‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Rowan Survive? Why Is Everything Upside Down?


To be honest, Episode 5 of “Mayfair Witches” was great. It had just the right amount of intrigue that also pushed the story forward in a meaningful way. However, we must point out that it is a bit too little, too late. With only three episodes left in the season, we know so little about Lasher, Ciprien, or even the Mayfair witches. This was a good episode, but the series is not as good as it could have been. That leaves us with not much to say except maybe that Lasher seems to particularly like dresses from the 1960s. Apologies if we got the decade wrong. So, without much ado, let us see what happens after Carlotta stabs Ciprien.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens Inside The Mayfair House?

Ciprien and Rowan wake up in bed together, and the former offers to make her breakfast. He is still hurt from where Carlotta stabbed him, but neither of them notice it. Either way, he certainly makes a great breakfast—the kind we post pictures of on Instagram. But the trouble is that this seems to be happening in a loop. Ciprien and Rowan talk as if they have just woken up, and then he gets up to make her breakfast, obviously with no memory of anything prior to this day. Rowan finally notices the wound on him, and she quickly starts gathering their clothes so that they may go to a hospital. But when she finds a blood-stained dagger in the bathroom, she suspects that she might have been the one to stab him. Ciprien touches the dagger and comes to know that it was Carlotta who had gotten him when he was trying to protect Rowan. That is when they start thinking about how long they have been there, and both of them make their way downstairs, but they can’t get the doors to open. Rowan discovers that they are locked inside the house, and she runs upstairs to call out for help, with Ciprien near the main door, chanting incantations at the door, trying to get it to open.

Meanwhile, as Rowan desperately tries to attract help, she finds Ciprien in the room, bringing breakfast again. He tells her that she has hit her head and has been confused since. Rowan almost buys into the ruse, that is, until she sees his hands and figures out that it is not Ciprien. As for Ciprien, he finds the spirit of Stuart Townsend, who is living as if he is still waiting for Antha to come down the stairs. Stuart is Talamasca, and he was assigned to protect Antha, Rowan’s grandmother. We can deduce that he must have fallen in love with her the same way Ciprien fell for Rowan. Upon asking Stuart what happened to him, he just replies that Ciprien should not die in the Mayfair house.

As for Rowan, while she is looking for some first aid for Ciprien, she finds the spirit of Millie Mayfair, Carlotta’s sister. She says that she can’t hold on without Carlotta, indicating that she had died long ago and had been a spirit all along. Rowan makes her way downstairs and tries to patch up Ciprien but finds that it is a magical wound, one that is above her pay grade. Hence, she calls out for Lasher and tells him that she will stay and do whatever it is that he wants as long as he lets Ciprien leave the place unharmed. The moment she says it, Ciprien disappears.

As she wanders around the house, she finds a dress laid out for her, the kind we mentioned before. When she meets Lasher wearing it, she finds that he is spinning a tale for her where he claims she is in charge. Her childhood pet can come back alive, and she can eat all the cake she wants. But she also finds Carlotta suspended in the air and unconscious. Lasher tells her that she can come back down if she wants and lets her know everything she did to Dierdre, but Rowan does not want to kill her.

When she makes her way upstairs, she finds Millie’s spirit again, which is looking for a way to stop Lasher. With her frenzied help, Rowan finds a diary with a way to get rid of him. The ingredients she needs for it are in the basement, and when she goes there, she finds the dead body of Delphine and realizes that Carlotta is the culprit. She wants to get out of the basement but finds it locked by Millie. As she grows more desperate, Lasher tells her that the door will open if she wants it to. Rowan gets out, but she still believes that it is Lasher who is controlling the house. She tells him that she wants to send Carlotta to jail and asks him to bring her down. As Carlotta crashes to the floor and Lasher disappears, Rowan tries once again to leave the house, but the door is still locked. This is when Carlotta tells her that there is another way.

Meanwhile, Ciprien has been transported back to his house, just as Rowan wished. People from his agency come to treat him. A woman wearing a cotton saree that could have been draped better, transfers the wound from him to herself, and extracts the attacking weapon, thus healing Ciprien. It is safe to assume that the woman is okay. Unfortunately, the entire scene has been witnessed by Ciprien’s sister, and this is when she comes to know her brother’s exact job. 

‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Does Rowan Get Out Of The House? Why Is Everything Upside Down?

Carlotta takes Rowan to the balcony upstairs and indicates that the only way for her to leave the house is by dying. She claims that the rest of Rowan’s life is going to be unhappy, and this is the way to ensure that evil doesn’t spread further. Rowan understands that Antha did not kill herself; in fact, Carlotta encouraged her to jump and give up her life. She refuses to do Carlotta’s bidding and uses her own powers to kill her great-aunt. This is the first time that Rowan has willingly used her powers to kill someone, and she understands that there is no going back from this. As she goes downstairs one more time, she finds that the door unlocks now, and she can finally step outside. But, to her horror, the entire world is upside down. She is not free of Lasher or the house yet. She still has to go through a few hurdles before she realizes the full extent of her power. As for Ciprien, his sister tells him to stay away from Rowan, as she means danger, but he is already in love with her, not to mention that protecting her is his job. We will see if he is able to bring her out of the upside-down world in “Mayfair Witches” Episode 6.

What Should We Expect From ‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 6?

As we said before, there is still a fair share of challenges for Rowan that are going to push her to her limits so that she ends up discovering the full extent of her powers. Ciprien might try and help her through it. We are also going to be introduced to the people out on witch hunts in old Scotland and in the modern age. We feel like “Mayfair Witches” Episode 6 is going to be fairly predictable, but what we really want to see is the real backstory of the Mayfairs and how Lasher came to be with them. Everything else is just passe.

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