‘Maya The Bee 3: The Golden Orb’ Review – Adventure Is Waiting For You!

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Maya The Bee 3: The Golden Orb, directed by Noel Cleary, is an animated adventure movie of two bee best friends, Maya and Willi, and their adventures together.

Maya, an adventurous and brave little bee, is always looking for things to fix, whether it is bringing back the sun or helping others. But most of the time she ends up being in trouble. Willi, her best friend, is timid and scared of such adventures but always ends up being in one with Maya. This time they are out for finding something special which can keep them together in the hive.

Finally, they end up helping an ant being chased by a group of beetles. They take up the mission to deliver the Golden Orb to the family of ants to save them from the beetles. They are accompanied by the comedic duo of ants, Arnie and Barnie. 

To make matters worse they are chased by a group of beetles who want to prevent the golden orb from reaching its destination. Soon on their journey, Maya and Willi realize that the golden orb has an ant princess whom they name Smoosh. 

Will they ever be able to reach their destination and save the ants from beetles? Find out by watching Maya The Bee 3?: The Golden Orb today.

Coco Jack Gillies has given her voice to Maya, to bring out the cheerful and chirpy bee to life. Benson Jack Anthony has given his voice to Willi and has done an excellent job in bringing out how Will changes throughout the movie. Other voice casts are Frances Berry, Christian Charisiou, Justine Clarke, David Collins, and Shane Dundas. 

The movie gives a strong message that it is better to live together in unity and harmony and to help each other. The use of vibrant colors and forest sceneries will surely appeal to children while also making them understand the values of bravery and courage. The movie also has some great songs throughout which can make the young audience enjoy to the fullest. 

Maya The Bee 3: The Golden Orb is a 2021 children animated film. It isn’t available online right now.

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