Mad Max Cameo In ‘Furiosa’ 2024 & Timeline, Explained


Max Rockatansky, the central protagonist of the Mad Max franchise, is a beacon of hope shining brightly amidst a dead and decaying wasteland. The character represents how every living being can master their sanity and not end up becoming a savage. Even in the battle for survival, one can find a way to protect their humanity and live in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, only Max, the ex-patrol officer, understands the notion. [Spoiler Alert] In the 2024 film, George Miller gave us a glimpse of his protagonist, Max Rockatansky, who was seen standing on a cliff after The Mad King and Dementus attacked Imperator Furiosa and her alleged lover. However, the character is not played by Tom Hardy in the 2024 film. As per the IMDB credits, it is played by an actor named Jacob Tomuri, who is listed as The Dogman.

Now, before jumping into the significance of Max’s character in the 2024 Furiosa film, let me give a bit of context here. The greedy Dementus had declared war on Immortan Joe because he wasn’t able to feed the mouths in his newly captured kingdom, i.e., the Gas Town. It seems dictatorship is not everyone’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, he demanded more food from Immortan Joe, who, being a calculative autocrat, refused the demand, because of which Dementus captured the Bullet Farm so as to have the upper hand in the impending battle. As soon as Furiosa and Jack arrived at the Bullet Farm to fill the newly-built War Rig with bullets, they were attacked by Dementus and his Biker Horde. Somehow, the lovers escaped, but Dementus, as demented as he was, couldn’t let his enemies escape, which was already established in the opening sequence of the film. So he chased down Furiosa and Jack and killed the latter but failed to eliminate the larger threat. Furiosa stole the bike and quite literally “single-handedly” outran the horde of savage bikers.

One jump cut later (which seems like Miller’s favorite storytelling technique of 2024), we saw Furiosa bleeding under the scorching sun and walking on the deserted plain. She was spotted by someone donning classic MFP leathers and standing beside a car, which, I guess, was none other than a black Ford XB GT Falcon Hardtop, popularly known as the V8 Interceptor in the Mad Max universe. For those who don’t remember, Max Rockatansky is (or was) quite obsessed with his car. Maybe the car and his dog filled the void created by his murdered wife and children. So, did Max meet Furiosa before the events of Fury Road?

It can be speculated that it was Max who saved Furiosa from dying in the desert and brought her to the Citadel so that she could live. He perhaps dropped her off in the darkness of the night and left without saying a much-needed goodbye. And if this holds true, then it can be suggested that a young Max Rockatansky did meet a young Furiosa in the past but perhaps didn’t remember the meeting; otherwise, he would have hinted at it in Fury Road, right? Or maybe Max did remember meeting her in the 2015 film when he trusted her so quickly in the movie. But whatever the case might be, I don’t think Furiosa remembers meeting Max, as she had lost too much blood and was too unconscious to remember anything. Additionally, at that moment, she was burning with the desire to take revenge and most likely didn’t have the time to ponder over any of these things.

As per the Mad Max timeline, I guess the Furiosa film took place sometime after the first film (1979) or during the second film, i.e., The Road Warrior (1981). The third film in the franchise took place some 15 years after the events of the second film, but as per his appearance, Max didn’t look that old. Additionally, his iconic Pursuit Special blew up like a cracker at the end of the second film, which takes place three years after the first film. However, for some reason, a similar car did make an appearance in Fury Road (2015), though it did seem a tad-bit different. In such a scenario, it is safe to assume that either Furiosa (2024) happened after the first film or the second film. Furthermore, Max had lost his family in the first film and was constantly haunted by the loss throughout the runtime of the 2015 film. So, I guess, his emotional wounds were quite fresh.

Finally, the last question is: will Max and Furiosa meet again after Fury Road? The end of the 2024 film filled in the gaps in the story and connected it to Fury Road when Furiosa decided to liberate the wives and take them to the “Green Place of Many Mothers,” unaware of the fact that it had already been turned into swamp land. But by the end of Fury Road, she brings the wives back to the Citadel and seizes it to give them their rightful place, which they deserve. Max, on the other hand, disappeared into the crowd after finally saying “goodbye” to Furiosa. I guess Fury Road concludes Furiosa’s arc in the Mad Max universe, and the next film in the franchise, which is rumored to be titled The Wasteland, will most likely follow Max Rockatansky hunting a new horde of savages and bringing justice to the wasteland dwellers.

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Shikhar Agrawal
Shikhar Agrawal
I am an Onstage Dramatist and a Screenwriter. I have been working in the Indian Film Industry for the past 12 years, writing dialogues for various films and television shows.

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