‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2: Expectations: What Can We Expect From Rowan, Ciprien, And Lasher?


A murder, some revenge, a prophecy, some cringe, and lots of magic defined the last moments of Episode 8 of Season 1 of “Mayfair Witches,” which was more than what we had seen in the entirety of the season. It is those final fifteen minutes that make us look forward to “Mayfair Witches” Season 2. We have said this a few times before, but Season 1 was not as good as it could have been, and a good season 2 would depend on a few changes. We admit we haven’t read the books, but we got the idea that they might have been followed to a T.

Season 1 focused too much on atmosphere building, with a lot of happenings not being questioned and being taken for granted, like the entire Mayfair family being aware of Lasher or even Rowan not questioning why Carlotta kept Dierdre sedated and locked up for 30 years. There was also a relationship of push and pull that Rowan shared with Lasher, which might have made sense to them, but the audience found it hard to be interested in, given the lack of information. Repeatedly, he kept telling her that he would give her immense power, but the how, what, and why of it went unaddressed until Episode 8, and even then, we don’t believe we have the complete answers. In Season 2, the makers must avoid this carrot-on-a-stick approach and actually delve deeper into the world of witchcraft; otherwise, the audience might find themselves signing off.


He has been a constant mystery throughout the season; hence, he is the one we want to think about first. He formed a pact with Suzanne, who was the first Mayfair witch. In return for protecting her, she needed to grant him access to her bloodline, which is how we understood their deal. We need an explanation as to why it had to be the 13th witch who was his doorway, and we would be extremely dissatisfied if the general ominousness of the number was the only reason. Either way, Lasher has been with the women of the Mayfair family, with almost all of them in love with him. Was that a part of his plan or just his natural charisma?

As much as he has been by their side, he wasn’t a friend. He promised the Mayfair witches abundant power, but it was just for their own protection so that when he came into the world in human form, he would have access to wealth and privilege, which would undoubtedly serve any mission he had. That is what we expect to see in “Mayfair Witches” Season 2. We get the feeling that his birth is only part of the prophecy. There has to be more. What has he done while shadowing 13 generations of Mayfair witches? Is he really loyal to Rowan, and what does he need her for other than as a mother? Additionally, if Talamasca indeed kidnaps him and tries to get Odette to take care of him, will he accept it? He was very resistant when Delphine was handed over the necklace, so we doubt that he would accept anybody but Rowan as a guardian. Lasher might just end up turning on Rowan, or he might be the key to some greater power; that remains to be seen.


Rowan has rarely ever had someone to turn to, someone she could pour out her heart to, let know her fears, and be comforted in return. She was always powerful, and as much as her mother loved her, by telling her that it was all in her imagination and constantly invalidating her confusion, Elena created an environment where Rown couldn’t openly discuss her fears and had to find answers by herself. She found a certain comfort in Ciprien, who was kind and acknowledged her powers. But even then, he clearly saw it as a problem to be solved.

Lasher was the only one who encouraged her to own her powers and use them to reach her full potential. It was only with him that she felt completely free. Ignoring the ick factor of her sleeping with him hours before giving birth to him, she is going to develop a codependent relationship with him, where they derive their powers from each other and cannot be distant for too long. With her newfound strength, it will be interesting to see the problems Rowan will have to face and how effectively she deals with them.


His role in “Mayfair Witches” Season 2 is a bit of a mystery for us. What is his part in the prophecy for which he convinced Talamasca not to erase his memories? His role has to be more than a contributor to Lasher coming into the world, and we need to know the rest of the prophecy for that. We also expect plenty of complications with his job at Talamasca. The organization just wants to watch the events unfold from a distance, whereas Ciprien is taking a personal interest. He might also find himself protecting his sister Odette, whom Talamasca wants to use for Lasher. If she is harmed, he might just turn on his bosses.

Season 1 of “Mayfair Witches” has been slow, but there is potential for Season 2. We might get to see more of the witch hunters, and we bet that an exploration of Mayfairs’ history would be full of fun and intrigue. We are also going to see Lasher as a fast-growing child, so there might be conflicts with other children his age. Basically, the thing that everybody feared has finally happened. “Mayfair Witches” Season 2 will tell us if Rowan is able to retain her agency or if she completely goes over to the dark side, with some pull from Lasher.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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