‘Maxton Hall’ Ending Explained: What’s Next For Ruby And James?


Maxton Hall: The World Between Us takes us on a journey of self-realization where, on one end, a boy finds a girl in front of whom he could afford to be vulnerable, and on the other hand, a girl finds a boy who nullified all her assumptions and became her safe place. There were many subplots that drove the narrative, but a lot of them became inconsequential in the end, in turn making the screenplay look a bit flimsy. James, one of the protagonists, never thought that he would have the courage to speak up for himself. It had been so long since he had suppressed his own feelings that he had forgotten what he wanted in life. Ruby, on the other hand, was always focused, and she made the right choices no matter how conflicting the situations got. Ruby followed a straight path, and she never expected a curve like James to come into her life and change it forever. Ruby’s priorities were always sorted, but after James entered the picture, she wanted to live every dream with him by her side. It was the most unlikely pair, and even their peers didn’t think they would be able to take their relationship that far. But Ruby and James understood each other in ways that others didn’t. So, let’s find out what happened at the end of Maxton Hall season 1 and if all the characters got what they were seeking in life.

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Did Lydia And Sutton End Up Together? 

At the beginning of Maxton Hall, it seemed like Sutton and Lydia were involved in that teacher-student romance where everything was just about physical intimacy. But they were actually in love with each other. For the longest time, they both didn’t meet in college, as Ruby had seen them in a compromising situation, and they feared that their reputation would be at stake as nobody would understand the dynamics of their relationship. In fact, Sutton went and apologized to Ruby several times, as he didn’t want to lose his job. Days passed, and Lydia believed that she had moved on in life, but it was not so. All those feelings came rushing back to her when she saw Sutton with another woman who happened to be his ex-partner. Lydia tried talking to Sutton time and again, but the latter knew that Lydia’s father wouldn’t let them be together. He knew that Lydia led a privileged life, and he didn’t want to force her to do anything that would make her compromise with the kind of life she had. But the materialistic world didn’t amount to anything for Lydia if it didn’t have her favorite person in it. Lydia and Sutton didn’t end up together even after the former promised to run away with him.

In Maxton Hall‘s ending, Lydia realized that she had certain responsibilities and that she needed to cater to them in the right way. A twist came in the form of Lydia’s pregnancy. Lydia didn’t tell anybody about it as she hadn’t made up her mind about what she wanted to do. There were a lot of inner conflicts that she was facing and she was well aware of the consequences her actions could have on her and her family. Lydia got into Oxford because she always wanted to have the proper qualifications to head her company, but the problem was that her father still didn’t want her to be the face of the organization. Lydia conceptualized each and every campaign, and the young Beaufort line of design was also her brainchild. But Mortimer believed that she brought bad luck with her, and if she was made CEO, then their empire would fall. Due to these prejudices, Lydia could never show the world what she was capable of. If there is a Maxton Hall season 2, we will get to know what Lydia does with her baby and if Mortimer leaves his orthodox thinking behind and gives her the reins of the company. 

Did Ruby get into Oxford? 

Ruby and James’ relationship was going strong when the latter’s father got a whiff of it, and he asked his son to leave Ruby immediately. According to Mortimer, every girl who approached James and who didn’t come from an affluent background was a gold digger. Mortimer told James how Ruby’s father was in a wheelchair and how their finances had taken a hit after his accident. He told James that she was just after his money and that it was bad PR for him to be seen with her. Mortimer told James that he would ruin Ruby’s life if he didn’t leave her. James had no option but to cut off Ruby completely because he didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. Ruby didn’t know why he was all of a sudden behaving like that, and it hurt her way too much. But Ruby knew that she had to focus on her studies, and she couldn’t afford to get distracted. One may call it fate, but Ruby and James reached Oxford, and their rooms were opposite each other. James saw Ruby with another guy, and he realized that he couldn’t live with the regret of leaving her just because his father was against their relationship. James told Ruby everything, and they came back together.

During Maxton Hall‘s ending, James decided that he would not take admission to Oxford but instead do what he really loved. He had no idea where life was going to take him, but he was ready for the challenge. But once again, life threw him on the ground as he got to know that his mother had passed away. Mortimer didn’t even think that it was necessary to inform his kids about it, and that’s when all hell broke loose. A boy who never raised his voice in front of his father assaulted him. James left his house, and he straightaway went to meet Ruby. But he stood there at her window, looking at her, celebrating her victory in getting into Oxford. Something snapped inside him, and he left from there, not knowing where he would go next. 

What’s Next For Ruby And James? 

At this juncture, James had a lot to figure out for himself. His entire life was a mess, and he didn’t have a clue what his father was going to do next. Lydia was dealing with her own issues, and she also knew that James would have to fight his battle all alone this time. If there is a Maxton Hall season 2, James would probably want to cut off from Ruby because he believes he is not in the right state of mind. But I think eventually they would come together, as Ruby was not the kind of girl who gave up on people. Their relationship would not be easy, as Mortimer would make sure that they didn’t end up together, but sooner or later, he would have to accept their love. As for Lydia, I believe she would get to head the company, and she would prove to everybody how capable and deserving she was. We would have to wait for an official announcement from the makers to find out where the lives of these characters lead them and if they have to make some compromises in their journey. 

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