Will There Be A Season 2 Of Mask Girl? What Can We Expect Next?


When all the main characters, the protagonists and antagonists, die at the end of a series, you can safely conclude that there won’t be a Mask Girl Season 2. However, there is something called “love for a story” and “not getting enough of it,” which can propel an extension of sorts. The fact is that Mask Girl touched on the dark side of the world’s obsession with looks and how it doesn’t allow so many people to lead a full life. Viewers of the show might remember that during the court scene where Mask Girl’s case was being presented, Handsome Monk’s mother got up and said that half the country and the world is ugly. Her words may have been different, but this is what she meant. This means that people have the right not to look a certain way, yet they are continuously penalized for it.

Mask Girl also highlighted how this was different for men and women; case in point, the male colleagues in Kim Mo Mi’s office who saw it fit to pass comments on the looks of their female colleagues, whereas the women may have had their crushes (on Mr. Park), but nobody talked about it the way the men did. For those seeking to argue, we would advise that you look up ‘false equivalence.’ Moving on, this difference was not the focal point of Season 1, but it could be that of Season 2. We suspect that Season 2 of Mask Girl may be centered around Mo Mi’s daughter, Mi Mo. She finally knows the truth about her mother, but the world doesn’t. They continue to judge her as some plastic surgery-crazy addict who went on a murder spree. By extension, they also judge Mi Mo, and she has a history of violence to corroborate their accusations, no matter whether they were incited or not.

Mi Mo was shown as a girl who preferred to be alone so that she could protect her identity and, by extension, her feelings from being hurt. But that changed when she met her friend, Ye Chun. However, there is only so much that a friend can do. It is important to remember that Mi Mo was mostly neglected by her grandmother, the only person of protection and authority that she had in her life. She may have apologized to her while dying, but that doesn’t make up for Mi Mo’s emotional needs. At the end of season 1, Mi Mo had found tapes of her mother, and we suspect that she may continue to watch them to feel closer to her. Maybe there will be a point when she shares the same dream as her mother.

Something about Mo Mi and her mother always felt out of the ordinary, and we suspect that mental illness must run in the family. It might be a plot worth exploring, whether Mi Mo will be the one to break out of it or continue it. Love has to be a part of the equation because it is the only thing capable of giving the most comfort or the rudest shock. While we don’t want it to happen, Mi Mo might fall in love with her best friend. Or perhaps there could be something with a twist, and Ye Chun becomes the new Mask Girl. Mi Mo being it would be too obvious, and everyone would suspect her to begin with. But if Ye Chun was the one to do it, it would be an intriguing mystery. It also makes more sense since she is the one who is victimized for her looks, continuing the theme of the series. Additionally, she is entirely capable of a little deception, as we saw when she used to be friends with Mi Mo. Would that mean that Mi Mo is the first casualty of Mask Girl Season 2? Should that happen?

On that note, revenge was also a central theme of Mask Girl Season 1. But who would want to take revenge this time? Is it Handsome Monk’s mother? She was pretty angry with Mo Mi for killing her son and easily ignored the fact that he was a potential sexual assaulter. Would she have found some sense over the years, or, like Kyung Ja, is she still burning for revenge? Maybe she did not actively pursue Kim Mo Mi and/or her daughter. But years later, if, by chance, Mi Mo or Ye Chun pretending to be Mask Girl crossed her path, would she stay still and not react at all, or would she show the girls just how angry she is? On that note, what about Eun Sak? She cannot be happy about what must have happened to her daughter after Mo Mi disappeared from the hospital. She might be the one to go on a rampage. It felt a little odd that her character served such little purpose in the series. Was she there just for Mo Mi to prove herself “crazy” and later create an impediment or opportunity to escape from prison? Eun Sak has considerable pull with the police officers, and there is no saying what she can or cannot do. Much like Kyung Ja, she may want to harm Mi Mo the way her daughter was harmed. Or if she has survived by some miracle, we wouldn’t be surprised if the series said that she still needed some organ or blood from some person, and Eun Sak decides to hunt down Mi Mo since her blood group must be the same as her mother’s, thus making her eligible.

Apart from the possible events, Season 1 was about certified “crazy” characters, while we suspect that Season 2 will be about characters still discovering their crazy. Either way, we would like for it to be a lot crisper than Season 1 of Mask Girl. We do not want the somewhat slow pace to repeat in Season 2 of Mask Girl. On a different note, we also think that Season 1’s legacy should be left untouched. There really is no need for a sequel. We have not read the manga the show is based on, so we don’t know whether there is some story left or not, but either way, as a series, this felt complete in itself. However, if the network announces a second season, we know it is in good hands.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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