, and he somehow managed to bring him up to the surface. The Manjummel Boys were ecstatic, but they knew that he needed immediate medical care as he was gravely injured. Without talking to the media, Subhash was rushed to the hospital, and his life was saved. At first, Subhash’s mother blamed Kuttan for putting Subhash in such peril, but later she read about how he saved his friend in a newspaper. Subhash’s mother could not be more embarrassed, and she immediately went and apologized to Kuttan and thanked him for being there. It was a sheer miracle, as falling from such a great height and still coming out of there alive was unheard of before. The never-give-up attitude of the friends also played a key role, as had they not pestered the police officers so much, probably everybody would have left Subhash in the cave to die.

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