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The real nemesis of supervillain Modok was his former self from the past. A young Modok traveled in time to eliminate empathy from his future version. In order to throw him into a pit of despair. The feeling fuels his dreadful ambitions to change the world, or destroy it, as he pleases. The ending of Marvel’s Modok revolved around the same pursuit, but with a complicated canvas. It created an array of missing links which we will try to fill, as per our best knowledge.

Who was Modok?

Originally named George Tarleton, Modok was one of the supervillains who fought against the avengers. In Marvel comics, he is also a part of the Villain team called The Offenders. Physically, his head was mutated for which he faced humiliation in his childhood. A desolate feeling filled him with rage to change the world, and thus, he created a criminal organization called A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics), a rival of Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D.

The main purpose of A.I.M was to develop futuristic weapons, coming straight out of Modok’s supreme scientific brain. He wanted to conquer the world, become an emperor and destroy the Avengers. The series tracks his pursuit.

What happened to Hexus, the living organization?

Hexus served as an antagonist to Modok’s peaceful life. The organization not only took over his A.I.M but also wanted to employ his brain into developing tech that can destroy humans. In short, Hexus was an alien organization wishing for annihilation.

In the second last episode, “What Menace Doth the Mailman Deliver!”, Modok cunningly manipulates Hexus’s dream weapon, GRome. The device was originally designed to emit a mind-control frequency that destroys humanity and paves for their alien invasion. However, by the end of the episode, Modok changes the frequency rate, therefore spoiling their master plan.

How did Modok travel in Time?

George Tarleton was a simple scientist who worked for Avengers before turning into a supervillain. He was exposed to the Terrigen crystal, on which he was experimenting and mutated into Modok. In the series, he sported those crystals on his headband that gave him the power of a super-laser.

However, in one of the possible universes, the crystals penetrated Modok’s head and he became unstuck in time. This time-traveling version of Modok called himself “The Anomaly.” He held similar powers like Dr. Strange multiverse traveling capability. The crystals sent him spiraling not only through time but also space, accessing alternate futures. He aimed his powers to achieve his ultimate dream to conquer the world.

Modok Ending Explained – Why Anomaly wanted to Kill Modok’s Family?

The last minutes of episode “Days of Future M.O.D.O.K.s” act like an explainer to the missing plot, and connects directly with the Comics. In one of the alternate futures, The Anomaly found out that Modok actually achieved his villainous dream, however, it involved an ultimate sacrifice. The death of his family.

In order to change the current reality, The Anomaly tried to kill Modok’s family so the uncertain future becomes a definite reality. In the future, Modok’s love for his family shattered his soul and filled him with grief. The grief and trauma fueled him and gave him an edge to destroy the Avengers, and rule the world.

The ending of the series portrays an emperor Modok sitting on Iron-Throne made out of Iron Man’s body. His corridor or the hall of fame displays the signature weapon of Avengers superheroes, like Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer, symbolizing that he killed them all, finally.

But even after attaining great victory, Modok isn’t happy. He is still yearning for his family and experimenting with ways to save them. He kills The Anomaly by utilizing the drained powers in his crystals but with no success. He vows to bring his family back anyhow, because “Modok will have it all.”

What to Expect in ‘Marvel’s Modok’ Season 2?

Marvel’s Modok Season 2 will follow his efforts to travel back in time. He will try to invent a superior tech, the time machine with the help of his accomplice, supreme scientist Monica.

The unfinished living organization, Hexus will bring upon a new threat on his new world and create hindrance in his pursuit.

If you have any other queries, do write to us in the comments below. We’ll try our best to theorize.

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Marvel’s Modok Season 1 is an animated stop motion television series created by Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt. It is streaming on Hulu.

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