‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 1, Episode 6 Recap & Ending – Milo Sunter Sends A Message


Mayor of Kingstown Episode 6 depicts one of those days in Mike McLusky’s life when nothing could possibly go “right.” The prison becomes a jungle, the prisoners bring chaos, and amid such a mess, Mike’s nemesis, Milo Sunter, hits him back.

Will Mike ever find peace in Kingstown? Maybe on a bright sunny day, but Episode 6 is all about the boiling point and action. Let’s get this started.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 6 Recap

In Episode 5, when prisoners demanded favors for helping the police, the prison in-charge, ED, threw 3 leaders of the Crips in an ad-seg facility to send out a message. As Mayor of Kingstown Episode 6 began, the prisoners retaliated to make the police understand the consequences of breaking their promise.

The absence of the black gang’s leadership created a power vacuum in prison. The white gang members (managed by Duke) saw an opportunity to incite a riot in the yard. They ganged up and attacked the black gang. The prison guards fired tear gas from the tower. And amid the chaos, the white gang member butchered one black prisoner.

Tim Weaver’s nephew, Sam, positioned at the tower, aimed a gun at the white men but accidentally shot and killed the black man. The prison was in a total mess, and hence the management announced a total lockdown until further notice.

The Gang War on Streets

As the news of the lockdown came out of prison, both Bunny and Duke called Mike and demanded his immediate presence. Bunny wanted to kill Sam on the street for killing his man in prison. Mike calmed him down and asked him not to declare war on the police and prison guards. Even though Bunny dropped the idea of killing Sam, he told Mike in plain and simple words that Duke and his gang would pay for the sudden attack.

On the other hand, Duke told Mike that he attacked the black gang because the police made a deal they wouldn’t keep. Thus, they deserved to suffer the consequences. Duke threatened Mike that his men would attack prison guards in their living rooms if they didn’t lift the lockdown. Mike told Duke if a prison guard is injured on the street, there will be national guards all over Kingstown, hunting down Crips like animals.

Mike knew that these criminals wouldn’t listen and thus decided to convince Ed to lift the lockdown. But like Duke and Bunny, even Ed didn’t want to bend. They all told Mike the same thing: that bending or stepping back would make them look weak, and none of them was ready to give up their “gangsta” pride. Unable to convince them, Mike helplessly returned to his office, where a new problem was waiting for him.

Milo Sunter Strikes Back

Milo used his minion Iris to bribe judges and congressmen in New York. He brought Iris to Kingstown to lure Mike because he had unfinished business with the McLusky brothers.

When Mike refused to mingle with Iris, Milo’s henchman, Joseph, assaulted Iris, because Milo believed that a bruised Iris would create empathy in Mike’s heart. When Mike saw the bruises on Iris’ body, he asked his secretary, Rebecca, to take Iris to the hospital. While Mike went to the Gaelic bar and thrashed Joseph, he sent the message back to Milo.

Later that night, Mike asked Iris to return to New York before Kingstown tore her into pieces. But Iris had no place to hide from Milo. He would hunt Iris from any corner of the world and kill her.

To help Iris, Mike called in his FBI connection to make Iris a government witness. Milo used Iris as a prostitute to bribe government officials, and after the assault, FBI officers wanted to frame a case against Joseph and Milo. But because Iris was never paid directly, they couldn’t charge them for forced prostitution. The only way to protect Iris was to make her a witness and wire her to gather evidence against Joseph and Milo. But that meant Iris would have to go back to New York, and Milo wouldn’t have let her leave Kingstown. In the end, Iris revealed that she slept with the FBI special agent in charge too.

Mike knew that there wasn’t any easy way out for Iris, until Milo himself let her go. Hence, without any further ado, Mike arranged a meeting with his nemesis.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 6 Ending

Milo asked Mike to meet him in a park across the street from the prison. At the park, Milo’s other minion, Candance, approached Mike and arranged a video call with him. Milo wanted another favor from Mike, which Mike bluntly refused. However, Milo wasn’t playing games this time, and hence, he threatened Mike that his refusal would have consequences. Milo warned Mike that he would kill Iris if Mike didn’t carry out his orders.

Mike was confident that under the protection of federal agents, Iris would be safe. Thus he told Milo that he wouldn’t be able to find Iris. At this point, Milo revealed that he had planted a locator inside all his minions’ bodies and had already found Iris.

Mike ran to his office and called the SWATS team on his way. As soon as Mike entered the office, he found the dead bodies of the federal agents. Iris was nowhere to be seen, but Milo left a warning for his nemesis.

Milo promised Mike that he would pluck every feather from Iris’ body, and thus to blackmail Mike, he kidnapped her. Now, to save Iris from Milo’s tyranny, Mike would be compelled to follow Milo’s order and carry out his nasty business. But would Mike follow a criminal’s command? Episode 7 of Mayor of Kingstown will reveal better.

Mayor of Kingstown is a 2021 Crime Drama Series Created by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon.

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