‘Maxton Hall’ Season 2 Expectations: Is Cordelia Beaufort Dead?


Mona Kasten has written three books centered around the students of Maxton Hall, and they are called Save Me, Save You, and Save Us. It’s true that there is a lot of “saving” going on here. But this also means that there’s a good chance that Maxton Hall is not only going to get a second season but a third season as well. It’s weird, though, that the makers of the Prime Video show have decided to name it Maxton Hall even though they knew that their characters would graduate from that high school by the end of Season 1. So, is the next one going to be called From Maxton Hall to the University of Oxford? Well, I sincerely hope that that doesn’t happen, and by that, I mean that I am praying that this show doesn’t get greenlit for a second season because I am not a fan of suffering. Prime Video has thankfully not done anything of the sort at the time of writing this article. On the off chance that they do decide to go forward with Maxton Hall Season 2, well, here are some theories.

Spoiler Alert

Is Lydia going to keep the baby?

During the concluding moments of Maxton Hall Season 1, it was revealed that Lydia was pregnant with her teacher and lover’s baby, Graham Sutton. Lydia did say that she wanted to live with Sutton. But she was evidently not prepared to have a baby at such a young age. Just to be clear, Lydia is a teenager, and Graham is an adult man. And at no point in the entire show has this been looked down upon. Anyway, Lydia tried to tell her mother about her pregnancy, but she died off-screen. Given how tyrannical her father is, I don’t think she’ll be able to reveal that she is pregnant with Sutton’s baby. There’s a good chance that Mortimer will not only have Sutton expelled from Maxton Hall, but he’ll probably kill the teacher as well. That leaves her with two other options: aborting the baby or eloping with Sutton. Abortion will probably sever her relationship with Sutton, but it’ll preserve her ties to the Beaufort estate. Eloping will probably lead to some form of honor killing.

Was Cordelia Beaufort killed?

When it was revealed that Cordelia Beaufort had died, I actually laughed out loud. Much like every other character in Maxton Hall, Cordelia had no depth or substance. To make matters worse, Clelia Sarto didn’t have a lot of screen time as well. So, it was hilarious that the showrunners thought that anyone would be bothered by the abrupt nature of her passing. That said, something about the fact that Cordelia sided with James makes me think that she tried to convince Mortimer to allow Jason to be in a relationship with Ruby and give the keys to the Beaufort empire to Lydia because she was better suited for the job, and Mortimer freaked out and murdered her. If that’s the case, then the butler knows something, and, in the second season, maybe he’ll avenge Cordelia with James’ help. I haven’t read the book. Therefore, please feel free to correct me if Cordelia has just died unceremoniously, and I’m desperately trying to make this dull-as-hell feel somewhat interesting.

What Will Happen to Alistair’s Relationship?

If you hadn’t paid attention, you probably would’ve missed an entire subplot involving Alistair Ellington’s relationship with Keshav Patel. Apparently, Alistair and Keshav are in love with each other, but Keshav can’t admit in front of his friends that he is gay. So, Alistair apparently spends all six episodes trying to get Keshav to come out in the open regarding their relationship. I say “apparently” because we rarely see them communicate or do anything remotely romantic. Yet, the concluding moments of Maxton Hall Season 1 allow Alistair to give a humongous speech about love and whatnot. And then he proceeds to frolic around with another guy at the University of Oxford, which makes Keshav jealous. Therefore, if Alistair and Keshav end up studying at the same university and if the latter still refuses to go public with his relationship, I guess Alistair will move on to greener pastures.

Will Ruby Bell and James Beaufort get back together?

I don’t know if Ruby or James got into the University of Oxford. They gave their interviews. They buried the hatchet and had sex. And then they returned home. Ruby was happy with her family, and she was glad that she had reconciled with James after their breakup due to Mortimer’s intervention. But, going by the ending of Maxton Hall Season 1, it seems like James is going to backtrack on that decision again. I don’t know if James wants to inherit the Beaufort estate. I mean, he did beat up his father. So, there’s a good chance that Mortimer is going to kick him out. However, Mortimer wants a man at the helm of things. Therefore, it’s possible that he is going to digest those punches and keep the doors open for James. If James and Ruby get to study at the same university, then they’ll probably be able to keep the flames of their relationship alight. If not (because of James’ responsibilities towards the Beaufort estate), well, I guess Ruby will get together with Jude and move on. And there’ll be some kind of love triangle situation going on between Ruby, James, and Jude. If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to keep your eyes on the horizon for Maxton Hall Season 2.

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