‘Marilyn’s Eyes’ Ending, Explained: Who Was Marilyn? Did Clara And Diego Fall In Love?


“Marilyn’s Eyes” is a light-hearted romantic film directed by Simone Godano that can make you smile. The film begins with a man tearing down a restaurant; the man in question is Diego. A chef by profession with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder and even anger issues, Diego often found himself in the worst of situations. He lived with his father and attended meetings at a rehabilitation center. He found Clara at the center and embarked on a journey that was uncertain but surely adventurous. With a lot of food, fun, lies, and breakdowns, “Marilyn’s Eyes” manages to keep the audience engaged.

‘Marilyn’s Eyes’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

At a rehabilitation center, Diego met Clara, someone who always preferred to sit away from the circle during the meetings. She refused to accept attending the meetings at the rehabilitation center that the court of law made compulsory for her. She advocated for her innocence and denied the charge of burning down her house.

The story takes an interesting turn when the center plans to conduct a make-believe restaurant where people would come in and interact with those who were admitted to the center. On the first day, the group found it difficult to work together. Diego, who always aimed for perfection, was irritated by the disbalance of the seasoning in the carbonara and dumped it all in the trash. Clara was quick to taste a few from the trash and praised Diego for the food. They transferred the food from the bin to the plate, and the diners did not complain. With Clara’s support, Diego found some confidence in what he did.

He would visit his daughter, Bianca, every week for half an hour under the supervision of child protection. His anger was the reason behind his separation from his wife, but he loved his daughter dearly. He hoped to be better for her and earn respect in her eyes. Clara, on the other hand, shared a wonderful relationship with her grandmother. She used to make it a point to visit her and spend time with her, no matter how difficult life was. The film manages to emphasize that even though society prefers to keep mentally disturbed people away, they do have a lot of love to share with those they cherish.

Major Spoilers Ahead

What Was Clara’s Truth?

Clara was a compulsive liar with anger issues. While conversing with Diego about her past, she managed to frame a story in which she appeared to be the victim, innocent of all charges. She spoke about her husband, who had cancer; she was always by his side during his worst of times, but one day, a terrible accident occurred. While lighting a cigarette, the curtains of the house caught fire, and the court blamed her for the accident.

Only later in the film, after a few beers, and when Clara and Diego had found comfort in each other, did she confess the truth. Her husband worked in finance; he barely had time for her. She pretended to be busy as well and would make fake posters and stories about films in which she was cast. One evening, her husband went to watch the theater performance that she lied about being a part of. After finding out the truth, her husband argued with her and decided to leave her. She warned him that she would light the curtains on fire if he left; he instigated her to do it if she wanted to, and to keep her word, she did so. The whole house caught on fire, along with the neighbor’s house, where a dog died as a result.

Clara lived in a world of fantasy in which she took center stage. When the make-believe restaurant was set up, she created a website for the restaurant and named it “Monroe.” In her world of lies, she was often remarked upon for her resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, which prompted her to name the restaurant the same. She uploaded pictures of food that was never served and spoke highly of the exquisiteness of the place. People called her to reserve tables, but she always said that they were fully reserved. Although Diego knew about Clara’s brainchild, he was not completely invested in it. But that soon changed when his daughter wanted to have dinner at his restaurant. He wanted to turn the make-believe restaurant into a real restaurant. At first, Clara was not convinced, but when she received a Christmas reservation, she decided to give it a try. And thus began their journey of operating a restaurant, which helped the group overcome their social barriers.

‘Marilyn’s Eyes’ Ending Explained: Did Clara And Diego Fall In Love?

People started pouring into the restaurant right after the address was disclosed. Clara was clever enough to write about the antics of the team members as a part of a performance, and the audience enjoyed it. Diego became the star chef who dished out the best plates tasted by the diners. Diego managed to find alternatives during a crisis, something that he had been unable to do before. Clara helped Diego gain confidence, and they teamed up to help the restaurant achieve a spot amongst the top 100 restaurants. The manager at the center was impressed to see how the team managed the place. They were learning to take more responsibilities, and, in the process, they gained confidence.

The police had warned Clara about the absence of a license required to play music. Clara forged the document and lied to Diego about it. When Bianca and her mother came to the restaurant for dinner, Diego prepared his daughter’s favorite dish: pasta and sauce. In any case, Bianca relished the dish, and, in the meantime, Clara, dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, got on the stage. She dedicated a song to Diego, a Monroe song that his mother would often sing to him. Since his mother left him at a young age, the song was the only memory of her. After her performance, they kissed backstage, but Diego was quick to conclude that they would be a terrible combination. He commented that she could never be a good influence in his life and would make his life all the more miserable. Heartbroken, Clara threw an object and injured Diego’s nose. Outside the restaurant, the police had arrived. Clara tried to handle the situation. She showed the forged document, and the police identified her lie. When they were asked to show their IDs, she refused to do so and encouraged others to not show their IDs as well. A fire alarm was raised, and people ran for their lives. Clara even attacked the police in the chaos.

The team was released from the station after the center paid the fine. After all the wrongs she had committed, Clara was transferred to a residential institute. She could have been the best at her job, but somehow the urge to lie and choose the easier path took over, and it ruined what she had built for days within a few seconds. Diego was appointed as the chef of a prominent restaurant and received a hefty salary for it. His father advised him about the importance of surrounding himself with people who love him no matter what. Clara was among the few who loved him for who he was, and he decided to pursue their love even if that seemed odd to the rest of the world. He visited Clara at the archive, where she worked during the day, and professed his feelings for her. The two embraced one another, and the film ended on a happy note.

“Marilyn’s Eyes” is a romantic film that holds onto the hope of finding that right piece for oneself. The missing being who can make one’s complicated world a bit simpler. Enjoyable to watch with a few humorous moments, the film will surely cheer you up!

“Marilyn’s Eyes” is a 2022 Italian Romance Drama film directed by Simone Godano.

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