‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Does Rowan Find Lasher?


We struggle for words to describe what we are feeling about “Mayfair Witches,” Episode 7 because it is absolutely nothing. Yes, the story has progressed, but it was something that was predictable from the get go. Of course, we knew that Rowan would embrace her full powers right from Episode 1. Therefore, it is just infuriating to see in Episode 7 what we had anticipated from a mile away. This series could have been done in five episodes instead of eight. However, the question we want to ask is whether the entire first novel of the “Mayfair Witches” book series is just this, or is it the show that has dragged out the storyline this way? One of our readers must let us know because, when we ordered the book, the website sent us a book on Viagra instead, a fact that is stranger than the entire fiction of “Mayfair Witches.” Anyway, while we wait for our refund, let us go through the events of Episode 7.

Spoilers Ahead

Ciprien’s Time In The Past

In “Mayfair Witches” Episode 6, we saw that Ciprien was stuck in the past. He had gone inside a memory, using the necklace as a portal, and when Rowan transferred the necklace to Tessa, he was left without a means to come back. As he is trying to find a way, he hears Arjuna’s (the woman wearing the badly draped saree) voice, and she tells him that he must find the necklace, as that is what will bring him back. Ciprien knows the necklace is with Suzanne, so he tries to look for her and, on the way, finds that the entire village has been burned to the ground. Florie comes looking for him and tells him that Suzanne wants to speak with him. She leads him to their cottage when Ciprien finds Lasher waiting. He realizes that this is his memory, and he is manipulating it. The two men have a verbal spat, with Lasher saying that Ciprien wants to “domesticate” Rowan by leading her away from her true abilities. Ciprien retorts that Lasher just wants her to be powerful because that would benefit him. Lasher tells Ciprien that Rowan is pregnant and leaves him in that memory with no way for him to go back. But Ciprien takes a risk and makes a potion with some “Hensbane,” which kills him in his memory, to revive him back in his place and time.

Rowan’s Search For Tessa

While Ciprien is still trying to find his way out, Rowan discovers that she is pregnant. She knows that the baby is Ciprien’s, but she suspects something. She got pregnant when she was stuck in the house with Ciprien, which was Lasher’s doing. Therefore, was her pregnancy intended by him, or was it an accident? She tries to call for him but does not use Latin words. To talk to him, she seeks out Tessa, who is the one bound to Lasher now. But she finds that Tessa is not home, and her mother is not worried—that is until Josephine tells them about a premonition she had about her being in danger. Everyone blames Rowan because she refused to help Tessa when she confided in her about the troll. Though Rowan clarifies that she had never asked Tessa to do anything, in the atmosphere of anger and fear, guilt finds its way to her. When the women ask Rowan to call Lasher, Rowan reminds them that she can’t, and even if she could, she is worried that she would be binding him to herself again by doing so and taking him away from Tessa, who might need him.

In the meantime, the family calls for a “scry,” which is a person who can locate things and people with the help of magic. He finds that the blood of Tessa’s mother is not helpful in locating her, as she has other children. Rowan offers her blood and asks him to locate Dierdre’s heart, as she believes that Tessa would also be there. The trick works, and they have Tessa’s location. The family scatters to look for her, and they decide that should anybody find her, they will go as a group to avoid too much conflict. As for Rowan, Dolly senses that she is pregnant and tells Cortland, who tries to force her to call Lasher, but she refuses.

‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 7: Ending Explained: Does Rowan find Lasher?

When Tessa is in captivity, she repeatedly tries to escape by using her power of glamor on Keith, which works to an extent but is always unsuccessful because somebody interrupts at the opportune moment. The group plans to torture Tessa with fire so that she can demonstrate her magical ability while they record it all to gain credibility for their mission. Tessa even tries to appeal to one of the women, but it is unsuccessful as the Mayfairs’ business insensitivity has adversely affected her. Tessa is out of options, yet she cannot admit that she and her family are witches.

When Rowan is looking for her, she reaches outside of the factory that Tessa is being held in. Upon hearing Tessa’s scream, she has no choice but to make her way inside without waiting for the others. She uses her powers to take down the people in the group but is incapacitated for a second when she gets shot by a bullet. However, she gets up and unties Tessa, but just as they are leaving, Keith shoots the latter, killing her, but not before she tells Rowan to avenge her. Finding Tessa dead, Rowan is furious and wants vengeance; therefore, she does something she suspected had been within her the whole time: she calls Lasher with the power of the necklace that is back with her. Whether he comes to her or not will be seen in “Mayfair Witches” finale episode, though we believe it is safe to say that the answer is in the affirmative. That would also align with the fact that Ciprien’s boss reveals that he has been in cahoots with Cortland and Lasher this whole time, and Rowan is on her way to fulfill the prophecy. 

What Should We Expect From The Finale Episode Of ‘Mayfair Witches’?

We are definitely going to see Rowan using not just her powers but Lasher’s to find and kill Keith and anybody else like him. All we want to know is what this prophecy is that we have been hearing about since the last two episodes. There is also the question of Rowan’s child, which we don’t doubt is going to be a girl. If she plans on keeping the baby, she must escape Lasher, and that would be the storyline of “Mayfair Witches” Season 2, whose book will hopefully be delivered to us properly this time. With just one episode to go, we hope the series delivers some long-overdue excitement so that we can justify how much we had expected from this series when it first started airing.

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