‘Masters Of The Air’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Buck & Bucky’s Party Night End?


In the first episode of Masters of the Air, we were introduced to the 100th Bomb Group through the eyes of Lt. Harry Crosby, a navigator who suffered from airsickness. That said, it was established that the protagonists of the Apple TV+ miniseries were Buck and Bucky. These characters, along with many others, were stationed at Thorpe Abbotts Air Base in England. Bucky went on a mission to bomb Adolf Hitler’s Germany and realized how horrific it was. When Buck went on a mission, Bucky was disallowed from going up there with him, thereby preventing him from guiding his friend and having his back. And, as expected, Buck and his team’s trip to Bremen was a total failure because they weren’t able to see the target. In addition to feeling the loss of the young members of his team, Buck was miffed at Bucky’s decision to send him into the battlefield without the necessary information.

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The Americans Get In A Fistfight With The British

Episode 2 of Masters of the Air opens with Buck and the rest of the 100th being interrogated about what went down during their mission in Bremen. Buck checks in on the injured, and he learns that Huglin has been sent to London so that his condition can be analyzed by a specialist. Bucky laments about not feeling anything about the deaths of the soldiers and asks Curtis to punch him on his face because he wants to make sure that his senses are still functional. After that, Bucky meets the new Commanding Officer (CO), Harding, and informs Buck and Kidd that he has been demoted to the position of CO of the 418th Squadron, and Kidd has been promoted to the position of Air Executive. Once Kidd leaves in a huff, Buck says something (I don’t know what his exact words are because the screener doesn’t have subtitles and Austin Butler is still doing his unintelligible Elvis Presley voice) about recommending Bucky’s name as the CO. Bucky says that he is going to write to the families of the deceased, and Buck says that he is going to help him. Bucky says that if there are two pilots left in the sky, it’s going to be him and Buck, and Buck tells him that he shouldn’t count on that. And the episode cuts to the opening credits, while leaving me confused about the dialogue and writing of this show. Anyway, there’s a time jump of three weeks. There’s been a plane crash during training. Duties are divided between the survivors. Later, the Americans go out for a night of drinking and merrymaking with the British, and it culminates in a fistfight between Curtis and one of the Brits, which he wins. Apparently, it’s a test of one’s manhood or something. In addition to that, the scene reveals that the Americans are doing daylight bombing while the British are doing nighttime bombing. The American way is precise, but it offers no protection because the daylight exposes them. The British way is not so precise, but it offers some protection because they aren’t visible in the night sky. The answer to which method is more effective depends on the morality of the individual.

The 100th Carries Out A Somewhat Successful Mission In Norway

During his narration, Crosby dedicates some of his time to the air base staff, who tirelessly work to ensure that the planes are functional and well-equipped. Crosby says that he considers those people to be with them in spirit during their bombing runs, despite the thankless nature of their jobs. The narrative then focuses on the 100th’s latest mission, and their target is the submarine pen in Trondheim, Norway. Bubbles is dismissed because of his bad physical health and is replaced by Crosby. He has apparently kept his airsickness under wraps, or else he won’t be allowed to go on a single mission. Once everyone is locked and loaded, the squadrons of the 100th take off into the cloudy skies. The two American boys and the two British kids clean off the runway with fire. That leads to a good transition where the smoke from the fire merges with the planes heading towards Trondheim. Crosby starts puking again. Bucky tells everyone to keep their formation tight. Crosby notices smoke emerging from the land and directs the squadron towards that spot. As soon as they enter the airspace, anti-aircraft bombs start going off. Most of them make it through. Curtis’ plane gets hit, but it’s not bad enough to cause them to crash immediately. All of them manage to deploy the bombs and destroy the target. While heading home, the squadrons get into a dog fight, but they survive it. Unfortunately, Curtis falls back and makes a crash landing somewhere in Scotland, while the rest of them head over to England. The CGI and VFX during this landing sequence are very iffy. Actually, the CGI and VFX throughout the show are very iffy. Sometimes it’s really good, and sometimes it’s really bad. I guess Top Gun: Maverick has set an impossible standard, and anything that falls short just straight up looks off.

How Did Buck & Bucky’s Party Night End?

Crosby sits down with Bubbles to explain his ordeal. Bucky shows up in the infirmary to check on Bubbles, and Crosby starts apologizing for being indecisive during the mission due to his airsickness. Bucky assures Crosby that he has done an excellent job, and hence, he’ll get a permanent position on Major Everett Blakely’s team. Since it’s good news and it means that Crosby will be going on many more missions, Bubbles tells him to hold on to his lucky snowglobe that he had given to Crosby earlier. Given how Bubbles needs some time to recover, he won’t need his lucky charm anytime soon. If it benefits Crosby, then that’s a good thing. At the end of Masters of the Air episode 2, the pilots and their crews throw a party where they drink, sing, dance, and flirt. Amidst all this chaos, Buck gets a call from Curtis, who is stuck in Scotland, and he and his team are drinking to their hearts’ content. Then, everyone at the British airbase goes for some kind of bicycle race. I guess it’s a “last man standing” kind of race and not a “you have to get to the finish line” kind of race because there is no finish line. Much like the fist fight, it’s a “men being men” thing, and if this is what you want to see in your propaganda show, then you’ll like it. If you don’t, then you won’t like this propaganda show. The episode ends with the boys looking at the war going on near Norwich while Buck and Bucky talk about gambling and shortcuts. Eventually, they agree that the British are right about one thing: nighttime raids are better than daytime raids. That shows that the Americans are learning instead of sticking to their methods, I suppose. Will this newly acquired knowledge help them in a positive way? We have to wait until next week to know the answer.

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