‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Ending – A Simple Murder


Mayor of Kingstown Episode 3 begins with a new sunny day in Kingstown. The sun shines brightly, and the folks seem alright. But a new horror strikes at night. A meth cook, Kenny Miles, suddenly walks out of his trailer, leaving behind his young kid and a burning cigarette bud in the ashtray. Accidentally, the bud drops into a dustbin standing near a can of Acetone. The highly volatile chemical catches fire and explodes the trailer. Everything turns to ash. Everything.

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The Manhunt for Kenny Miles

The police called Mike McLusky to the crime scene to inquire about Kenny Miles. Mike knew that Kenny worked as a cook for the white gang leader, Duke, and lived in the trailer with his ex-wife and a 5-year-old kid, who was probably not his. The police chief was surprised with the information and taunted Mike that he should be offered a job as a CI (confidential informant).

Nevertheless, the police had already labeled Kenny the child murderer and wanted to impose the most brutal punishment. Mike coldly said that they should put him in county prison and that he wouldn’t survive to see his court arraignment. The police took Mike’s words seriously and pressured him to make it happen.

The Deal with the Devil

Being the Mayor of Kingstown, Mike had contact with both the police and gangsters. He acted as a mediator and a facilitator. The police wanted Mike to convince the white gang leader, Duke, and the black gang leader, Bunny, to order their men in the prison to kill Kenny Miles. Prison head, Ed, said that he would keep the prison guards away while the prisoners thrashed and killed Kenny.

They planned on killing Kenny Miles in the county before his arraignment. If Kenny had reached the court, the public defender would have put him in custody. And he would have become untouchable. Thus, to ease the pain of Kingstown, the police made a deal with the gangsters.

But Mike was hesitant. He didn’t want to make this deal. When Mike approached Duke, he asked him what he wanted. Mike told him that the police were driven by emotions and would regret this deal in a few months. Mike could foresee the impending chaos. Duke suggested to Mike that he persuade the police to shoot Kenny in a raid instead of taking favor from the prisoners. Mike and Duke were both against this deal because they knew what it would cost the police.

For the last time, Mike warned the police that they would be digging their own graves by doing business with 2000 criminals. With each arrest the police would make, the criminals would sing about this favor to protect themselves. Mike knew the gangsters would use the death of Kenny Miles against the police, yet the law enforcers didn’t bat an eye. The blue line separating the police and gangsters was about to be annihilated.

The Rational Mayor

Mike asked Ed to put Kenny in the gym where Bunny’s men would kill him. He had already convinced Duke’s men, the whites, and thus they promised to keep a blank eye.

In a manhunt, the police raided several places and shot whoever came in sight. Yet, even after the bloodshed, they didn’t find Kenny. At night, Duke sent Kenny to Mike’s office. Mike unleashed his anger upon him and then suddenly stopped. Kenny confessed to Mike that it was an accident, and it was, but it was a very thin line, and Mike couldn’t decide. He said he didn’t care whether it was an accident or not, but cooking Meth in front of a 5-year old kid is a mortal sin.

Mike was a rational man, and he could foresee the consequences of the deal with the devil. Hence, to protect the town, he ordered Kenny to turn himself in to the police station. In such a case, they would book him and put him in protective custody until his trial. He wanted Kenny to plead guilty in court and wait on death row.

Episode 3 Ending

When Kenny went to the police station, they sent him home to avoid custody. They later arrested him at his home and threw him in jail. In the dormitory, the whites, the blacks, and the Mexicans killed Kenny, brutally ending his guilt.

In the end, Mike was the only one who visited Kenny’s son’s burial. There was no service for the boy, nor did anyone else attend it. It was lonely, like Mike’s life itself. Mike tried to do the service, but it seemed like he was an atheist too. There wasn’t much he could do. Mike felt like a lonely insect who was killed and eaten by the ants. Metaphorically, it was a hint of the danger that was coming to threaten his peace.

Bunny asked Mike for a favor in the Mayor of Kingstown, Episode 4 trailer clip. He wanted some candy (drugs) to be delivered to the prison in exchange for killing Kenny. Mike saw this coming, but no one listened. Episode 4 will explore the chaos further and how Mike McLusky will deal with it.

Mayor of Kingstown is a 2021 Crime Drama Series Created by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon.

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