‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Ending – Milo Sets A Trap


The Mayor of Kingstown started with a steady pace and slow-burn moments. But as the end comes closer, the knot is getting tighter and tighter. In Episode 7, Mike’s mother, Miriam McLusky, who teaches at Women’s Prison, discusses the importance of cooperation in a world of competition. While subtly hinting at the race conflict and gang wars in Kingstown, Miriam requests humans to be more empathetic towards each other. Instead of dividing ourselves into different races, classes, or nationalities, we should see ourselves as members of the same species. It’s high time for us to end the conflict between us, and if we do not find a way to cooperate, then we will be the arbiters of our own extinction.

As the prison tension builds up, the Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 hints towards impending chaos. The prisoners slowly rise in rebellion and make alliances against their common enemy, the prison guards. The sensitive matter needs Mike, but Mike is busy dealing with his nemesis, Milo Sunter. Milo’s men kidnapped Iris from Mike’s office in Episode 6. Let’s find out whether Mike will be able to fight against all odds or he will submit to save his close ones.

Episode 7 Recap

In Episode 6, Tim Weaver’s nephew, Sam, a novice prison guard, accidentally shot a black prisoner during a gang riot in the yard. For Sam’s safety, Warden Mills sent him to the women’s prison, but danger followed him.

Sam perceived women’s prison as some kind of vacation. However, it was as dangerous as the men’s prison, but Sam failed to see the evil behind those alluring faces. That was his first and last mistake. A female prisoner tried to seduce Sam at night, while another prisoner, her cellmate, was recording Sam lusting over her. Sam clearly took the bait, and purportedly, the prisoners would use the clip against the police in their war against them.

After the other gangs conspired against the black gang and killed one of their men in the yard, Warden Mills announced a total lockdown in prison. However, the gangs went on a hunger strike to compel the warden to lift the lockdown. Warden Mills wanted a solution to end the chaos because he couldn’t afford to have a prison-wide hunger strike during the holidays. Hence, he decided to discuss the matter with the gang’s leaders.

Ed was forced to take black gang leader P-Dog out of an ad-seg facility and threatened him not to discuss their deal with Warden Mills. But P-Dog was looking for an opportunity to hit back. He hinted to Warden Mills that the police were the root of all the causes because they didn’t finish their part of the deal made in exchange for disposing of their trash, i.e., Kenny Miles. While Warden Mills didn’t understand the confusing plot at that moment, he decided to investigate the matter, which would probably create problems for Ed, Tim, and Mike.

Milo Sunter Sets A Trap

Pete Hastings, a special agent out of Detroit, was working for Milo Sunter. In Episode 6, he shot two other federal agents interrogating Iris. Hastings kidnapped Iris, and police believed that Milo kidnapped him along with Iris. However, Mike knew that Hastings was working for Milo, but he couldn’t prove the fact. There were no cameras inside Mike’s office, but he believed that cameras on the roof and on the street would be able to give out evidence.

While police searched for Hastings, Mike paid a visit to Milo at the prison. Mike asked about Iris’ whereabouts, but Milo refused to share details. He played with Mike, and he evidently enjoyed it. However, this time, Milo didn’t ask for a favor but instead told Mike that he was doing him a favor by revealing a hidden metal case. Milo wanted the Feds (the people following Mike) to find it as well. Mike knew it was a trap but he was helpless.

Episode 7 Ending

Milo’s henchman, Joseph, shot Pete Hastings. Hastings became a threat to Milo, and thus the threats had to be cut off. The police found Hastings’ body in a pile of garbage. Even if the footage of Hastings, kidnapping Iris and shooting his fellow agents turns up, the police wouldn’t be able to link it to Milo. On the other hand, Joseph sold off Iris to a white gang member, Duke. Milo and Joseph punished Iris for talking to the feds about their arrangement with congressmen and senators. Iris became entangled in a pack of hounds, and only Mike could save her from hell.

At the end of “Mayor of Kingstown,” Episode 7, Mike found Milo’s hidden metal trunk, but what he found inside shook his soul. The post-credit scene suggested that whatever was inside this metal case, it was enough to frame Mike as a criminal. Hence, it could be speculated that Milo designed a plot to ambush Mike and get him arrested. As soon as the prisoners saw the daylight and came back to the yard, Ed witnessed a 30-minute meeting between rival gang groups. He concluded that they were probably conspiring against the police and would retaliate if they were not stopped in time.

In “Mayor of Kingstown” Episode 8, Ed and Tim will need Mike’s help, but Mike is busy dealing with Milo. Like Bunny said in the episode, you can leave the problems for as long as you want, and they will still be there. Just bigger and deadlier. Upcoming episodes will reveal more.

Mayor of Kingstown is a 2021 Crime Drama Series starring Jeremy Renner in the lead role.

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