‘Mayhem!’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Was Dara Dead Or Alive?


Directed by Xavier Gens, Mayhem! (Farang) is an action-thriller French film that mostly unfolds in East Thailand. The story is not anything out of the ordinary, but the action sequences make it worth a watch. The first few minutes delve into the protagonist’s past. We got to know where he was coming from and how desperate he was to start all over again. But life always found new ways to test Sam, and even after escaping to Thailand, violence found a way into his life. Previously, Sam was imprisoned for peddling drugs for a gang. He was released on parole, and he looked forward to starting an honest life with a new job, but unfortunately, the gang would not let him live in peace. Sam was attacked by the gang members, and while trying to defend himself, he ended up killing one of them. Sam managed to escape to Thailand, and he eventually fell in love with a girl there.

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Why was Sam determined to seek revenge?

After moving to Thailand, Sam met Mia and her daughter, Dara. Mia was half Thai and half French, and after her French boyfriend broke her heart seven years ago, she settled in Thailand with her daughter. Mia and Dara brought hope into Sam’s life at a time when he had almost given up. Mia was pregnant, and they were about to start a family together. For the time being, Sam worked as a baggage handler at a hotel. He had also developed an interest in Muay Thai, and he participated in local matches as well. Sam and Mia planned on starting a restaurant together. But soon they found out that the land they had saved money to buy was sold to another man. Mia was devastated; all of a sudden, the possibility of living her dream was taken away from her.

Sam met Narong, the local gangster, who bought the property. Sam was desperate to get the land back, and when Narong proposed that he make a delivery for him, Sam agreed. Even though Sam tried to distance himself from the world of crime, he was once again pulled into it. He was asked to smuggle drugs into the airport, and his clearance and pass came in handy. Sam entered the airport premises as usual, and every time a security personnel stopped him to check his car, he froze. He crossed one checkpoint after another without raising any suspicion. The last bit of the smuggling was the tough part; Sam had to follow Narong’s man, Kim, and leave the suitcase according to his instructions. As soon as Sam’s eyes met Kim’s, security gathered around them, and Kim was targeted. Sam knew that he would eventually be arrested, and the only option he had was to run for his life. He managed to escape from the airport, but the police continued their hunt. It was not just the police searching for Sam but also Narong. Sam had failed to deliver, and instead of fighting the police, he made an escape, which was reason enough for Narong to track him down.

Sam managed to reach home, and he instructed Mia and Dara to pack their belongings. But they were not lucky enough to make it out on time. Narong’s men broke into their house and murdered Mia. Sam was wounded, and Dara was taken away. Narong started a fire to burn down the house with Sam in it. Sam’s Muay Thai master, Hansa, came to his rescue and brought him out of the house. He spent days helping Sam recover. Narong assumed that Sam was burned to death, unaware he would now have to face a man determined to seek revenge.

Did Sam kill Kasem?

Sombat warned Sam that Narong and Kasem were men he must never go against, but Sam was driven by rage after losing his family, and he did not care about dying as long as he could seek vengeance. Kasem worked for Narong, and he was Sam’s first target. Hansa joined Sam on his mission to destroy Narong and his gang. He loved Sam like his own son, and he was not ready to lose him. After asking the locals about Kasem, Sam was told that he mostly hung around at the ladyboy clubs. Kasem’s rude behavior resulted in his ill reputation among the ladyboys, and they willingly disclosed the location of his house to Sam. There was a party held at the Spade Residence in Rayong, and Sam managed to break in. This was followed by an intense action sequence during which Sam killed every security personnel in the house. Kasem finally confronted him, and Sam was about to choke him to death when he confessed that Dara was alive. All this while, Sam assumed that Narong had killed his little girl, and the news of her being alive gave him hope. Kasem was killed nonetheless. It was not just revenge that Sam was after; he had to find his daughter before it was too late.

What did Narong reveal before his death?

Upon asking the guests at the party about his daughter’s whereabouts, Sam was told that he would find more information at the Cowboy bar in Chinatown, Bangkok. Along with drugs, Narong was also involved in child trafficking. Some of the victims worked at the bar, and Sam was hopeful about finding Dara there. Even though Dara was nowhere to be found, the woman in charge there disclosed Narong’s location. While Hansa tackled the men outside Narong’s office, Sam found his way into the building. Young girls were forced to work under inhumane circumstances to help Narong traffic drugs. Sam took down one man after another and ended up helping the victims escape. By the time Sam tackled and killed all of Narong’s men, he was severely wounded.

At the end of Mayhem! Sam walked into Narong’s office while the gangster waited for him with a gun in his hand. As it turned out, this confrontation was planned a long time ago. Narong and Sam’s ex-boss, Farhat, were in contact, and for the last five years, Kasem has been trying to track down Sam. The man Sam had killed before escaping France was Farhat’s brother, and Farhat had spent years finding the man responsible for his loss. Revenge is the driving force in Mayhem! and in the end, Sam gathered all his strength to kill the man who destroyed the life he had built. Hansa died protecting Sam, and the entire operation would have been a failure without him.

Who had surrendered Sam to Narong?

Before Narong was killed, he confessed that Sombat had helped him trap Sam. During the ending of Mayhem! it was revealed that Sombat had been in love with Mia all along. Before Sam came into Mia and Dara’s lives, it was Sombat who looked after them. He was the only man in Mia’s life, and he could not accept the sudden shift in their relationship. He blamed Sam for it, and he hated him for taking Mia away from him. Sombat believed that he loved Mia more than Sam ever could. Sombat helped Narong get rid of Sam, but he never thought he would lose Mia because of it. Things didn’t pan out the way he wanted, and he was left a broken man. In the end, Sombat shot himself dead with the gun Sam left at his restaurant. Perhaps Sombat blamed himself for Mia’s death, and he could not live with the guilt any longer. Losing her had left him feeling empty, and he chose to die over living with pain.

Was Dara alive?

During Mayhem!‘s ending, Samir was finally reunited with his stepdaughter, Dara. As it turned out, she was not killed that night at Bang Chan. Dara was handed over to Sombat to look after, but of course, he could not be the father that Sam was to Dara. It can be assumed that when Narong’s men attacked Sam and Mia, Sombat begged the gangster to let go of the child. He could not save Mia, but he hoped to redeem himself by protecting her daughter. Dara was overjoyed when she met Sam. She had assumed he was killed that night, and she could not believe her eyes when she first saw him. He was the only family she had now, and no matter what, Sam would never risk her life ever again. We can assume that Sam will try his best to stay away from trouble, and maybe he will have to lay low and move to a different country all over again. Hopefully, Farhat and Narong’s family and friends will not unite to find Sam again, and if they do, we can expect a sequel to this action drama.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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