‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 1, Episode 4 & 5: Recap & Ending


Mike McLusky, the unofficial mayor of Kingstown, has a peculiar influence. He has access to every inmate in the state’s penal system. All the prisoners and police officers greet Mike alike. In short, Mike is the bridge between the worlds inside and outside the prison.

Like his dead brother and father, Mike carries on the family business of incarceration and tries to maintain peace and harmony in Kingstown. Mike is the guy one calls to clear up their legal mess. So far, all the episodes of “Mayor of Kingstown” bring new problems for Mike while he struggles to find his own life in between. Let’s explore what happened in Episodes 4 and 5.

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‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 4 Recap

Mike had told the cops that it wasn’t a great idea to crack a deal with the gangster. But the law enforcers wanted a meth junkie, Kenny Miles, dead before he could get state protection. Hence, the inmates stepped in and killed Kenny in the most brutal way.

As Episode 4 began, all the gangster lords started asking for favors in return for their service in killing Kenny. Bunny told Mike that some men wanted candy delivered to the prison. The second in line was the white gang leader, Duke. When Duke tried to threaten Mike, he retaliated by smashing his office window. The third one was the Mexican leader, Carlos Jiménez, who visited Mike’s office to reap favors for the deal.

Mike called his friend and prison in-charge, ED, to the port and informed him about the unreasonable favors everyone was asking for. The ED acted aggressively and punished an inmate who served as the black gang leader in the prison. He removed all of his comforts and threw them into an ad-seg facility.

To deal with Carlos, Mike got him arrested to show him what gangsters with badges could do. Later, Mike bailed him out and duly explained that he wouldn’t take sides. Carlos, Duke, or Bunny did a favor to the cops, not to Mike, and hence they should stop pushing or punishing Mike.

While Carlos was ready to swallow his pride, he explained to Mike that the young blood wouldn’t be happy with the outcome. They would retaliate, and it was just a matter of time before the police would face their rage. Mike asked Carlos to lie to them, but things had gotten much more complicated than that. The impending mayhem was already on its way.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 5 Recap

At the end of Episode 4, Detective Kyle McLusky (Mike’s younger brother) and Detective Ian mistakenly shot a pizza joint owner. Kyle had his doubts that a shady but feeble junkie sitting in the corner of the cafe was dealing drugs. He called Ian, who infiltrated the restaurant from the back door when suddenly the pizza guy pulled out a gun on Ian, and in the heat of the moment, the cops shot him.

In Episode 5, Mike arrived at the crime scene and tried to clean up the mess. To save Ian and Kyle from an official investigation, Mike convinced defense counsel that the pizza guy was a drug dealer. He was dealing drugs inside the café, and the whole shootout was a drug bust gone wrong. Well, that’s how things were at Kingstown. The police shot the criminals and refused to believe they could be victims.

For the rest of the episode, Mike carried out the regular business proceedings. He met with Dunchard, whose 16-year-old brother, Tim, was arrested and needed some help in prison. Later, Mr. Shaw visited Mike to get a confession from a felon named James Parker, who killed his daughter. Her body hadn’t been found, and only James’ additional confession would solve the mysterious murder. However, James Parker was inside the prison and would be executed in two weeks, so Mike only had a limited time to wave the magic wand.

After a mundane routine, Mike visited Bunny to get things done. In return, Bunny asked Mike to babysit his cousin, Hakim, and take him to the hockey match at the City Center. At the game, some bad apples threw racial curses at Hakim, and Mike ended up smashing them all.

The Upcoming Chaos

After the incident with Kenny Miles, the cops did invite enmity with the gangsters inside and outside the prison. While Bunny and Duke were ready to ignore the cops’ disloyalty, Carlos had some grave reasons to retaliate.

As mentioned earlier, Mike got Carlos arrested in Episode 4 to give him a taste of the power of the police. During the arrest, the police conducted a urine analysis and found narcotics in the report. Carlos was arrested in 1998 for armed robbery and was released in 2018 under the state’s early release initiative. He even shared a prison cell with Mike for a brief time, and that’s why they shared a history.

Due to the failed drug test, Carlos’ parole was revoked. He was sent back to prison to serve the rest of his sentence, which could extend to two more decades. Before Mike intervened in Carlos’ life, he lived a pretty peaceful lifestyle. He had a ranch, ran a tattoo parlor, and was a free man. But now, Carlos’ was thrown into prison, and his dog was neutered. Inside the prison, Carlos would probably team up with already enraged inmates and conspire against the correctional officers. Who knows what chaos he would bring upon Mike and Kingstown?

Not So Personal Life of Mike McLusky

After the murder of Mitch, both Mike and Kyle wanted to leave Kingstown behind. Kyle’s wife got pregnant, and he was on the verge of becoming a father. As soon as the news arrived, Kyle started looking for other posts in the department that were much safer than the current one. Mike didn’t want Kyle to leave, because, except for Kyle and his mother, Mike didn’t have any other emotional support system. However, after the shootout in the Pizza Cafe, Kyle would really decide to leave Kingstown.

Mitch’s unfinished business and the responsibilities of being the Mayor of Kingstown had trapped Mike in Kingstown. He had an off-and-on casual affair with Assistant D.A. Evelyn Foley, but in Episode 5, she made it clear that Mike would be the last person with whom she would think about a serious relationship.

A lonely wolf, Mike, would probably find comfort or escape in Iris, a girl sent by Mike’s nemesis, Milo Sunter. So far, Bunny has been Mike’s only companion. But with prisoners and gangsters teaming up against Mike and the cops, Bunny may turn hostile too, or maybe get killed. With Kyle gone, and Evelyn already giving up on Mike, he might end up as God’s lonely man. Will Iris prove to be the inspiration Mike has been looking for to leave Kingstown? Maybe.

At the back of his head, Mike knows that he has to leave Kingstown, and it’s just a matter of time that will decide when and why.

Mayor of Kingstown is a 2021 Crime Drama Series starring Jeremy Renner in the lead role.

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