‘MaveriX’ Ending, Explained: Does Scott Griffin Win The Nationals Against Katzos?


“MaveriX”, with its 10 episodes of approximately half an hour each, is a great rendition of team spirit and sportsmanship. And what hits home is the fact that the show is directed towards the younger generation that is either in the process of generating interest in sports or is already into it. And to make use of Motocross does add the perfect adrenaline rush to the motive. Scott (Darcy Tadich), Jenny (Tatiana Goode), Richie (Tjiirdm McGuire), Bear (Sam Winspear-Schillings), Kaden (Sebastian Tang), and Angelique (Charlotte Maggi) have their personal issues and there are fallouts as well, but it is helping each other out that ultimately gets them together. And the one thing that makes them alike is their love for dirt bike racing.

‘MaveriX’ Season 1: Plot Summary – What Is The Series About?

Teenage racer Scott Griffin and his father and motocross legend Griffo (Rohan Nichol) form the “MaveriX” racing academy to form their own team and take it to the Nationals. Jenny, Richie, and Kaden are the first recruits. Jenny is all set to prove herself equal to a man by all means; Richie’s parents won’t allow him to ride unless he takes care of his studies; and Kaden is a particularly cynical lad. Bear is the next addition who has a repulsive attitude towards the academy but has to make do as her mother Tanya (Jane Harber) is the manager. Finally, we have Angelique, aka Angie, whom we come across as someone trying to steal the academy’s tools rather than being a part of the academy itself. However, after the others watch her skills, they give her an offer to join the team, which she accepts. Now that the team is complete, they begin their training at the “MaveriX” academy. In the beginning, there are sparks, with each member having trouble dealing with another and proving themselves better. However, if they want to win the Nationals, they have to work together, understand each other, and help each other, not just on the track but also as friends. As well as winning, they also have to prove themselves better to their primary competitors, the Katzos, and their number one rider, Lawson Tiler (Pedrea Jackson), the typical irksome brat who always looks down upon his competitors, not leaving any stone unturned to demean them. “MaveriX” takes all these and turns them into a Motocross-motivated show of friendship and teamwork.

The Conflicts

There are always conflicts, if not fights, in a group that has only recently come into being. Each person has a different mindset and way of proving himself or herself better. While sometimes this takes the form of fun, other times it gets serious. Jenny is someone who is in no way willing to accept defeat from anyone. Even after she falls ill in Episode 5, she disregards the fact that she needs rest and returns to training despite others telling her to not stress herself out. Her motive to prove that she isn’t weak makes no sense to anyone. She even disregards her trainer Griffo’s orders in this endeavor. Richie’s love for motorcycles goes beyond racing and reaches inside the vehicles. He almost becomes the crew’s hardware guy. However, his conflict lies in the fact that his parents want him to concentrate on his academics and he too wants to listen to them to a certain extent. This is why, time and again, we see him following what his parents tell him to do, even if he is against them. He does race in the Nationals, but for his scholarship team. Kaden, already cynical, isn’t really friendship material as he is always trying to prove that he is the best. He evidently also has a strained relationship with his parents when we see in Episode 6 how they missed their son’s birthday, and send a mere text wishing him. Bear has a love-hate relationship with his father. He wants to “chill” with his father, but when he turns up, he wants to stay away from him in a way that shows Bear’s passive-aggressiveness towards him. His father has never really been there for him or appreciated him like Scott’s father has. And finally, we have Angelique, who is a girl who is indignant, blustering, and has a competitive arguing nature. She has her hands in illegal pies that she used to steal, and later on, her brother also goes to jail for robbery. And at the helm of all this is an ostensible Scott who has to point his crew in the right direction, if not lead them.

And the crew’s conflict comes in the form of their primary opponent team, the Katzos, and their best rider, Lawson Tiler. It’s a competition-turned-rivalry-turned-hatred between the two crews, with neither leaving an opportunity to try and humiliate the other. So altogether, “MaveriX” is about how each individual overcomes his or her personal conflicts to conquer the crew’s conflict by helping each other.

‘MaveriX’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Does Scott Griffin Win The Nationals Against Katzos?

We discussed the conflicting interests of each kid in the “MaveriX” crew. And how they come out of it has been portrayed aptly using just ways. The first teamwork came in the form of bringing Jenny safely back home after she fell ill in Episode 5. Bear applied medic skills that he learned from his mother, Scott gathered a tree branch to act as the lever to get the car out of the pit, and Richie, Kaden, and Angie started it up. They even called an ambulance. In Episode 6, Richie helps Angie get her brother’s bail. Angie doesn’t want “charity,” but Richie, who wants to help her, offers the money from his parents as a “loan” which she can return. Again, towards the end of this episode, everyone celebrates Kaden’s birthday together, despite Kaden’s hiding it from them. Richie finally speaks up to his parents about what he wants to do and takes a stand for his friends. Bear hugs it out with his father and mother, learning that he has got nothing to prove to them and that they are proud of him. In Episode 7, Scott cheats during a race, feels guilty, and opens up to his friends and his father. The word goes out: he is disqualified and his points are taken away. However, despite being angry at him, his team stands by him when their sponsor, Barb Brewin (Trisha Morton-Thomas), makes them choose between her or Scott as she cannot sponsor a team that has been found cheating. As a result, they lose their sponsorship, but they get to have Scott back on the team. There are also multiple instances throughout the show where all of them spend time with each other, having fun, eating, and, of course, riding, and celebrating their love for motocross together. And ultimately, they win the Nationals, defeating their rivals, the Katzos.

“MaveriX” is a feel-good show that is nicely put together. It is no doubt a treat for the young audience—especially young boys—and is much better if it can spark an interest in motocross, which it probably will.

“MaveriX” is a 2022 Action Sports Drama Series created by Rachel Clements, Isaac Elliott and Sam Meikle.

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